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Annuity/Pension Payout+

This program is a 16 bit version of a fixed sum Annuity or pension payout schedule. This program will demonstrate the length of time your Annuity/pension payout will last at an inputted monthly withdrawal and includes interest earned from CD's, money market accounts, savings accounts, ... shareware , software , personal finance , annuity , retirement ...

September 14th 2012   Shareware  Bent Tree Software
Alle meine Passworte (AmP)

Alle meine Passworte (AmP)

Kennen Sie das Problem? Ständig vergessen Sie Ihre Passworte. Alle meine Passworte schafft jetzt Abhilfe. Alle meine Passworte (Amp) dient zur Katalogisierung von Passworten, dabei können die Passworte in Kategorien eingeordnet werden. Die Passworte werden in einer verschlüsselten Datei gespeichert (6 verschiedene Verschlüsselungsalgorithmen BlowFish, TwoFish, ...

May 12th 2008 736k Freeware  Mirko Boeer


bo-Amp bietet viele Features, wie z.B:ID3 Tag lesen/bearbeiten/speichernKennwortschutzPlaylistenerstellungSortierfunktionenerweiterte Suchfunktion

May 12th 2008 1,442k Freeware  bosoft software Hannover


X-Amp is a professional MP3/CD player, recording system and management tool for sound and music files.Features: - High quality playback of MP3s with any bitrate parameters (16-320 kbps); - Compatible play of PCM WAV-files (8/16bit); - Supports the Compact Disc Digital Audio standard; - Tracklisting ...

July 28th 2012 2,949k Freeware  Maxximate TechnologiesĀ®, Inc.

AMP (Adamo Media Player)

AMP is a custom media player that specializes in large media collections! Change the way you manage your media! high speed indexing of media filessimplified playlist creatationSource -

June 19th 2012 55,460k Freeware

AMP - AJAX for Java

AMP was inspired by RoR partials. It is a framework-independant Java API that enables processing of AJAX requests in a normal MVC pattern. It is currently integrated with the Spring framework to allow for easy configuration.

July 13th 2012 27k Freeware

AMP Font Viewer

Easy to use but powerful font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts (supports TrueType, OpenType and Type 1). It also have several options for easily organizing fonts in categories. It can print custom lists of fonts, install ...

September 11th 2012   Freeware  Alberto Martinez Perez

AMP Tile Viewer

This program is an image viewer that displays the images as a mosaic, using the image like a tile texture, with support for multiple image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, PSP and many more). The program provides also a full screen mode, with ...

April 8th 2012   Freeware  Alberto Martinez Perez

AMP Calendar

This is a small utility that displays a calendar with the twelve months of a year using the Windows regional settings. Easy access to the calendar through an icon in the taskbar, which shows the current day of the month. Configurable colors and column layout, ... calendar , date , schedule , year , timetable ...

May 25th 2012   Freeware  Alberto Martinez Perez


An utility for scheduling the Windows shut down. It performs several types of shut down (shut down, restart, hibernate, lock...) at certain time (e.g. at 12:00, in 15 minutes...) or when the CPU is idle. Options of capturing an image and executing a program before ... close , shutdown , hibernate , suspend , power off ...

June 30th 2012   Freeware  Alberto Martinez Perez


Apache2/mysql4 5/php4 5 package for developers in windows. You don't need to do installation, but just unzip it in any dir, and use the .exe file to manage the server. We delete some files in apache/mysql/php, because they aren't often used.

April 6th 2012 18,524k Freeware

.NET & Mono proxy for HTML Tidy, wvW

TidyForNet and wvForNet provide a native .NET/Mono Wrapper for HTML Tidy and wvWare, using C# and interop. It programmers, using languages such as C# or Visual Basic .NET to interact with HTML Tidy and wvWare. Both wrappers run on Windows and Linux.

May 6th 2012 129k Freeware

@1 Link Submission & Approval System

Allow visitors to submit their links to your website. Links submitted by visitors are only added to the database once the administrator has approved them. More .....

April 12th 2012 18k Freeware

quick & simple web site

A CMS for Developers. This features A standard CMS GUI for end users to add their own content while allowing developers to easily integrate custom PHP Scripts. Set up is roughly 10 minutes.

May 16th 2012 268k Freeware

Antzureus - Ants &amp ; Azureus S

The goal of the project is a hybrid swarming of azureus-bittorrent and jetiants-torrents.Users then can swarm from both networks and releasers can seed the media safe in ants.;forum_id=377614

April 25th 2012 87k Freeware

Aritificial Intelligence & Parallel

This project is a heterogeneous collection of Artificial Intelligence and parallel applications

July 1st 2012 7,868k Freeware

Caraxy, proxy Caramail < -&amp

Proxy IRC <-> Caramail[FR] Il s'agit d'un bouncer permettant de se connecter caramail via un client IRC (n'importe lequel) partir de n'importe quelle plate-forme.[EN] It allows people to connect to chat service with any IRC clien

May 19th 2012 126k Freeware
Future Value of Savings Calculator

Future Value of Savings Calculator

Future Value of Savings Calculator quickly shows you what your savings may be by displaying a range of 77 possible scenarios based upon different interest rates and saving amounts. Future Value of Savings Calculator is a comprehensive Annuity calculator which displays results on a spreadsheet-like ... money , calculator , annuity , savings , retirement ...

May 12th 2008 2,018k Shareware  Wheatworks Software LLC
Advanced Mailbox Processor

Advanced Mailbox Processor

Advanced Mailbox Processor (Amp) - is the program intended for extracting owners names and e-mail addresses from the local files, and making e-mails list. Amp is very effective and convenient decision for e-commerce companies. This program will help you to make and correct the lists ... email , list , rfc822 , database , express ...

May 12th 2008 1,493k Shareware  Tweak Marketing Inc


SpaceObServer is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for Windows (32 and 64 Bit). It consists of a system service named "SpaceObServer Agent" that executes scans for the selected file system trees and stores the collected information in a SQL database (MS SQL ... unicode , automation , shell , files , server ...

November 9th 2017 36,413k Shareware  JAM Software GmbH
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