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Lundlay Property Browser 1.0

Property Browser is an ActiveX control element to view and change the properties of COM objects and ActiveX control elements. This powerful and flexible tool allows to change and to adjust properties in different COM objects. You can use it separately in programs and systems ...

May 12th 2008 399k Shareware  Lundlay Company
FastTrack FTP

FastTrack FTP

This FTP client can handle file groups and allows you to change attributes of files stored on an FTP-server. The special editor allows you to edit files directly on the server. You can set up Additional custom commands and add them to the main menu. ... download , command , ftp , server , ftp client ...

May 2nd 2009 2,777k Shareware  FastTrackSoft
Outlook Password

Outlook Password

Outlook Password by Thegrideon Software is a very easy to use password recovery tool for MS Outlook . It instantly recovers passwords for MS Outlook '.pst' files (also known as: Personal Storage, Personal Folders or Data Files). Password protection can be removed / cleared from '.pst' ... outlook password , outlook password recovery , pst password , pst password recovery , remove pst password ...

April 13th 2017 2,480k Shareware  Thegrideon Software
GridinSoft Notepad

GridinSoft Notepad

The new edition of GridinSoft Notepad has all possibilities that you need for everyday using: Built-in Scripts Engine, Code Folding, Evaluate Math Expressions, Spell Checker and many-many other convenient and pleasing features. It will be useful not only for programmers but for many other peoples ... editor , notepad , perl , html , php ...

September 24th 2012 2,494k Shareware  GridinSoft LLC
Elerium HTML to PDF .NET

Elerium HTML to PDF .NET

Elerium HTML to PDF .NET is a professional component that can be used in any type of .NET (C#, VB.NET) projects, either ASP.NET web sites or WinForms application. The component is able to convert HTML to PDF as a file or as a stream. Elerium ... html , convert , pdf , library , component ...

September 21st 2013 3,072k Shareware  Elerium Software

G# geometry libraries for .NET

ceometric provides efficient math Libraries for object-oriented spatial geometry programming in a .NET language. Our Libraries enable very intuitive and CAD-like working on geometric objects in space in C#, VB.NET or J#. All methods are highly efficient and suitable for large scale computations. Main features ...

June 7th 2012 840k Shareware  ceometric UG

iColorFolder Additional Skin Pack

The Additional Skin Pack regroups several skins from various authors. iColorFolder Additional Skin Pack is a free utility for iColorFolder that allows you to discover a new environnement and customize everything in your folders!

August 16th 2012 7,168k Freeware

Mathematics Libraries

Tools/Libraries: analytical and numerical mathematical methods in ODE, PDE, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods, FEM, DSP. The current file release libham1.0 is for Geometric Integration of Hamiltonian Systems w

April 11th 2012 32k Freeware

MediaMVP Libraries and Applications

Project consisting of a set of C# Libraries and applications for use with the Hauppauge MediaMVP device, so that it can be used as a frontend by other open source media engines or standalone using an included simple player with transcoding support.

May 13th 2012 360k Freeware

Merlin Libraries

Merlin Libraries project is a framework of re-useable components aimed to allow developers to handle common tasks for developing applications for the .Net framework. Merlin Libraries is developed in C# and aimed for windows and *NIX platforms using mono.

September 7th 2012 1,267k Freeware

Mocha Class Libraries for PHP

Mocha consists of a series of freely available PHP Libraries which provide Java-like classes for use within PHP. If you are a Java programmer who is learning PHP, or if you like to write PHP in a more object-oriented fashion, then Mocha is for you.

May 5th 2012 37k Freeware

Open Java Libraries

This project is meant to create a set of open Libraries made with Java, and shared under the LGPL. Everyone is welcome to contribute usefull Libraries for the benefit of us all. Check the homepage for more details.

May 3rd 2012 37k Freeware

Open Labview Libraries

Development and sharing of open source Libraries for Labview. *** Select View ALL Releases*** the routines are separate releases!

September 2nd 2012 97k Freeware

PHP Class Libraries

A complete set of PHP class Libraries to be released under the GPL. It allows easy generation of HTML using object orientation. An example piece of code may look like;$doc = new HtmlDocument(\"My Webpage\");$doc->add(\"This site is still under cons

July 1st 2012 80k Freeware

PlanetaMessenger .org Libraries

The Libraries project is a set of open source instant messenger Libraries used and maintained by You can find protocol implementation for MSN, ICQ, ComVC networks for use on standalone and server applications.

April 10th 2012 454k Freeware

SysToMath Portable C/C++ Libraries

The SysToMath portable C/C++ Libraries and tools constitute a framework of operating system independent utilities aiding the development of software of any kind on both Win32 and POSIX based systems. See also

May 28th 2012 749k Freeware

AWG's Scheme Libraries

Miscellaneous modules for guile, such as a reader for regex literals, "join" like perl, and others I've found useful. I would like to adapt these to other implementations of scheme, and/or integrate with existing projects/Libraries. Help is welcome.

March 29th 2012 15k Freeware's Eiffel libraries

Current Libraries: Fenestra (GUI); Net (Internet applications, currently mostly email); Pylon (data structure and foundation facilities).

March 29th 2012 68k Freeware

oaklib C++ libraries

oaklib provides many useful, portable C++ Libraries. (Currently - OakUT - C++ unit test framework)

May 22nd 2012 93k Freeware

wxExtended Libraries

wxExtended is an collection of 'add-on' Libraries (currently wxDockIt only) for use with wxWidgets; it fills in some of the gaps in functionality left by the standard distribution.wxDockIt is a powerful docking framework: see the homepage for details

September 4th 2012 298k Freeware
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