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AggreGate Network Manager for Windows

AggreGate Network Manager for Windows

AggreGate SNMP Network Manager is a system for supervising and monitoring IP networks with different routers, switches, servers, sensors and other Network-enabled devices. Aggregate may be used for monitoring Network traffic, bandwidth usage, Network security, Windows/Unix servers, printers, Network-enabled sensors, and UPS/Battery backup systems. Another ... snmp , network security , network monitoring , network management , traffic monitoring ...

October 7th 2008 95,208k Shareware  Tibbo
AggreGate Network Manager for Linux

AggreGate Network Manager for Linux

AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade Network management and monitoring platform. It tightly integrates with other systems, such as service desk, CRM, building automation, and SCADA. The system has common scalable architecture based on the core of Aggregate Device Management Platform, providing unique abilities for ... windows , unix , snmp , linux , network monitoring ...

February 12th 2015 154,502k Shareware  Tibbo Technology
CTG Network Manager

CTG Network Manager

CTG Network Manager - IT Network Management and monitoring Software that provides any IT Department with the ability to track all aspects of an IT assets life cycle from purchase, to deployment, inventory, software management, status monitoring, incident resolution, and record keeping, through to its ... software , monitor , management , map , isp ...

January 21st 2016 277,332k Shareware  Cascade Technologies Group LLC
Ultimate Startup Manager for Windows

Ultimate Startup Manager for Windows

Take total control over your Windows startup. Make your Windows start and work faster, more stable. Manage all auto-start programs, create profiles to choose from during startup. Extra anti-virus protection. Turbo Mode to get the best performance of your computer as possible. Advanced access control. ... windows , manager , kids , memory , startup ...

May 12th 2008 2,169k Shareware  GigaBest
DGard Network Manager

DGard Network Manager

DGard Network Manager is the intuitive Network analysis and systems management tool for small businesses providing the insight and power you need to quickly and easily understand - and control - every aspect of your systems in real-time. The business intelligence and reporting tools are designed ... network monitoring , network monitoring software , network monitoring tools , computer network management , small business network monitoring ...

November 11th 2009 67,727k Shareware  Data Garden Technologies LLC
Access Manager for Windows

Access Manager for Windows

Access Manager for Windows allows you to restrict access to to key features of Windows, such as Control Panels or Start menu, Network, Taskbar, desktop, system tray, Network Access Control Page, Control Internet usage and more. It can also disable the Ctrl+alt+delete keys, the function ... free , download , screen , control , privacy ...

April 18th 2015 1,923k Shareware  IM Soft
Process Manager for Windows

Process Manager for Windows

Ease your control over foreground processes and Windows now with new version of Process Manager for Windows . You can perform following operations on any application by just right clicking on them in taskbar. 1. Kill 2. Change their Priority. 3.Always on Top. 4. Minimize ... manager , shell , explorer , process , priority ...

April 8th 2009 99k Freeware  Arif Free Solutions

DEKSI Network Manager

DEKSI Network Manager is an advanced and powerful Network monitoring tool. It can continuously monitor the state of your servers, various Network services, databases and more over the Network seven days a a week, twenty-four hours a day. You can create categorized task lists on ... smtp , imap , pop3 , network monitor , server monitor ...

April 8th 2009 4,085k Shareware  DEK Software International

Power Network Manager

Power Network Manager with many other tools like a firewall, e-mail server and client and much more!List, create and kill processes. List, stop, and start services, and set start mode. List, create and delete shares.Internal Mail gives you the functionally to store and retrieve data ...

January 19th 2009 12,773k Shareware  english softbuilders co uk

Aarifs Process Manager for Windows

Ease your control over foreground processes and Windows now with new verson of Process Manager for Windows. You can perform the following operations on any application by just right clicking on them in taskbar.

March 30th 2012 388k Freeware

ASP DNS Manager for Windows 2000

ASP DNS Manager for Windows 2000 has the purpose to simplify the configuration of Windows 2000's DNS, providing a COM component with Zone and record data manipulation. This component is easy to install and to use in custom scripts, programs or web pages.

March 25th 2012 1,868k Freeware

Terminus Network Manager

Terminus is a general-purpose Network Manager written in Delphi 4 and Kylix. It can autodetect computers in a simple Network, access to the services of this computers like telnet, finger, etc, and several features.

August 27th 2012 461k Freeware

Cron Script Manager for Windows

Cron Script Manager is an application for managing and running scripts manually or automatically at the specified time. Application is written in C#, .NET 2.0 and has integrated full Unix cron syntax. Running a script is easy, click on a tray... Cron syntaxWindows tray.NET Framework ...

May 23rd 2012 25k Freeware

Corporate Mail Manager for Windows

Corporate Mail Manager (CMM) enables the central distribution of commercial company communication via daily e-mail traffic. All outgoing e-mails of a company can be provided automatically with content like messages, product notes or current enterprise news. That?s signature marketing through the use of Corporate Mail ... ecr , added value , public relation , additional value , customer loyalty ...

April 8th 2009 46,398k Commercial  unternehmen online GmbH Co KG

Active Directory Network Manager

Connect to your Microsoft Windows Active Directory Server to monitor user account information. View a table of usernames, last login times, login durations, computer names, IP addresses, and MAC addressses plus other customizable fields. Includes basic user administration actions such as reset passwords and disable/enable ...

July 1st 2012 1,649k Shareware  Logic Development

TK Network Manager

TCL/TK based NMS (MySQL) with plugin capability.Multiple maps, arbitrary icons, device management, Network discovery (IP), Plugins, MIB Walking

September 13th 2012 6k Freeware

Connex Network Manager

Connex is an application that allows Network Administrators to manage all of the devices in their Network with ease. Connex provides SSH, Telnet, RDP connectivity, and the ability to run scheduled tasks/scripts on devices.

April 5th 2012 34,702k Freeware

Music Manager for Windows

Audio-Verwaltung für CD, LP, MC, Single, Maxi Single, Maxi CD. Mit dieser mächtigen Datenbank haben Sie sofort den richtigen Durchblick. Das Programm verfügt über alle denkbaren Möglichkeiten. Absolut einfach und dennoch effizient sind sämtliche Module. Auf einfachste Weise werden sämtliche Daten erfasst. Kpl. Datensätze können ...

May 12th 2008 1,711k Shareware  Armin Winkler

Lineage 2 Network Manager

l2netmgr is a server application that connects internally to the official Lineage 2 server software, allowing remote administration of the server through telnet clients.

September 7th 2012 87k Freeware
FaxMail Network for Windows

FaxMail Network for Windows

Send and Receive fax from Single computer or Network. Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Win32s. Adds a [FaxBar] to all your Programs giving you access to all the fax machines in the world making them become your printers. FaxMail is a full-featured fax program that integrates seamlessly with ... free , modem , network , fax , fax software ...

May 12th 2008 1,377k Shareware  ElectraSoft
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