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Super Blocks

Super Blocks

Improved version of popular collapse game. You can choose your preferred game mode: when the Blocks of colored cubes grow like stalagmites or fall down like stalactites. To prevent these cubes from filling the entire game screen you must burn Blocks of three or more ... collapse , colaps , download collapse , colour bricks , coloured blocks ...

May 12th 2008 1,580k Shareware  DoubleGames com

Arredo Bagno Furniture Screensaver

Arredo Italian Furniture Screensaver, Arredo Scrensaver is a slide shows of interior design pictures containing several shots from italian villas interiors interior design , arredo , arredo bagno , arredo cucine , furniture images ...

April 8th 2009 2,042k Freeware  Arredo Bagno
Furniture Unique

Furniture Unique

Antique Furniture screensaver by Antique Furniture Deals. Pictures of antique Furniture to use as your screensaver Pictures for free use that you can download and start using today. Pictures include brass, dining room and other antique Furniture shots. furniture antique , antique furniture screensaver , antique furniture screensavers , screensaver of antique furniture ...

April 8th 2009 13,323k Freeware  Furniture Antique

Office Furniture

Office profiles office Furniture selector. Find office Furniture from a wide range of products furniture , supplies , office supplies , home furniture , office furniture ...

April 8th 2009 16k Freeware  Office Furniture
Shooting Blocks for Mac

Shooting Blocks for Mac

Have you ever wanted to unwind after a hard day's work with some casual Mac games which don't cost a fortune from the high-street stores? If you are looking for casual games to keep you busy in your free time, free logic games such as ... puzzle , games , arcade , free games , logical games ...

July 30th 2011 26,233k Freeware  AdoreStudio Ltd


Mini-Furniture is provided for automation of characterization of flat details from AutoCAD and for transmission of this specification to cutting software (2D-Place, Cutting, Kuznetsov Cutting, Astra Cutting...) and MS Excel. Works with AutoCAD 2000i and more. In addition this software consists tools to create unit ... plugin , software , design , soft , autocad ...

July 28th 2012   Demo  FurnitureSoft
Inca Blocks

Inca Blocks

Ancient Inca tribes has ability to command any object omitting Earth's gravitation rules. Are you good in this? Pass all Inca's grade levels and learn how to move objects. Achieve the unsurpassed skills in this not easy craft. Use your mouse to put the Blocks ... puzzle , physics , inca blocks ...

January 7th 2015 825k Freeware  Siteken Games

Blocks eXterminator

It's simple to open your amazing logic! Eject color Blocks to a board to get all disappeared from a board. You create really twisted and fun combinations to solve each of 50 stages. If it's easy, try harder level or join into online tournament competition ...

May 12th 2008 1,503k Shareware  Alhademic Group
Jigsaw Blocks

Jigsaw Blocks

Jigsaw Blocks is simple to learn yet challenging. Slide rows and columns to reconstruct various images. Increase the number of Blocks and increase the challenge.

May 12th 2008 816k Shareware  Blue Dojo Studios


A classic game with the best quality. Rotate and move droping picese to form a solid row. Support Single or Multi-players and Computer AI opponents. As you play, the pieces fall from the top of the playing area. As they fall, you can rotate them, ...

May 12th 2008 2,486k Shareware  Game1st

Crazy Blocks

Crazy Blocks is a great flash solution for online game addicts, obsessed with the idea to win at all cost. Combine speed, spatial reasoning and elementary mathematical skills and you will certainly win! This is the main principle of Crazy Blocks Game. Dynamic graphics of ...

May 12th 2008 58k Commercial  Elastiks Design Studio

Jumble Blocks

Simple but interesting puzzle game for all ages. Chose the image to solve and divide it to number of Blocks. When you begin game image you chose will be devided to selected numbers of Blocks and this Blocks will be jumbled together and one block ...

May 12th 2008 5,769k Shareware  Choco Snow Creation

Zany Blocks

Zany Blocks is a challenging puzzle game in which you must match three or more same-colored Blocks to clear a playing field.There are three exciting modes of play: Marathon: Colored Blocks fall from above on a timed-basis. You must clear the existing Blocks in the ...

May 12th 2008 4,151k Demo  Mischief Entertainment


Blow up numbered Blocks in this Breakout clone. Watch the ball react to the "Deflectors" and "Rotators". Use your missiles (if you have gathered any) to remove random Blocks. Can you make it to the Finale level? It offers the ultimate challenge of your skill,nerves ...

January 19th 2009 6,220k Shareware  uppergroove ca
Triple Blocks

Triple Blocks

The playing field is filled with colored Blocks. The object of the game is to remove all the Blocks from the playing field with the fewest swaps. Do this by swapping Blocks so that three Blocks of the same color form a vertical or horizontal ...

January 19th 2009 1,367k Shareware  mgsoft com
Letter Blocks

Letter Blocks

In this game there is a grid of letter Blocks, you need to pick up the letters to form words and destroy the Blocks. When choosing the letters, the next letter must be adjacent to the previous one. The longer the word formed the higher ...

January 19th 2009 341k Freeware  novelgames com

3D Lines and Blocks

3D Lines and Blocks is a new approach of well-known classic games Lines. Without changing the rules, we made 3D-environment with different special effects and many opportunities. We also added a new game mode - Blocks. If you go tired of playing the game with ...

January 19th 2009 812k Shareware  caratsoft com
Blocks Annihilator

Blocks Annihilator

Improved version of popular collapse game. You can choose your preferred game mode: when the Blocks of colored cubes grow like stalagmites or fall down like stalactites. To prevent these cubes from filling the entire game screen you must burn Blocks of three or more ...

January 19th 2009 1,599k Freeware  freegames4rest com

OverCAD Blocks

OverCAD Blocks allows you to easily organize, manage and use individual images and libraries of commonly used parts and components.01.Graphical display of your AutoCAD Blocks.02.Quick Find to easily search your Blocks by name and|or description.03.Descriptions are stored in the drawing.04.Powerful mapping to layers from layer, ... rotate , manage , block , scale , autocad ...

April 8th 2009 262k Shareware  OverCAD

Fatman Blocks 2

Try a super playable game Fatman Blocks 2! This game represents a brilliant example of puzzle-tetris blend. Now colorful Blocks and bricks falling from above give even more fun - you can move them, change their position and plan your Triumph using your brilliant tactics! ...

June 2nd 2012   Shareware  Another Day LTD
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Software Downloads 1-20 of 40   |  Pages 1 2 
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