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N-central Network & Systems Management

N-central Network & Systems Management

The All-new N-central 8 remote system management and monitoring solution provides Managed Service Providers and IT professionals in mid-size businesses a full-featured tool to deliver the most complete service remotely to their end-users, for the least expense - and report on those services with unprecedented ... network monitoring , remote control , remote support , remote desktop , smb ...

May 4th 2011 20k Demo  N able Technologies

uCertify GSNA GIAC Systems and Network A

PrepKit GSNA, GIAC Systems and Network Auditor is an interactive software application that helps you learn, tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam. This PrepKit contains 4 interactive practice tests with over 599 challenging questions guaranteed to comprehensively cover all ... gsna , giac systems and network auditor , gsna question , gsna exam , gsna study guide ...

May 16th 2012 8,192k Shareware

Systems Reporting and Monitoring Server

SRMS allow administrator to monitor critical Systems from any web browser and can be configured to be viewable from anywhere in the world using any web browser.SRMS tracks critical information such as CPU usage, uptime, available memory, and ip address. Every 4 minutes, SRMS compiles ...

January 19th 2009 6,846k Shareware  itcs software com
Review of Systems ROS Form - Sample

Review of Systems ROS Form - Sample

Computer Fillable Medical PDF Forms. Patient records can be typed, e-mailed, saved and stored on your computer. Easy access and retrieval! We can take your existing forms and make them electronic fillable forms. Your own company logo, address, and information will be put on your ... electronic medical forms , healthcare eforms , doctors forms , patient forms , review of systems form ...

April 8th 2009 698k Demo  Med e Forms
Horse Betting Selection Systems

Horse Betting Selection Systems

Learn about various horse betting selection Systems that may help beginners out with betting in this informative eBook.You will also learn about the risks that are commonly involved with horse betting and using Systems as well as about various other factors.The information in the eBook ... horse racing , horse betting , racing tips , horse racing tips ...

June 19th 2012 2,393k Freeware  Horse Betting Tactics

Linear Systems

Linear Systems gives a complete, step-by-step solution of the following problem: Given a 2x2 linear system (two equations, two variables) or 2x3, or 3x2, or 3x3, or 3x4, or 4x3, or 4x4 linear system. Find its solution set by using the Gauss-Jordan elimination method. The ...

July 8th 2012   Shareware  Dekov Software

Systems of Nonlinear Equations

Numerically solves Systems of simultaneous nonlinear equations. It can fully explore defined intervals to search for multiple solutions or quickly find solutions starting with random seeds. You may predefine constants and specify the error bound for the results. Handles a wide variety of functions, including ... mathematics , science , math , engineering , equations ...

August 20th 2012   Shareware  Numerical Mathematics

Electromechanica l Systems Simulator

This is a simulator for designing electromechanical Systems. Design various electromechanical Systems using start stop buttons, jog buttons, relays, contactors, contacts, time relays, and 1 and 3 phase induction motors. Prepare study materials.

August 16th 2012 3,451k Freeware

Liberatio Systems Management

Liberatio is open source Systems management built on the Java platform. Liberatio currently collects an asset inventory and communicates via JXTA - allowing communication regardless of network obstacles.

July 8th 2012 19,076k Freeware

Linear Quaternion Systems Toolbox

LQSTFM is a Matlab toolbox for handling linear quaternion Systems. It requires the QTFM toolbox to provide the underlying quaternion operations.

April 26th 2012 98k Freeware

Omnisys - Enterprise Systems Management

Omni*sys - Open management and Network Intelligence system is a web based, agent-less tool that lets the users define any metrics they want, define scripts, actions to take on events, and more. Enables heterogeneous Systems to interact seamlessly. Real time and historical monitoring of heterogeneous ...

September 2nd 2012 53,249k Freeware

Pthreads for Embedded Systems

A pthreads library for embedded operating Systems. Implements the pthreads API using only commonly available OS primitives (e.g. semaphores, tasks) so that the library can easily be ported to almost any RTOS. Currently includes support for DSP/BIOS and P

May 22nd 2012 217k Freeware

Python Control Systems Library

The Python Control Systems Library, python-control, is a python module that implements basic operations for analysis and design of feedback control Systems.

April 1st 2012 122k Freeware

Systems monitoring

This client-server shell scripts will help you monitoring sensors, disks, Systems and networks activity. It automates RRD database, graphs, HTML page generation and data collection.

July 26th 2012 114k Freeware

Voting systems toolbox

This toolbox is designed to make implementations of voting Systems freely available in Java. It will initially have software for Single Transferrable vote (Meek algorithm), but others may be included.

April 29th 2012 38k Freeware

Complex Systems Scilab Toolbox

Complex Systems is a toolbox for SCILAB software. This toolbox measures some parameters for graphs representingcomplex Systems: degree distribution, average neighboring degree, average clustering, and shell index (from k-core decomposition).

April 17th 2012 173k Freeware

Fast Track Systems Monitor

Fast Track Systems Monitor (FTMON) is an open source monitoring engine (written in Perl) that can be integrated with other Systems management vendor solutions. It also defines a standard that allows applications/devices to be instrumented rapidly.

June 9th 2012 8,275k Freeware

Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems

FRBSs (Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems) are based on fuzzy if-then rules that are generated from training data. This project provides C++ source codes for FRBSs that are published in literature.

June 21st 2012 424k Freeware

Keke DataBase project 4 embended systems

A ligh-weighted database server for embended linux Systems. Providesbtrees, network access and sql-styled query language.

August 26th 2012 68k Freeware

Ubuntu Systems Management

Ubuntu Systems Management is designed to manage hardware and software on multiple computers in a business environment. It is designed for small-medium sized business environments that are using some form of central authentication (e.g ldap, ad, etc.)

August 25th 2012 4k Freeware
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