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K2GXT High Altitude Balloon

Software for the RIT Amateur Radio Club K2GXT in association with the high Altitude balloon project to be initially flown at Imagine RIT 2011. The on-board microprocessor is the TI Launch Pad MSP430.

May 10th 2012 104k Freeware

Windows Rocket Altitude Simulation Prog.

wRASP is a Windows program that simulates the flight of a rocket in one dimension (one degree-of-freedom). It can be used to get an idea of how high a rocket kit might fly with a particular motor and what the best ejection delay time might ...

April 10th 2012 1,355k Freeware
HS NMEA GPS C Source Library

HS NMEA GPS C Source Library

HS GPS is a software library (with full C source code) which provides access to a NMEA-183 compliant GPS receiver via a serial communications port, decoding NMEA sentences: $GPGGA, $GPGSA, $GPGSV, $GPGLL, $GPRMC and $GPVTG. Decoded parameters include: time, date, position, Altitude, speed, course and ... speed , asset tracking , course , nmea sentence , gps ...

May 12th 2008 309k Freeware  Hillstone Software

Space Station Manager

Join pioneers and explorers at space agencies worldwide. Since the space revolution began in 1957 humanity has taken larger and larger steps into outer space. The current outpost is the International Space Station, a combined effort of several space agencies. Flying higher than any airplane, ...

May 12th 2008 4,452k Shareware  Mistaril

BitLevelGPS Demo

This program is a demo application for BitLevelGPS software library that provides a PC-based user application with access to a NMEA-183 compliant GPS receiver via a serial communications port. It provides navigational data update once per second, decoding NMEA sentences: $GPGGA (Global Positioning System Fix ...

May 12th 2008 306k Freeware  BitLevel Technology Limited


Geocode digital images with latitude, longitude, Altitude, and direction information. RoboGEO stamps this information onto the actual photo or writes it to the EXIF headers, allowing you to permanently geotag and link your photos to the GPS coordinates. All writing to the EXIF and IPTC ... image , photo , jpg , dxf , exif ...

May 12th 2008 6,452k Demo  Tim Helton
Click Clock

Click Clock

Click Clock is a clock, calendar, weather, and astronomy program. It shows your local temperature in the tray. It also shows local weather, animated weather radar, animated satellite images, date and time of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, equinoxes & solstices, moon phases, eclipses, meteor showers, ... clock , utility , science , calendar , animated ...

May 12th 2008 6,600k Shareware  Michael Robinson
Absence Manager

Absence Manager

Absence Manager - Overview Absence Manager is a Lotus Domino-based Application, which automates the process of managing absences from work. Absence Manager records and manages absences for any reason, including vacation, holidays, Sickness, training, appointments, unpaid leaves, and more. A central calendar details all absences ... notes , manager , human , workflow , holiday ...

May 12th 2008 4,492k Demo  Systems Leading Resource Ltd


HsGpsDll is a Windows Dynamic Link Library which provides access to any NMEA-183 compliant GPS receiver via a serial communications port. HsGpsDll is designed for use from Visual C, C Sharp .NET, Visual Basic or other programming languages. HsGpsDll allows a user application to easily ... speed , asset tracking , course , nmea sentence , gps ...

August 27th 2014 1,446k Shareware  Hillstone Software
Schedule24 Professional Staff Scheduling

Schedule24 Professional Staff Scheduling

Schedule24 Professional is the leading easy to use staff scheduling and workforce management software for creating and automating staff schedules. Ideal for business managers or team leaders Schedule24 Professional will help you effectively and successfully manage staff scheduling in the high performance workplace. Create, view ... automatic , attendance , scheduling , patterns , shift ...

April 8th 2009 200,582k Demo  Intellicate


3DWebButton is a PC-based software package that offers an easy-to-use, step-by-step approach to creating sophisticated 3D buttons and headings for use on Internet sites.Very professional output can be quickly and easily produced by the most inexperienced non-graphics artist using this program. A preview of your ... web , graphic , buttons , design ...

April 8th 2009 1,074k Shareware  Rudenko Software


ZylGPSReceiver is a Delphi/CBuilder component that communicates with a serial GPS receiver. It returns latitude, longitude, Altitude, speed, heading and many other parameters of the position. This component works with any NMEA compatible receiver connected to one of the serial ports. You can use it also with ... software , delphi , development , component , device ...

July 28th 2009 1,727k Demo  Zyl Soft

IntelliRoster Lite

IntelliRoster Lite is ideal for any small business that needs to schedule up to 25 employees to shifts. With IntelliRoster Lite you can: schedule assignments, vacation, track Sickness, insert memos, and more. Built-in monitoring tools help track scheduling activity. Print schedules in a variety of ...

August 9th 2012 51k Demo  Intellicate

Activity Counter

Activity Counter is a PC events tracker that surveys the time you spend working on your PC. It is launched when Windows starts up and counts mouse and keyboard events. Either you are writing text or walking through Internet you are using a mouse and ...

May 20th 2012 410k Shareware  Brigsoft

NASA World Wind 1.4 Final

World Wind lets you zoom from satellite Altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there. V

July 11th 2012 16,353k Freeware

Linux GPS

LGPS is a serial ascii data receiver for Linux, reads data from any GPS and shows information on a window. It shows : type of GPS receiver, EPH (position error), Altitude, date and time, Longitude and Latitude, Direction, Velocity.

May 15th 2012 1,732k Freeware


Polarscope is a gnome-gtk based interface for display data logged with Polar heartrate monitors and dumped with s710d or s710sh software in .srd files, or in .hrm format. You can see Altitude, heartrate and speed diagrams, among a lot of other exercise d

May 25th 2012 434k Freeware


BALCAL: Balloon Absolute Lidar Calibration with A Lamp. Atmospheric calibration for astronomy using stable lamps mounted on a high-Altitude balloon.

June 22nd 2012   Freeware

GP(S|X) Track Manager

GP(S|X) Track Manager displays track, Altitude, 3D and information from GPS gpx tracks. It uses gpsbabel to up and download tracks to and from your gps device. It will help you to get an overview of your greates mountainbike, hiking, climbing, ... tracks

July 4th 2012 1,552k Freeware

Game of Life.NET

The Game of Life involves cell reproduction based on its neightbors, with later modifications taking age and Sickness into account.

June 23rd 2012 179k Freeware
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