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Sunshine Acres

There's a blue sky above you and a vast stretch of soil before you. So get ready to plant, till and water to your heart's content! Don't pass up your chance to spend time at one of the most exciting places on Earth: Sunshine Acres! sunshine , acres ...

March 29th 2012 29,194k Shareware  Alawar Entertainment

Atmosphere Lite

Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop. Choose presets such as tropical, thundestorm, nighttime, summer and many others or alternatively customize your own soundscape from the background and random sounds provided. You can save your soundscape for later listening and we've even included an ...

May 12th 2008 63,477k Freeware  Private

Atmosphere Deluxe

Atmosphere is a sound generator that has many uses, primarily as a home sound environment generator and as a tool for creating commercial nature CD's. Atmosphere is also widely used to generate realtime sound FX for museums, hospitals, therapists etcChoose from 21 different background sounds ...

May 12th 2008 23,931k Shareware  Private
Atmosphere Lite: Nature Sounds Generator

Atmosphere Lite: Nature Sounds Generator

Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop. Atmosphere Lite enables you to create your own custom relaxing soundscapes and listen to the results in realtime, or record to wav using the inbuilt recorder. This enables you to easily create royalty free wav sounds and ... relaxation , sounds , therapy , relax , birdsongs ...

April 8th 2009 90,000k Freeware  Vectormedia Software
Atmosphere Deluxe: Nature Sounds Effects Generator

Atmosphere Deluxe: Nature Sounds Effects Generator

Atmosphere is a sound generator that has many uses, primarily as a home sound environment generator and as a tool for creating custom nature CD's and audio for home video. Atmosphere has won numerous awards including USAToday and ZDnet Tech Pick for it's authenticity. Atmosphere ... audio , nature , seashore , destress , unwind ...

April 8th 2009 28,000k Shareware  Vectormedia Software
Flash Catalog Templates -Summer Sunshine

Flash Catalog Templates -Summer Sunshine

What's your first impression of Sunshine in summer? Today we would design new set of flash catalog templates of summer Sunshine style. We get this idea of making summer Sunshine style of flash catalog from London Olympic Games in this summer.From these flash catalog templates, ... catalog software , catalog maker , flash catalog , pdf to flash , page flip software ...

August 26th 2012 1,992k Freeware  Alice Li

Mario Sunshine 128

Super Mario Sunshine 128 is a great Super Mario game online. Help Super Mario through dozens of levels of Mushroom Kingdom. Collect special bonuses to power up the Mario size and powerness from flaming fireballs to grow power. mario 7 , mario mario , mario 2009 , mario 6 , mario bros game ...

May 21st 2012 11,223k Freeware  Mario Games
Fireside Christmas 3D Photo Screensaver

Fireside Christmas 3D Photo Screensaver

Fireside Christmas 3D Screensaver immerses you into the charming Atmosphere of celebration on the eve of the great holiday. Feel as if you were in the cozy domestic surroundings watching the play of flames in the Christmas fireplace decorated with colorful Christmas-tree garland, toys and ... christmas tree , santa claus , christmas fireplace , fireside christmas , fireside christmas 3d ...

May 12th 2008 10,058k Shareware  Photo Screensavers
Green Land

Green Land

Green Land is a new free 3D animal and nature screensaver by Sunny day, the grass is green, the flowers are in bloom, the flies are buzzing, the birds are singing, the horses are grazing, the butterflies are fluttering - nothing breaks this happy ... pc , free , download , windows , screensaver ...

May 12th 2008 3,277k Freeware  FreewaresOnline com
Tropic Ball

Tropic Ball

Where are we going tonight? We are going to the beach! Seashore, Sunshine, hot sand, exotic birds? twittering and the wash? What else do you need to relax? You can get the dream world right now, without any visas and tickets, hotels and flights. Switch ... game , ball , like , arcanoid , tropic ...

April 8th 2009 14,648k Shareware  Ten Games


Mirolit Halotea is the unique application for sound Atmosphere creation. It is created for those people who have nervous and intense work, who have small children, who want inner balance, who want to sleep peacefully, as well as for home and office PC users. With the ... scheduler , relaxation , therapy , rest , relax ...

November 3rd 2011 57,897k Shareware  Mirolit software

Serenity Forest Screensaver

The Serenity Forest Screensaver is developed to create this wonderful Atmosphere of a spring forest. You will immerse into the serenity forest glade with a bird singing, Sunshine and amusing forest guests. The Forest scene is displayed in 2D form. The artists of made ...

September 6th 2012   Shareware  Eye Catching Screensavers
Bills Pie Toss

Bills Pie Toss

Come one, come all -- step right up for a chance to toss a pie at your favorite Billionaire. Whether sticking his head through the circular cut-outs in the "pieboard" or riding by on a tricycle, Bill is there to have fun with you and ... interactive , screen , riss , saver , bill ...

May 12th 2008 1,620k Shareware  Rhode Island Soft Systems

BRIDGE Card Game From Special K

Bridge From Special K This program plays the enduringly popular card game of Bridge. Use Windows to achieve the realistic Atmosphere of a Bridge game with animation and sound. Playing and bidding logic vastly improved. You can choose from different bidding conventions and styles of ... club , diamond , bridge , chicago , heart ...

January 20th 2016 2,720k Shareware  Special K Software

RUMMY Card Game From Special K

Rummy From Special K. Play so many card games in the Rummy family of games! This includes the classic games Gin Rummy, 500 Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, Michigan Rummy, Boat House Rummy, Pinochle Rummy, Kaluki, Round the Corner Rummy, One Meld Rummy, Wild Card Rummy, Indian ... play , game , card , rummy , gin rummy ...

February 15th 2016 2,783k Shareware  Special K Software

CANASTA Card Game From Special K

Canasta From Special K Play the classic card games of Canasta! Play against the computer playing between 1 and 5 opponents. Use Windows to achieve the realistic Atmosphere of a Canasta game with animation and sound. You can choose from different rules, playing styles, and ... game , card , rummy , gin rummy , joker ...

February 11th 2016 2,657k Shareware  Special K Software

AquaPuzzle Pentic

AquaPuzzle Pentic is an amazing multilevel puzzle game in fullscreen mode. High color graphics, excellent sound and fascinating gameplay contribute to the pleasant Atmosphere of the game which is aimed at the recreation for mind and eye. Find the ideal strategy and gather up all ...

May 12th 2008 1,942k Shareware  Aquagame com

MVP Checkers

The classic game of Checkers has never been better. Six virtual opponents challenge you to a hot game of Checkers. Wonderful graphics and music provide the Atmosphere as you take on a virtual opponent or challenge your friends to a Checkers "death match" over the ...

May 12th 2008 2,503k Shareware  MVP Software
How to Play the Guitar Vol1

How to Play the Guitar Vol1

How to Play the Guitar - Volume I, is a guitar tutorial that makes it easy for absolute beginners to learn to master the instrument. Developed by a professional guitar player and trainer, this multimedia tutorial takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals of playing blues, ... learn , video , tutorial , tablature , cd-rom ...

May 12th 2008 2,976k Shareware  Terre Mouvante Cie

PacMania II

Original Pac-man was created in 1980 by a Japanese company Namco. Pac-Man's form and color resemble a pizza missing one piece. Namco's designer Tohru Iwatani hit upon the idea when eating a pizza. The rest belongs to history. The brand name Pac-Man is licensed by ... game , games , entertainment , arcade , alawar ...

May 12th 2008 6,139k Shareware  Alawar Entertainment
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