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Automatic Wallpaper Change Software

Automatic Desktop Background Change Software - is the application for Wallpaper Automatic Change! Auto Wallpaper changer can start automatically at system boot, as a hidden application or an application in system tray (left bottom corner of the screen). wallpaper , auto , change ...

September 8th 2012 328k Freeware  freesoft80
A1 Automatic Wallpaper Changer

A1 Automatic Wallpaper Changer

A1 Automatic Wallpaper Changer is a tool to automatically Change your desktop Wallpaper at specified intervals. You can select any number of images and even a folder containing images to be displayed as Wallpaper, and set the time interval from every 3 minutes to 6 ... wallpaper , wallpaper changer , desktop wallpaper , automatic wallpaper changer , wallpaper revolver ...

May 5th 2012 1,614k Shareware  Abhisoft Technologies

Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer

Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer allows your desktop Wallpaper to Change automatically. It also lets you choose which images to display. Select the folders of images or images as well, to display as a slide show and set the display interval to Change w

August 6th 2012 1,403k Freeware
Automatic Wallpaper Changer

Automatic Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper is a windows Wallpaper changer. Point it towards a folder containing graphics files and it will select one at random or sequentially and display it as Wallpaper. Auto tile/centre based on graphic/screen size and user settings is an option. The period between changes is ... shareware , edit , software , computer , delete ...

April 8th 2009 47k Shareware  Educe Software

Walyk Wallpaper Changer

Change your Wallpapers easily, using different options like Automatic Wallpaper Change at specific time, resample pictures, full screen preview of pictures, calendar themes, downloadable content from Internet, etc.

September 5th 2012 3,082k Freeware Wallpaper Rotation Wallpaper Rotation

Each day when you start your Windows system you see your desktop background Wallpaper image. From time to time, when you don't like it any more, you should Change it. Sometimes you do not recognize that you used the same one since months. Sometimes the ... pc , image , images , startup , automatic ...

July 31st 2013 310k Shareware  1 abc net
Adolix Wallpaper Changer

Adolix Wallpaper Changer

Adolix Wallpaper Changer is free Wallpaper changer software that will help you configure your desktop Wallpaper easily. With this freeware background changer you can use all your favorite images as wallpapers. Adolix Wallpaper Changer supports many file types like JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. Our ... wallpaper changer , change background , change wallpaper , free wallpaper changer sequencer , background changer ...

May 12th 2008 3,299k Freeware  Adolix
Active Desktop Wallpaper

Active Desktop Wallpaper

Transform your desktop to an exciting picture gallery. Three Wallpaper Change modes available: manual, cycling or around-the-clock list. Create list of wallpapers easily, add pictures and text to any Wallpaper with instant outcome, export wallpapers. shareware , screen , create , gallery , wallpaper ...

May 12th 2008 1,360k Shareware  XemiComputers Ltd
Stardust Wallpaper Control 2003

Stardust Wallpaper Control 2003

Stardust Wallpaper Control 2003 is a free taskbar accessory that lets you easily Change and configure your desktop Wallpaper. You can Change Wallpaper with a single click, modify Wallpaper settings, and set your system to automatically Change Wallpaper according to schedule, or Change Wallpaper at ... wallpaper , taskbar ...

May 12th 2008 659k Freeware  Stardust Software

Mota Wallpaper Changer

The program is developed for Automatic Wallpaper changing at certain time intervals. Program allows to: set wallpapers from Your list, set wallpapers from Internet, set wallpapers as computer starts, set Wallpaper at particular time, Change Wallpaper at certain time intervals, Change picture size by using ...

January 19th 2009 1,374k Shareware  soft mota ru

Wallpaper Alterer

Tired of your desktop Wallpaper? Change it! You think that it?s tiresome to Change desktop backgroundconstantly? You are wrong! With Wallpaper Alterer changing Wallpaper becomes easy as pie. You click the shortcut and your desktop background changes: flowers or beautiful sceneries appear on it, or ... wallpaper , pictures , wallpaper changer , customize desktop ...

April 8th 2009 62k Freeware  BegemotSoft

Free Wallpaper Radar

Free Wallpaper Radar (WallRadar) is a small and easy-to-use tool to Change your Wallpaper, with the distinguished character that it can download new wallpapers from Internet automatically every day! Wallradar has the following features: Automatically download new wallpapers from Internet without opening web browser(No virus! ... screensaver , com , free wallpaper , wallradar , wallpaper download ...

April 8th 2009 1,477k Shareware  wallradar com
Wallpaper Slideshow Pro

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro is a great utility for displaying your favorite images as your desktop background Wallpaper. Wallpaper Slideshow offers you complete control of your Wallpaper collection. It has lots of options that allows you customize the way wallpapers are created, for example for each ... image , images , tool , utility , photos ...

May 25th 2017 5,586k Shareware  gPhotoShow com

Magic Wallpaper

Maybe you have scan a lot of your photos that token on your tour,and maybe you have a collection of JPEG,GIF,BMP,PSD,PCX,PCD,ICON,SW F, etc. format files,and the same time,there are tons of nice pictures, flash movies in the internet. Wouldn't you ever want to make it ...

May 12th 2008 1,997k Shareware  MagicWorkshop Software Inc

Amaze Wallpaper Changer

Amaze Wallpaper Changer is a powerful and easy-to-use Wallpaper manager for Windows NT4/2000/XP with expanded capabilities, such as calendar and hot keys support. Now you don't worry about Wallpaper sizes and resolutions - the program fits everything automatically. Wallpaper rotation can be done automatically or ...

May 12th 2008 1,681k Shareware  tnmSoftware

Wallpaper Sequencer Free

Create list of your favorite wallpapers and customize them as you like easily. Supports most popular graphics formats: BMP, JPG. Change wallpapers at startup or shutdown; on hotkey; on timer. For less memory usage can be automatically closed after Wallpaper Change. Customizable hotkeys to control ...

January 19th 2009 518k Freeware  wallpapermanager com

Any Wallpaper

Any Wallpaper is a free software utility that helps you to Change Wallpaper on a regular basis automatically. All you have to do is adding some folders containing Wallpaper files, and selecting a few options such as Wallpaper Change frequency and wallpape

June 15th 2012 348k Freeware


WallpaperWarp 1.0 is a desktop Wallpaper changer for Windows based operating systems. WW allows you to select a folder of images that you would like to be displayed as Wallpaper and schedule them to Change at predefined intervals. Features of WallpaperWarp include: Full Microsoft Windows ... wallpaper , desktop , background , warp , desktop image ...

May 12th 2008 1,963k Shareware  MH Software


Wallpaper Xe is a utility designed to offer you total and complete control over your own desktop wallpapers. With Wallpaper Xe, you can use any of your favorite images or movies as your desktop Wallpaper easily and all your Wallpaper settings ( style, position, background ... manager , utility , utilities , wallpaper , management ...

May 12th 2008 2,986k Shareware  Amic Utilities
Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional

Music filenames are often inconsistent and erroneous. Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional allows you to Change filenames based on their tagged information saving you time and effort. Automate the tedious task of changing tagged information in MP3 WMA M4A (iTunes) FLAC APE OGG OFR MPC SPX ... lyrics , unicode , edit , batch , audio ...

February 25th 2010 4,491k Shareware  AssistantTools com
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