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D Programming Language Library DWin

"D Programming Language" library DWin is a library for the "D Programming Language", Packages included in DWin cover such areas as : Windows COM client Programming, Windows Registry module, PCRE Regular Expression, Send Email, Loads an ini style file(muli

August 19th 2012 411k Freeware

Owlet Programming Language

Programming Language Owlet is a rule-based interaction level Programming Language for building distributed applications. The compiler is implemented using JavaCC that translates Owlet programs to Java programs.

July 3rd 2012 18,730k Freeware

PET Programming Language

PET is a Programming Language and an interpreter with syntax very similar to C. Fast and compact interpreter is highly portable and easy to integrate into your own application. Interpreter supports shared libraries through plugin interface.

September 3rd 2012 2k Freeware

Ascent programming language

A small Programming Language. [Discontinued in favor of Lua. There was not much difference except the syntax and the project went the same way most languages go: convenient but bloated.] Dynamically-typed object systemRegister-based VMReentrant and thread-safeSmall - library is around 50KBFully portable - compiles as ...

April 30th 2012 123k Freeware

Push Programming Language

Push is a Programming Language designed for use in auto-constructive evolution of computer programs. This directory contains a C++ Push implementation. For documentation and other implementations see

April 11th 2012 332k Freeware

The Centum Programming Language

Centum is an interpreted Language that is intended to make it easy to express algorithms in, and is a hybrid between functional Programming and object oriented Programming. To learn more install Centum or visit the project homepage.

August 3rd 2012 6,673k Freeware


Gentee is a friendly full-scale Programming Language. It can become a reliable assistant in your everyday work. It also is easy-to-master, and can be your first, as well as tenth Programming Language. All necessary documentation, examples and a library set are available. Program developers can ... free , compiler , programming language , gentee ...

May 12th 2008 1,032k Freeware  Gentee Inc

FChart - Flow Chart Programming

Flow Chart Visual Programming Language allows to run basic algorithms in a visual way. All you have to do is to place program blocks on screen, connect them with arrows and run. You can also run it in step by step mode (when delay is ...

May 12th 2008 2,207k Freeware  emu8086 Inc

Language Popularity Index

A fully automatic and transparent tool to measure Programming Language popularity on the Internet. Fully automatizedFully transparent

August 21st 2012 620k Freeware

Literate Programming XML Tools

Provide tools to support Donald Knuth's Literate Programming using XML instead of TeX. Is not based on any specific DTD or Programming Language, but instead uses processing instructions for processing the literate programs.

August 10th 2012 169k Freeware

XDL: eXtremely underDeveloped Language

eXtremely underDeveloped Language is a simplified Programming Language designed for the new programmer. This Language is ment to lead programmers into a C++ Programming environment.

April 15th 2012 305k Freeware

nuweb for Literate Programming

In 1984, Knuth introduced the idea of literate Programming. The idea was that a programmer wrote one document, the web file, that combined documentation with code. Nuweb works with any Programming Language and LaTeX.

July 26th 2012 206k Freeware

robot-park tangible programming

Robot-Park is a Tangible Programming Language for young children to program a virtual robot in a virtual park. The system includes: software, Webcam, Wooden/Plastic Box with a Plexiglas top surface and laser-cut wooden/plastic Programming elements.

June 20th 2012 10,397k Freeware

simplesnake game (Basic Programming)

Simple example of multiple linked list used. Just use basic Programming Language to implement the algorithm. Check the code... Intended for beginner programmer. Hope this useful to start learn about linked list.

June 7th 2012 300k Freeware

Object-Oriented Tutorial, Ruby language

This project will produce one or more tutorial documents covering object-oriented concepts for people who want to learn the Ruby Programming Language.The initial rubyboot document is based on the perlboot man page, from the standard Perl distribution.

August 31st 2012 32k Freeware

FC++: Functional Programming in C++

FC++ is a software library which aims to facilitate the functional Programming paradigm, as well as other declarative paradigms, within the C++ Programming Language. It provides Haskell-like functoids, lazy lists, currying, lambda, monads and more!

August 15th 2012 67k Freeware

JIRCBot - IRC Robot in Java Language

JIRCBot is open source and free Object-Oriented IRC Robot Daemon in Java Programming Language, which supports the use of Java plugins (Java Class) and configurations in plain-text file. Development center site at:

August 28th 2012 171k Freeware

Programming Without Coding Technology

Software development tool designed for computer users to give them the ability to create any software they need without previous knowledge of computer Programming where the user will start to learn how to program and will understand the Programming concepts using this tool step by ...

April 11th 2012 58,067k Freeware

Programmable English Language

PEL is a structured imperative Programming Language that is good for students learning how to develop a Programming Language in C. It starts from the very basic and then it evolves to support control structures, routines, functions, and lists.

July 5th 2012 142k Freeware


CodeWorker is a scripting Language for producing reusable, tailor-made, evolvable and reliable IT systems with a high level of automation. This is a software engineering approach called "generative Programming". The most remarkable advantage is about generating source code automatically after restricting human interventions to the ... code generation , code generator , parsing tool , extended bnf , generative programming ...

May 12th 2008 575k Freeware  Cedric Lemaire
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