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Atmel WLAN Driver for QNX

QNX NIC driver for the Atmel WLAN Chipsets (AT76C502AR, AT76C502AR_D, AT76C502AR_E and AT76C504)

September 20th 2012 379k Freeware

Atmel USB DFU Programmer

A linux based command-line programmer for Atmel (8051, AVR & AVR32) chips with a USB bootloader supporting ISP. This is a mostly Device Firmware Update (DFU) 1.0 compliant user-space application.

September 7th 2012 124k Freeware

avra - Atmel AVR Assembler

Atmel AVR Assembler for all platforms. Compatible with Atmel's own assembler. Extra macro features, auto type conversion for macros, conditional assembly, creates .coff files for debugging, special 100% identical output compared to orig. Atmel Assem atmegaattiny

July 3rd 2012 308k Freeware

ATMEL (CASE- and UML- like) TOOL

DEAD PROJECT. ANY ONE MY TAKE OVER! AVR 8-bit RISC. Tool CASE- UML- like style. Start a project as UML, class, attributes and propertys. Scan file, get int-vectors. Add notes, source-code. Export to HTML and ASM file. Java.

September 2nd 2012 380k Freeware


winSPI is a Windows 95/98/ME Programmer for the Atmel AT89S8285 microcontroller.-It utilizes full 32 bit Windows code.Features include:-Programs the Atmel chip via COM1 upto COM8.-Read/Write/Verify the 8Kb Code area and/or the 2Kb Data area of the chip.NOTE if you have NOT registered winSPI:-you can ONLY ...

May 12th 2008 234k Shareware  Mace Computer Systems
VeriFinger Standard SDK (Linux Demo)

VeriFinger Standard SDK (Linux Demo)

Fingerprint idetification SDK with client/server ActiveX components. Based on PC-based fingerprint identification technology, which ensure high reliability of the fingerprint identification, 1:1 and 1:N matching modes, comparison speed up to 30,000 fingerprints per second. Supports Windows and Linux. Includes drivers for major fingerprint scanners and ... security , matching , authentication , verification , identification ...

May 12th 2008 350k Demo  Neurotechnologija Ltd

LOPEZ AVR USB Programmer

Free general purpose loader tool for Atmel's AVR controllers using arduino board or FTDI's FT232. PCB Files also available. USB to UART ConverterAVR Loader (ISP)

August 26th 2012 327k Freeware

Linux USB AT76C503A Wireless Driver

Driver for wirless ethernet devices using the Atmel AT76C503A chip, including the DLink DWL-120 adapter.

April 14th 2012 5k Freeware


LoadAVR suite, programs Atmel AVR micro's via the serial SPI bus.Comprising asavr, an assembler, and loadavr, to load the micro.

July 1st 2012 5k Freeware


Atmel AVR microcontroller In-System-Programming solution for Palm OS. Provides GUI to upload, download and verify flash ROM and EEPROM images and edit fuse bit settings. Supports the AVR ISP, STK500, AVR910, and Butterfly programmers.

April 10th 2012 142k Freeware

USB HID Ir Remote Receiver

Firmware and schematic for a USB HID compatible remote control consumer device using an Atmel AVR Atmega8. No drivers are needed for WindowsXP / WMP10 / Vista / Windows 7. Press Play/Stop/Pause and control media player directly from your remote control. No drivers needed for ...

August 3rd 2012 1,372k Freeware


This project is about the software of the CapCount-O-Bin. The CapCount-O-Bin is a wall mounted beer opener equiped with a light barrier to count the number of crown caps which fall in the bin underneath the opener. We use an Atmel ATmega168 AµC.

June 25th 2012 31k Freeware

ACORN kernel

ACORN is a micro kernel for Atmel ATMega 8-bit MCU. It is written in Assembler and incorporates the basic micro OS primitives like - preemptive multitasking and synchronization.

July 30th 2012 15k Freeware

AVR SPI programmer

The Project represents the graphic interface of programmer for Atmel microcontrollers. Owing to flexible technology of plug-ins, the interface can be easily adapted for microcontrollers of new types. The project is written in Visual C ++ and the assembler

September 12th 2012 51k Freeware

AVR based GPS

AVR (Atmel 8 bit risc microprocessor) based GPS logger (black box) with optional display and map support. Project include hardware platform and software.

March 31st 2012 92k Freeware


It's a software/hardware project to turn the Atmel AVR8 controllers into something simmilar to a home-computer. Currently connecting a TV-Monitor and a keyboard is supported. It is also meant to serve as a future cheap computer alternative.

April 17th 2012 19k Freeware

AVR-Library for DG-16080 GLCD

A Library for interfacing a Atmel AVR Microcontroller with a DataVision DG-16080 GLCD. The Library includes: * LCD Driver * UI-Library Set and unset single PixelsWrite directly to the LCD-RAMLots of UI-Elements:Buttons (with image)Horizontal and vertical slidersProgressbarsKeyboardTextboxesLabelsCheckbox

June 18th 2012 32k Freeware

AVRDUDE multiple sync attempts

AVRDUDE is software for programming Atmel AVR Microcontrollers. This package is a modified version of AVRDUDE 5.3.1. The original AVRDUDE was modified to retry syncing with the device/programmer 10 times instead of 1 (as it was in original version).

July 19th 2012 1,145k Freeware


A library for fixed point calculation in s15.16, s7.24 and s7.8 format, entirely written in ANSI C for embedded software (with main focus on the Atmel AVR platforms).

July 29th 2012 18k Freeware

avr libraries for microcontroller

Library for AVR microcontroller from Atmel ( general library for standard feature like usart/spi/twi/usb/can/...A perfect tool for esay new developpement

September 1st 2012 388k Freeware
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