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Personaltrainer Arabic Language Learning

L-Ceps Personaltrainer Arabic is designed for learners without or with little previous knowledge of the Arabic Language. The comprehensive program contains 30 lessons and is comparable to 1-2 years of studying Arabic. The lessons are covering the complete spectrum of traveling social life, at home, ... language , learning , software , lceps , language software ...

September 3rd 2012 13,179k Demo  L-Ceps Ltd.
Latest Arabic School Software

Latest Arabic School Software

Discover Arabic with our simple, yet fully interactive Arabic Language software. Designed for people who want to learn Arabic fast and easy. Suitable for beginners and ideal for children. Animated characters are used throughout the lessons. The application features quizzes and games to make it ... download , children , kids , school , alphabet ...

December 28th 2014 9,181k Freeware  softwaresplash com
Arabic Keyboard Layout Support

Arabic Keyboard Layout Support

Install the Arabic languge on to your pc and start with ease typing Arabic, the software contains all the packages required for installing the Arabic keyboard (Arabic Egypt and Arabic Saudi Arabia). It supports all non Arabic windows. download , keyboard , arabic keyboard support , arabic language , arabic win 98 ...

May 12th 2008 1k Shareware  PCfone Co

Shetab Arabic Support

Shetab Arabic Support is a powerful tool that allows you to run any Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu application on any Windows platform. For example if you have an application in Arabic Language that only runs on the Windows that support your Language, with Shetab ... language , macromedia director , hebrew , urdu , language support ...

April 8th 2009 5,014k Shareware  Shetab
Al-Ayn Arabic Dictionary

Al-Ayn Arabic Dictionary

Al-Ayn Arabic Dictionary is an advanced software for studying both the modern and classical Arabic Language. Features: *Look up words definitions in the most widely used Arabic dictionaries. *Find words of common root and explorer their meanings (1). *Automatic root finding by dictionary look up* and built-in algorithm as ... meanings , ayn arabic dictionary , arabic dictionaries ...

September 2nd 2013 6,597k Shareware  Faisal Azahrani

Arabic PHP Tools

This project is a set of classes that help Arabic programmers (Mostly PHP).The aim is to provide a starting set to solve common problems that Arabic Language faces when used in the Web or on Desktop Appplications.

May 19th 2012 7k Freeware

Arramooz Alwaseet Arabic Dictionary

Arramooz Alwaseet Open Arabic Dictionary for morphological analyze. To be useful for Arabic Language processing. This dictionary is derived from the Ayaspell Arabic spell checker.

July 3rd 2012 2,293k Freeware
HCLA Arabic Terms Dictionary

HCLA Arabic Terms Dictionary

The terminology dictionary made by the HCLA High counsel of Arabic Language in Algeria.It contains Office, financier, equipments terminology translation , in Arabic, french, english.

August 8th 2012 6,729k Freeware

Arabic Text Mining

Arabic Text Mining Tools, Arabic Language tools, Arabic Morphological Analysis (Stemming / Light Stemming), Arabic text preprocessing, Arabic Corpora, Open Source Arabic Corpora OSAC. For more information:

July 7th 2012 5k Freeware


Create eye catching Arabic Language Web documants to export as HTML documents and post directly on a website > Gain more control over your Arabic layout spaces > Convert your Arabic print-based designs to Arabic Web-based designs or vice-versa, within one file. You can even ...

May 12th 2008 520k Commercial  Layout Ltd


Type and edit Arabic Language text and export it to non-Arabic applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and more > Import Arabic font text from Macintosh or Windows Platforms > Export selected text only or multi-line Arabic paragraphs to non-Arabic applications > Paste ...

May 12th 2008 2,520k Commercial  Layout Ltd
DEMOR Cheque Maker

DEMOR Cheque Maker

Cheque Maker is a powerful Software to work with Cheques easily with the provision of many of the time instead of writing the cheques manually, It have smart designer tool to create Cheque template also you can use scanner device for that, The software supports ... general ledger , cheque maker software , create cheque template , printing tool , generate cheque payroll ...

October 28th 2008 11,982k Shareware  DEMOR SOFT

Quran with Tafseer

Quran with Tafseer 1.0 is used to read and learn the Holy Quran in Arabic, Urdu and English Languages with five Translations and four Tafseer, all bundled together in one easy to use and small size of application. The software is equipped with a web ... software , search , english , an , quran ...

May 27th 2012 13,240k Freeware  HAWKS

Free DCT Oracle ERP Software

FREE DCT Oracle ERP Software, Accounting Software, Inventory Software, HR Software gives users access to all the power and functionality of our market-leading Enterprise Resource Planning solutions without the heavy investment usually required to acquire these solutions. FREE DCT Oracle ERP Software includes everything you ... oracle , inventory software , accounting software , free software , hr software ...

August 19th 2012 488,284k Freeware  DCT Oracle ERP Software


Arabian Linux is the first Arabic distro which use KDE as the default GUI. It aims to support Arabic Language for arab people, and aims to made linux more known and easy to arabs.

July 13th 2012 482,442k Freeware

Helal Linux

Helal Linux is an islamic and Arabic ubuntu-based distro,a user friendly distro that is for everybody by everybody,Syrian origin distro, it include all what users needs,from flash to java or codecs and programs and fixes for bugs that in ubuntu and themes and support for ...

May 19th 2012 1,240,884k Freeware

Holy Quran Viewer / Seah Utlity

A viewer / search utility for the Holy Quran ( ) developed in C# 2.0, using an XML representation of the Holy Quran and providing a search mechanism for the Arabic Language that presents many obstacles for search in particular

June 25th 2012 655k Freeware
Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor

Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor

There are a lot of computer programs which teach you how to type using the keyboard. However, only a Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor is for the Arabic Keyboard. This software is intended for people who need to learn how to type Arabic words. The program ... language , learn , download , windows , games ...

May 12th 2008 3,563k Shareware  PCfone Co
Arabic Typing Tutor Pro

Arabic Typing Tutor Pro

Typing speeds illustrates familiarity with computer. It simplifies your daily work, emails writing and increases your productivity. Save 30 min in writing 10 emails. Since this is a user friendly software, It trains you how to use the keyboard step by step. This is the ... language , learn , download , windows , games ...

February 5th 2015 15,346k Demo  PCfone Co

Foreign Language Game Collection

Learn Spanish, French, Russian, Greece and other languages having fun with 5 motivating Language games, a multiple choice test and a lesson editor. Each of the games Category, Word Invader, Memory with Words, Puzzle and WordTris supports a step in the learning process of "getting ... foreign language , language learning , vocabulary trainer , vocabulary game , edugame ...

May 12th 2008 3,570k Freeware  Foreign Language Learning Homepage
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