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Dino Trilogy

Dino Trilogy

Get three exciting educational games for ages 5-12 at single low price: Dino Match (Memory Building), Dino Numbers (Arithmetic Skills), and Dino Spell (Spelling Practice). These Windows games have been optimized to work with Windows 9x and OS/2 Warp (NSTL Certified). Dino Trilogy was designed ... music , learn , thinking , children , kids ...

May 12th 2008 1,885k Shareware  DynoTech Software

Online Competition Monitor

Online Competition Monitor is a simple, yet very useful tool to monitor your competitors web sites.

August 17th 2012 35k Freeware

Halo: Hell on Earth Trilogy

Halo: Hell on Earth Trilogy is a 2D side-scroller which takes place in the year 2552. The Covenant have invaded Earth. Masterchief is missing - he teleported with a covenant cruiser. You the last hope of humanity - you have to destroy all the five ...

April 13th 2012 15,002k Freeware

Competition Maker 2009

Competition Maker 2009 enables you to set up Competition fixtures easily and manage your Competition.

September 9th 2012 1,608k Freeware

March Madness Bracket Competition

This is an easy-to-use PHP/MySQL web application for running a NCAA D-I basketball "March Madness" tournament bracket pool Competition. Users submit their brackets; once the tournament starts, they can see how they fare against the Competition. bracket submissionpayment managementcustom scoringview paths to victoryrankingwhat if? toolalternate ...

August 22nd 2012 804k Freeware

Brew Competition Online Entry & Mgmt.

Version now available.This release address several bugs and feature enhancements that were reported to Google Code and SourceForge between September 16, 2011 and October 21, 2011. Collect Competition entrants' information, entry information, and judging preferencesParticpants can import their entries using BeerXMLMangage and organize your ...

July 28th 2012 2,495k Freeware

Torched Terra AI Competition

This is an AI Competition, where competitors write an AI to play a game. This game is similar to Scorched Earth.It was successfully used for Microsoft recruiting at NDSU.

May 23rd 2012 226k Freeware

Tron Light Cycle Game AI Competition

An engine to run a game AI Competition based on Tron Light Cycles. The best way to check it out is to download the server and client source, and run them in Visual Studio. From there, create the best AI player!

May 22nd 2012 23k Freeware

Bubble Lines: World Competition

Bubble Lines is an easy-to-play and highly relaxing logical game for people of all ages -- from children to grown-ups. Your task is to build lines of balls (horizontal, vertical or diagonal line) of the same color in small 9x9 squares field. Every time you ...

May 12th 2008 2,305k Shareware  Akor software

Memoriad Competition Simulator

Prepare and exercise for Memory Olympiads (Memoriad), World Memory Championships, Mental Calculation World Cups and Photographic Speed Reading Contests. Learn to memorize thousands of numbers, playing cards, and learn to remember names and faces; Use your brain as human calculator (mental calendars, mental additions, mental ... memory , calendar , addition , multiplication , brain ...

June 10th 2012 3,799k Freeware  MegaROB A.S.

WCRG Competition Tool

A quick-and-dirty tool we whipped up to manage competitions at the Western Canadian Robotics Games. Please note that there is an utter lack of documentation outside of the code, as the program was created to be used by me and few others without my direct

May 27th 2012 745k Freeware
007 Best Promotion Keyword

007 Best Promotion Keyword

Selecting right effective keyword for search engine optimization and web site promotion. Automatic generate, suggestion and analyze the most top popular keywords and keyword phrases related to your business. And analysis the Competition number of every Keyword. The Best Important Step to get top search ... marketing , analyzer , optimization , web site promotion , promotion ...

May 12th 2008 493k Shareware  1 bulk email software net
SEO SpyGlass Enterprise

SEO SpyGlass Enterprise

SEO SpyGlass is an indispensable Competition research SEO tool that will perfectly meet the needs of any SEO pro and SEO company. This SEO software drills down into your competitors link-building strategies, providing you with most detailed data on all their backlinks and letting you ... seo software , search engine optimization , web traffic , seo tool , competition research ...

March 19th 2016 140,067k Shareware  Link Assistant com SEO Software
Fifty Shades of Grey Shade of Vampire S1

Fifty Shades of Grey Shade of Vampire S1

Fifty Shades of Grey|Shade of Vampire S1,Fifty Shades of Grey Review,50 Shades of Grey Bonus,Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy,Fifty Shades of Grey|Shade of Vampire S1,Fifty Shades of Grey Review,50 Shades of Grey Bonus,Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy,Fifty,Fifty Shades of Grey|Shade of Vampire S1,Fifty Shades of ... fifty shades of grey shade of vampire s1 , fifty shades of grey review , fifty shades of grey trilogy , fifty ...

December 14th 2014 507k Shareware  Huong Rosenberg
SEO SpyGlass Professional

SEO SpyGlass Professional

Looking for a reliable backlink checker to easily see backlinks on any site? Get SEO SpyGlass - the king, the czar and the emperor of backlink analysis in one SEO tool! This top-flight SEO software will help you with the following: - collect all backlinks to any ... seo software , seo , search engine ranking , seo tool , search engine optimization tool ...

September 29th 2018 229,736k Shareware  Link Assistant Com SEO tools is the leading turn-key eCommerce solution for small and medium-sized companies. With a range of features to leave the Competition in its tracks, its modern and intuitive user interface allows every eCommerce newbie to develop and publish a professional online store at the touch ...

May 12th 2008 15,525k Shareware  SmartStore AG
Homebrew Calculator

Homebrew Calculator

Homebrew Calculator lets you record your home brew recipe information. Useful for novice through advanced brewers, it calculates bitterness, color, original gravity, and alcohol content. Compare your recipe as you go to standard beer styles. Data supplied for many ingredients (kits, extracts, hops, etc.) lets ... beer , home brew , brew , craft beer ...

May 12th 2008 7,902k Shareware  Homeworks Software
Home or Away League Scheduler

Home or Away League Scheduler

Home or Away League Scheduler creates fair round-robin league schedules for any sporting Competition, with up to 100 teams per division. Schedules are balanced with equal numbers of home and away games and fair distributions of times and locations with dates controlled using a versatile ... manager , scheduler , schedule , scheduling , league ...

May 12th 2008 1,476k Shareware  CFB Software


A-MindPack is a software bundle of 5 new and popular mind games from Alhademic Group. It includes advanced adaptations of: Alhademic Lines (as "Get the line!"), Alhademic Balls (as "Fast Balls"), Blocks eXterminator (as "Crushing blocks"), Color Spreading (as "Color Spreading" itself) and unique Slide ...

May 12th 2008 3,137k Shareware  Alhademic Group

Blocks eXterminator

It's simple to open your amazing logic! Eject color blocks to a board to get all disappeared from a board. You create really twisted and fun combinations to solve each of 50 stages. If it's easy, try harder level or join into online tournament Competition ...

May 12th 2008 1,503k Shareware  Alhademic Group
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