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RPN Engineering Calculator

RPN Engineering Calculator

This RPN calculator offers over 250 solutions with 6 unique keypads and 14 discrete calculators for the more complex functions. It has a complete help system with individual tips for all but the most ordinary functions and a Tip of the Day feature for new ... calculator , engineering , trigonometry , binary , conversions ...

May 12th 2008 1,826k Shareware  J A Associates
Process Engineering Calculator

Process Engineering Calculator

Process Engineering calculator contains the calculators described below, to read more about this product please visit webbusterz website. + Units converter: containing 23 measurements with 200 unit conversions. + Orifice sizing: Size an Orifice using International Standard ISO 5167-2:2003 or crane method + Control Valve Sizing: size ... unit converter , engineering calculator , orifice sizing , api gravity , cavitation coefficient ...

December 8th 2016 11,871k Demo  WeBBusterZ Engineering Software
Calc Gen(Engineering pack) - PocketPC Calculator

Calc Gen(Engineering pack) - PocketPC Calculator

300+formulae catering to Mechanical Eng,Hydraulic Eng,Structural Eng.,Machine Design,Electrical Eng.,Fluid Mechanics,Heat and Mass Transfer,Thermodynamics,Pulp and Paper,HVAC,Heat Exchanger & Pipe Flow.The product is designed to make calculating easy and faster for any user or company looking for a Customized Calculating Solution.It's serviceable to any User,from any field,which ...

May 12th 2008 3,878k Demo  3GR Technologies
Engineering Power Tools

Engineering Power Tools

ENGINEERING POWER TOOLS is powerful productivity software for professional engineers. More than 70 programs and data tables are integrated into one easy-to-use package. The programs solve a wide variety of common Engineering problems quickly and easily. Eliminates wasted time, hunting for the right formula and ... stress , flow , columns , deflection , plates ...

April 8th 2009 1,854k Shareware  Engineering Power Tools Software
Starcraft 2 Engineering Bay Tactics

Starcraft 2 Engineering Bay Tactics

Learn about the basic but important Engineering Bay structure available for the Terrans in StarCraft 2 in this informative eBook.You will also learn about the variety of upgrades and research available at this structure including the prerequisites for some upgrades.The information in the eBook is ... starcraft2 , starcraft ii , where to buy starcraft 2 , starcraft two ...

July 24th 2012 1,847k Freeware  StarCraft 2 Guidance

EngCalc (Full) - Engineering Calculator - PPC

340+ momentous Engineering formulae. MxCalc (FREE !! $14.99) - Unit Converter & Scientific Evaluator. Property Tables( Free!! $2.99) and more........... Special price for limited period.

July 15th 2012   Demo  3GR Technologies

Free Math / Physics / Engineering Software

Freeware for learning about math, physics, and Engineering. Math quiz has the Space Invaders type look and feel where the math problems fall down the screen. You can also take a look at the virtual generator which shows you how electricity is made. Other

June 18th 2012 4,454k Freeware

Linux Schools - Server

A server operating system designed for Schools, providing a simple graphical interface for easy installation and maintenance of your network. Web Server ManagementPDCProxyFile and PrintWeb Services

July 6th 2012 688,870k Freeware

Tuxpaint Stamps for Australian Schools

Collection of stamps and other resources for tuxpaint for use in, and specific to, Australian Schools. Content includes Australian coins, bank notes, signs, animals, plants, state flags, etc.

August 5th 2012 808k Freeware

CMS for primary schools

SyndeoCMS (follow up of Site@School 2.4.10) is the Content Management System (CMS) for primary Schools to manage and maintain their website in an easy way It can also be a very usefull CMS for small companies or non profit organizations. Module basedGuestbook, Album, News, Newsletter, ...

August 27th 2012 5,637k Freeware

DaVinci Web Engineering Framework

DaVinci is a development framework for model-driven Web Engineering. It provides an UML-based modelling concept as well as an architectural framework and an API for the rapid development of heavily extensibly, secure and stable web applications.

May 13th 2012 93k Freeware

IT for all schools

IT4School is a package to bring the school workflows and collaboratin processes on-line, and servers as an intergration platform to presents all the services Schools offer as a set of consistant and easy to use services over the internet.

September 14th 2012 798k Freeware

Joomla Extension for Schools

Joomla Extension to Support Parents Associations (PTA, P & C, P & F) and Schools - providing capacity for class list management, parent contact details management, class and school group contact/mailing lists.

July 28th 2012 274k Freeware

Protect reverse engineering using linux

Recently, security is becoming a social issue. Security patch of Microsoft was cracked in several days after releasing. This kind of binary cracking is composed by debugging and reverse Engineering technique.

July 1st 2012 52k Freeware

Mentok release engineering build system

Mentok (A.K.A. "Build3") is a modular build system implemented with GNU make that is suitable for use in a release engineeringenvironment. Reproducibility, predictability, and insensitivityto users' environments are prized over automated portability.

September 12th 2012 121k Freeware

Oregano2 Electrical Engineering Tool

This is a GNOME2 port of Oregano. Oregano is an application for schematic capture and simulation of electrical circuits. And it will use Spice OPUS to perform the simulation.

August 7th 2012 588k Freeware

Reverse Engineering Ada Programs to UML

Given an Ada program it should be possible to do reverse engineeringto that programm thereby producing UML diagrams. Currently outputis planned that can be read by dia. Uses ASIS for getting the requiredinformation.

April 22nd 2012 107k Freeware


ProKon is an impressive Engineering units conversion utility for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It supports over 400,000 conversions, in 26 different categories, both to and from the SI (metric), Imperial (English), and U.S. Customary systems. Many specialized ancient and archaic units are also available. ProKon provides a ... convert , conversion , converter , math , currency ...

May 12th 2008 3,607k Shareware  ShowMe Software


Freeware. Uconeer has 397 units in 46 categories. Covers all the basic categories but adds Engineering specific categories like enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, heat transfer coefficient, moment of inertia, stress, surface tension, thermal conductivity, torque and viscosity. Converts feet, inches and fractions to and from ... convert , freeware , engineering , unit conversion , units ...

May 12th 2008 507k Freeware  Katmar Software

WinMLS 2000

Perform audio, Acoustical and vibrational measurements user-friendly, accurate and flexible using a sound card. WinMLS2000 is widely used by professionals. Now low-cost versions allow the amateur to perform professional loudspeaker and room measurements. User friendliness is ensured through default setups for the standard measurements (e.g. ... loudspeaker , distortion , intermodulation , harmonic , mls ...

May 12th 2008 9,109k Shareware  Morset Sound Development
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