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DragonSoft Introduces First Custom-Made IIS 7 Web Application Firewall

The signature-based DragonWAF activates defense mechanism when IIS server is under attack, it records all attack patterns using intellectual filtration techniques, webmasters are able to add more filtration strings by themselves, customize warning messages. The multiple graphic reports facilitate log management, making optimal security control ... web security , web application firewall , application security ...

August 17th 2012 11,878k Freeware  DragonSoft Security Associates, Inc.
Fastream IQ Proxy Server

Fastream IQ Proxy Server

IQ Proxy Server is a robust and secure content/reverse proxy server solution for Windows. Both filtering and caching content proxy and securing and accelerating reverse proxy with per domain URL rewrites and DDoS Firewall, it can serve more than 15,000 requests/sec in keep-alive mode. Fastream ... failover , load balance , reverse proxy server , ddos application firewall , windows reverse proxy ...

January 10th 2011 6,241k Shareware  Fastream Technologies


CacheGuard provides a Firewall, an antivirus, a forwarding and reverse proxy cache, a web traffic compressor, a URL guarding facility, a Web Application load balancer, a WAF (Web Application Firewall), a traffic shaper, a traffic logger and much more. Integrating CacheGuard into your networks is ... proxy , web security , firewall , antivirus , caching ...

March 29th 2018 190,292k Shareware  CacheGuard Technologies Ltd
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro

PC defense against attaclers, malware, viruses and Internet attacks. Inbound and outbound system and Application Firewall delivers powerful protection against a wide range of threats from local networks and the Internet and prevents unauthorized access to your PC. Protection for your OS and applications is ... firewall , internet security , access control , privacy protection , anti-spyware ...

December 29th 2012 27,317k Shareware  Agnitum Ltd
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (64-bit)

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (64-bit)

PC defense against attackers, malware, viruses and Internet attacks. Inbound and outbound system and Application Firewall delivers powerful protection against a wide range of threats from local networks and the Internet and prevents unauthorized access to your PC. Protection for your OS and applications is ... firewall , internet security , access control , privacy protection , anti-spyware ...

December 29th 2012 35,329k Shareware  Agnitum Ltd
ProteMac NetMine

ProteMac NetMine

ProteMac NetMine is a network Firewall for Mac OS X which control applications network activity of every Application on Your Mac! ProteMac NetMine can restrict or prevent outright the spread of networked computer worms, trojans, viruses and malware. NetMine Firewall is a new breed of ... mac , firewall , spyware , network access , sniffer ...

July 7th 2013 16,924k Shareware  ProteMac


ThreatSentry is a Host Intrusion Prevention software Application designed to protect Windows Web servers running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). ThreatSentry delivers multi-layered protection via two core components. The first, an Application Firewall, is pre-configured with a knowledgebase of known exploitive techniques and attack characteristics. ... server , security , firewall , iis , ids ...

May 12th 2008 9,707k Demo  Privacyware

Texture Maker

Texture Maker is a seamless texture generator and designer. The Application contains everything needed to create seamless textures for use in 3D rendering packages, game development, web graphics, image and video editing. Texture Maker can create procedural and hand painted textures from scratch, remove visible ... games , wallpaper , animated , maps , development ...

May 12th 2008 7,666k Shareware  Reichert Software Engineering


We're glad to present you with a new version of Watchman, an advanced Application Firewall. Watchman restricts access to programs easily, keeps an eye on your files, and monitors Application usage. Watchman is now the tool of choice for protecting your system in a reliable ... desktop security , protect files , desktop lock , application monitor , system protection ...

May 12th 2008 1,030k Shareware  Anfibia

BladeBox eXtreme

BladeBox creates virtual encrypted volumes, which are AES-ENCRYPTED files which can be mounted as if they were disk drives (with their own drive letter too). Virtual Encrypted Volumes (VEV) are seen and considered by the operating system as if they were actual volumes (drives), they ... file , encryption , disk , drive , cryptography ...

May 12th 2008 2,256k Freeware  Liveye SDC

pcInternet Patrol

if you are looking for a Personal Firewall, but do not have security expertise to use it effectively if you need strong security, but are not prepared to bear the restricted choice of applications to run if you want protection against fast-spreading malicious programs before ...

May 12th 2008 86k Shareware  Internet Security Allaince Inc
ServerDefender AI

ServerDefender AI

Prevent common, dangerous Web hacker attacks (like SQL injection, buffer overflows, cross-site scripting and request forgery, directory traversal, zero-day, brute force, and denial of service attacks) with this low-cost Microsoft IIS Web Application Firewall. Go beyond signatures with neural learning to whitelist good traffic and ...

January 19th 2009 12,887k Shareware  port80software com

Easy Guard Protection Web Edition

Easy Guard Protection Web Edition provides Web Application Firewall technology, enabling fully-integrated Application-level protection to Web servers and back-end systems.Easy Guard provides an endpoint-based intrusion prevention component that addresses a key part of the security problem that exists today, identifying and blocking real-time attacks against ... network security , anti hacker , ddos , sql injection , server security ...

April 8th 2009 3,065k Shareware  Easy Guard Corp
Euraffiliates Basic

Euraffiliates Basic

Setup your own in-house affiliate program with the Next-G Affiliate Software. - 3 Tier System -Tracks sales, clicks, leads up to 3 levels - Differential Commission Tools-Affiliate Group wise , Affiliate wise , lifetime commissions - CRM tools- Built in help desk system, broadcasting and ... affiliate program , affiliate software , affiliate program software , affiliate tracking software , free affiliate software ...

March 7th 2012 8,886k Freeware  Where the World Meets plc
Euraffiliates Inhouse Network

Euraffiliates Inhouse Network

The best affiliate software solutions for a multiple domain merchant.Apparently separate in-house affiliate program setup at each merchant domain but shares the same affiliate platform just like a network,an In-house Affiliate Network.Single installation,single admin login (admin can switch domain to manage), single affiliate platform (an ... affiliate software , affiliate program software , affiliate network software , multiple domain affiliate software , affiliate software php ...

March 10th 2012 8,886k Shareware  Where the World Meets plc

New Victor Software

Application creates Animated images, buttons and ads for your Website. It has convenient interface which helps you edit graphics, work with texts, and apply graphic distortions like shadows, glows, opacity as well as bend and transition. text , image , web , 3d , avi ...

September 6th 2012 4,813k Shareware  New Victor Software

Pretty JPEG Web Design Assistant Plus

Application produces Animated pictures, titles and ads for your Web page.It has object-oriented design which helps you edit graphics, manipulate with texts, and apply digital distortions like shadows, glows, transparency as well as deformation and transition.You can create project from your own pictures (JPG, GIF, ... text , image , animation , web , 3d ...

June 26th 2012   Shareware  Spx Inc


C Based Open Source Web Application Firewall (WAF) for detecting SQL and xss attacks Simply works on the Access logs of Apache once an attack is detected it Grabs the Attackers IP and shoves it in an IPTables rule to drop once and for all. ...

April 29th 2012 2k Freeware


This project is an AIM Application Firewall/inspect/monitor program. It can monitor and log all AIM chat sessions to a common location (directory). There is a php script provided to view and present the logged chat sessions via web.

September 20th 2012 136k Freeware


SuStorID is an advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for web services, based on machine learning. Its name comes from the term a€sSu Storia€t, which in Sardinian language means a€sThe Falcona€t. Ita€™s version is experimental, but demonstrates a number of interesting features, that can be readily ...

September 7th 2012 1,098k Freeware
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