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Advanced BAT to EXE Converter

Advanced BAT to EXE Converter has the following unique features: Convert and Compile any batch file to windows executable. Advanced Commands including use of Mouse Buttons in batch files. Invisible Mode will launch the batch file completely silent. Launch any Windows Program Invisible. Encrypts batch file source to keep your ... convert , compile , batch files , bat to exe , bat to exe converter ...

November 23rd 2014 800k Freeware  BDargo Software

IRC Chess

IRC Chess is a 2 player chess game that you play right on Irc, with standard Irc Commands. A chess server lets multiple games be played simultaneously

July 4th 2012 58k Freeware


An Irc bot coded in PHP using MySQL for its databasesystem. It will support the commonly used Irc Commands as well as others. It can easilly be extended with additional Commands. It is coded so it is easy to create your own Commands aswell.

June 23rd 2012 76k Freeware

Python Raw IRC Framework

A framework for creating Irc bots and clients using Python 2 or 3, focusing on ease-of-use and intuition. Irc a low level of raw events and event objects, or a higher level w channel/user objects, as well as thread and commonly used Irc client features. ...

May 1st 2012 41k Freeware
Bocazas Chat

Bocazas Chat

Bocazas is a chat applet program that runs on the web. If installed on your web page, the visitors will be able to access any Irc network, have public and private conversations simultaneously, direct connect to other users, and send files. Even though it is ... irc , chat , webchat , bocazas , chatroom ...

May 12th 2008 242k Shareware  Bocazas com


dIRC is an easy to learn Irc chat program that enables you to converse with people from around the world. Features including: Spell Checking in multiple languages, Scripting in vbscript, jscript, perl, and python, Connecting to multiple servers simultaneously, Skinnable user interface using HTML/DHTML/java/CSS, File ... irc , chat , communications , dirc ...

April 8th 2009 1,300k Shareware  Dragonmount Networks

TurboIRC 2004

An Advanced Irc and communication program,small and fast to use,offers many Irc features. Available in English,Greek,German,French,Portuguese,Hungarian,Spanish and Czech till now. Full HTML documentation. For the Advanced Irc user, Flash Irc messages,ActiveX Chats,VBScripts,JavaScripts,ICQ,PGP and MP3 support with a Multimedia File Manager, and a C-style scripting language. ...

May 12th 2008 957k Shareware  Michael Chourdakis


UltraSentry is a highly Advanced military-grade disk and registry cleaner that has on-board, fully configurable security profiles that can run on demand, as scheduled or upon event. UltraSentry features an impressive range of Commands that completely insulate your privacy, security, and computing needs both at ... privacy , security , file deletion , registry cleaner , disk cleaner ...

October 12th 2008 18,342k Shareware  IDM Computer Solutions Inc


Java based visual Irc client. Supports multiple chat windows, DCC, andall the Irc Commands for regular users and operators. chat , server , java , admin , operator ...

April 8th 2009 6,000k Shareware  PlexObject Solutions Inc

TurboIRC 5

An Advanced Irc and communication program, extremely small less than 1MB but yet the most powerful.Available in 9 languages (English, Greek, German, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, Czech, Estonian) and 7 experimental ones.For the beginner,HTML Setup/Repair/Uninstall and documentation, Tutorials and Easy-Usage Trainers, Smileys and emoticons, Easy/Advanced ...

May 19th 2012   Shareware  n/a

Modualo Framework

Modualo is an Advanced Irc client framework written in PHP. It offers both message-based interception and validation and timed events under a complete API that exposes incoming messages and allows for easy parsing.

July 27th 2012 13k Freeware


ShadowIRCd is an Advanced Irc daemon, designed for speed and stability. It also has a plethora of useful features.

May 25th 2012 422k Freeware


Slaaf is an open source Irc bot. It's built in a way so that every just starting developer can write modules for it. Show server statsManaging notes on the bot's hostSending password-protected raw Irc commandsPassword protected channel managementPlain documentation on writing modulesSelf-made modules can be ...

August 13th 2012 294k Freeware


Captious is a bot that hosts an Irc multiplayer word completion game on a channel. Players joined in to the game, compete to collect points and exceed their competitors' scores. It is written in Java, and uses Irc Commands to manage the game.

July 31st 2012 1,070k Freeware

DCC Search

the DCC Search project is an attempt to provide a usable gui that combines searching XDCC servers and then downloading from them. XDCC servers are found on Irc channels, and this should allow users to download from them without knowledge of Irc commands

September 8th 2012 60k Freeware


FulbotPHP is a simple Irc bot totaly written in PHP via socket functions. FulbotPHP can handle most of the basic Irc Commands, but not any automatic features like floodprotection YET!.

March 29th 2012 5k Freeware
Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4 is a free, fast and powerful network scanner with a user-friendly interface. In a matter of seconds, Advanced IP Scanner can locate all the computers on your wired or wireless local network and conduct a scan of their ports. The program ... port scanner , lan scanner , remote shutdown , network scanner , wake on lan ...

December 14th 2014 8,581k Freeware  Famatech Corp

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4 is a free, fast and powerful network scanner with a user-friendly interface. In a matter of seconds, Advanced IP Scanner can locate all the computers on your wired or wireless local network and conduct a scan of their ports. The program ... port scanner , lan scanner , remote shutdown , network scanner , wake on lan ...

March 31st 2015 8,593k Shareware  Famatech
Virdi Advanced Mail Processor

Virdi Advanced Mail Processor

Virdi Advanced Mail Processor (VAMP) is an Advanced and very versatile mail processor. Its main purpose is to pre-process that mail which requires standard responses. It can also be used to extract and collate data from the message body and is ideal for processing messages ... vamp , advanced mail processor , autoresponder , spam filter , auto-reply ...

May 12th 2008 855k Shareware  Virdi Software
Advanced Maillist Manager

Advanced Maillist Manager

Advanced Maillist Manager (AMM) is designed to process incoming messages that contain subscribe/unsubscribe/etc. requests. A set of rules allows flexible adjustment of criteria for detection request messages. Using the template editor, you can change appearance of auto replies sent to users. AMM supports operation with ... shareware , software , automatic , processing , smtp ...

May 12th 2008 822k Shareware  Tweak Marketing Inc
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