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P4P (P2P Plugin Platform)

P4P stands for Peer to Peer Plugin Platform. It is a P2p software based on the NEVRLATE protocol and using a plugin sytem to provide different services using a P2p protocol.

August 19th 2012 715k Freeware


A P2p DNS software framework research platform for exploring the decentralization of the DNS system through the use of P2p architecture. Traditional DNS appearance on the frontend, and P2p on the backend. Cross Platform Qt/C++SQL Backend

May 23rd 2012 4,565k Freeware

Rodi P2P

Rodi is a tiny P2p client/host (under 300K of binary code) implemented in pure Java. The program will serve the filesharing community with fast data delivery and serve the Open Source community by facilitating faster software deployment.

June 15th 2012 719k Freeware

TCBnet - P2P Content Push

This project aims to create a distributed network (P2p) for pushing files to the interested nodes. Unlike nowadays P2p applications, TCB net would not support queries nor requests for files. It will solely depend on the will of a user to add it to the ...

August 24th 2012 162k Freeware

XNap - A P2P framework and client

XNap is a Java plugin-based peer-to-peer (P2p) framework and client including an OpenNap plugin with multiple server support, as well as Gnutella, giFT (OpenFT), IRC, ICQ and an OverNet plugin. XNap provides resuming, chat, hotlist and a media library.

June 26th 2012 1,290k Freeware

scudo p2p

questo e' un programma di P2p di terza programma cerca le connessioni con i vicini che sono gli unici che conoscono qualcosa del nostro traffico...... cripta il passaggio di file usando un algoritmo a chiave simmetrica RC4

May 29th 2012 1,928k Freeware

BLySP: A P2P lyrics searching protocol

BLySP is in development as a mean to research and test new and improved P2p protocols. BLySP will, in a near future, make use of BestLyrics to collect the necessary resources (i.e. computers) to accomplish the difficult task of testing and tuning protoco

June 10th 2012 114k Freeware

CAN-P2P Simulator

A discrete-event simulator P2p networks based on the Content-Addressable Network (CAN). It simulates routing, data replication, and the impact of related attacks.

April 9th 2012 18k Freeware

FastMessaging P2P

A simple P2p application meant to create small, semi-private overlay networks. It includes messaging and file sharing.

April 26th 2012 693k Freeware

FriendShare F2F P2P

FriendShare was a private and anonymous overlay "friend to friend" P2p based on Napshare. Now we recommend the use of the following F2F P2p: GNUnet, freenet, oneswarm, turtle . Please see

August 3rd 2012 8,768k Freeware

Hearsay - p2p Trust

Hearsay is a simple P2p IM framework for trust and reputation tracking. It is written in Java and communicates over the Jabber XML messaging protocol.

May 26th 2012 478k Freeware

Alliance P2P

Alliance takes the best from BitTorrent, Direct Connect and Waste and creates a decentralized and secure P2p network. It is a private and secure environment to share files and communicate with people you know. Alliance works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

May 22nd 2012 3,654k Freeware

Phex - P2P Gnutella filesharing program

Phex is a P2p filesharing client which connects to the Gnutella network. It is multi-plattform and malware-free. It offers advanced functionalities and integrates all common Gnutella extensions like multi-source downloads and advanced search features

September 4th 2012 7,802k Freeware


P2P-Radio is a peer-to-peer audio and video broadcasting system that features freeloader detection, stream signing, SHOUTcast support, an easy-to-use GUI and a separate monitor application which displays the current structure of the P2p network.

June 1st 2012 182k Freeware

SUMA - C library for P2P applications

SUMA is a core communication engine which is embedded in applications to construct a huge network of computers which is suitable to run peer-to-peer applications. SUMA also containsAPIs (in C Language) to write P2p applications.

May 9th 2012 473k Freeware

Secure P2P Framework (SePP)

This project develops a secure P2p framework in Java (SePP). Existing P2p frameworks are not covering security by design but rather implement only some high layer security mechanisms. It has been developed as part of the EU project SMEPP (

June 7th 2012 1,636k Freeware
P2P VoIp

P2P VoIp

The program is used for conversation in a local network. The voice packages are transmitted in a format GSM6.10. Voice packages and service information use one and the same UDP port: 4444. The program works without Server. Mixer allows to control sensitivity of a microphone ...

January 19th 2009 684k Freeware  phonesnd com

P2P File Share

Scan the internet for computers with shared files! Browse/download files from remote computers all over the world! Can handle any file type: MP3, MPG, AVI, DIVX, JPG, Etc!Did you know that millions of computer users are voluntarily sharing files to the whole world?When you use ...

June 30th 2012 3,072k Demo  Giant Portal

SSuite Office - P2P VOIP Phone

Voip PC Phone does not rely on Third-Party Vendors or Special Internet Websites to make calls. All you need is a headset and microphone to make a call.

August 27th 2012 4,250k Freeware

P2P Backup

When was the last time you made a backup of your personal photos, movies or documents? Do you keep all valuable data on CD?s stored next to your computer?

July 14th 2012 642k Freeware
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