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Bandwidth Management and Firewall

Bandwidth Management and Firewall

BMF is tool for network administrators who needs to have central control over traffic shaping, amount of transferred data and security in company network. It contains stateful firewall for mostly used internet protocols. It is suitable tool for internet service providers or companies who needs ... security , speed , network , firewall , flow ...

February 15th 2017 20,047k Shareware  Soft in Engines

YABMAS - Bandwidth management, Mac Auth.

Yet Another Bandwidth Management and Authentication System is a small bash script which allows automated Management of client Bandwidth allocation, and client authentication by MAC address through the use of iptables and htb/tc scheduling.

April 14th 2012 9k Freeware
JDSoft Bandwidth Manager

JDSoft Bandwidth Manager

While Bandwidth Management has been an issue for large corporations and ISPs over years, now it is becoming a problem for home and small business networks as well. Inappropriate use of your network has a negative effect on your business-critical performance. Overuse of network Bandwidth ... filter , network , ruler , limiter , qos ...

May 12th 2008 1,523k Shareware  JDSoft

Bandwidth Controller Standard

Bandwidth Management and traffic shaping software for Windows 2000 and XP. Take control of your network traffic by limiting the data rates of all traffic flowing through your server. No client software needed. internet , management , bandwidth , traffic , shaping ...

April 8th 2009 1,470k Shareware  Bandwidth Controller
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Software

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Software

Windows-based software for Bandwidth Management. Control time, Bandwidth usage, download and upload rate for wired and wireless laptops without any client software installations. Computers can be limited with specified time and quota per session, day time when access is allowed and set to logout after ... manager , quota , shaper , quota limit , bandwidth manager ...

April 8th 2009 2,489k Shareware  ANTAMEDIA
Safesquid Content Filtering Proxy

Safesquid Content Filtering Proxy

Safesquid is an antivirus and content filtering proxy server. It has many advanced features like URL blacklists, Bandwidth Management, regular expression substitution on Website content and requested URL's, ICP and CARP support to interoperate with other proxy servers, configuration synchronization to ease Management of proxy ... firewall , access control , content , content filter , bandwidth manager ...

April 8th 2009 771k Freeware  Office Efficiencies India Private Limi


dopplerVUE is a core Management solution that helps network professionals better pinpoint, troubleshoot and pre-empt network problem areas in service delivery, Bandwidth Management and network uptime. It integrates fault and performance monitoring with automated discovery and mapping across network devices, applications, servers and services presenting ... network monitoring , network management , it management ...

July 24th 2012 144,374k Demo  Kratos Networks

iNet Shaper

iNet Shaper is All-In-One internet connection sharing software solution covering the variety of expensive networking equipment fuctions. It performs internet connection sharing, internet traffic accounting (billing). Software router performs network address translation (NAT), traffic shaping (optional Bandwidth Management for each user), has filtering capabilities, powerful ...

May 12th 2008 4,100k Demo  UralInfoProject
Gene6 FTP Server

Gene6 FTP Server

Gene6 FTP Server is a professional Windows FTP Server featuring speed, reliability and customization. Its main assets are remote administration, encrypted (SSL) connection, and ease of use. Its fast performances allow it to run heavily loaded files servers worldwide but this does not make it ... ssl , remote administration , gene6 ftp server , g6 ftp server , host files ...

April 8th 2009 3,784k Shareware  Gene6 SARL

PostMaster Enterprise

PostMaster Enterprise is perfect for you if->You are a growth driven organisation and you prefer to invest in systems that are scalable to your exponential growth requirements.->You have clear deliverables in the form of use of efficient systems and tools for business processes.->You recognize the ... internet communications , corporate mail systems , iquinox , postmaster enterprise , mailserve ...

April 8th 2009 48,000k Demo  QuantumLink Communications Pvt Ltd

PostMaster Express

PostMaster Express is perfect for you if->Your employees need e-mail but you don?t want internet access on every machine.->If you use dial-up Internet access to download mail from your mail-box, you need to manage between keeping the phone line on as long as possible at ... email , antivirus , antispam , e-mail server , messaging solution ...

April 8th 2009 38,000k Demo  QuantumLink Communications Pvt Ltd
Download Thruster Installer

Download Thruster Installer

FrostWire Download Thruster is a condensed plug-in that manages to horde in its lite architecture some powerful features designed to foster new high levels of speed for your downloads. The program is an efficient p2p accelerator that adds a considerable growth to your peer connections, searching ... download accelerator , download booster , frostwire booster , frostwire speeder , file sharing accelerator ...

September 24th 2011 1,842k Freeware  www adwareuninstall com

Kerio Control Firewall (formerly WinRoute Firewall)

Kerio Control is an award-winning UTM firewall designed to protect medium and small businesses from a comprehensive range of invasive and crippling corporate network threats. Kerio Control’s auto-updating security layer detects and prevents emerging threats automatically while providing network administrators with flexible user policy tools, ...

August 4th 2012 80,794k Freeware  Kerio


Ktctool is a graphical user interface to tc, a commandline program for network Bandwidth Management in Linux. With Ktctool you can view information about tc objects (qdiscs, classes, filters), create and change qdiscs.

September 8th 2012 2,246k Freeware


qos-htb is the easy Bandwidth Management solution you've been waiting for and graphix makes graphs from which you can see in a second exactly who's eating the Bandwidth !

July 23rd 2012 464k Freeware
KooLoader Plus

KooLoader Plus

Kooloader Plus is a versatile and wide-ranging download manager and FTP Explorer with powerful download acceleration capabilities, supporting multiple downloads, resuming interrupted downloads, RapidShare and including many other features. The program's functionality responds primarily to a downloader's need for speed, simplicity and ease of use. It ... download manager , ftp manager , manage downloads , online video downloader , kooloader plus ...

October 7th 2013 708k Freeware  KooLoader
Net4Guest Hotel WiFi Billing

Net4Guest Hotel WiFi Billing

WiFi hardware Billing software Interface your WiFi with your hotel PMS or IDS NEXT ERP Connect with a WiFi vendor that is reliable and stable Ensure your maintenance staff is adequately trained A comprehensive WiFi Billing software package will ensure you keep staff intervention to ... wifi billing software , hotel guest wifi , wisp billing and bandwidth management , wisp management , hotspot control ...

November 16th 2015 400,372k Commercial  ActivePrism Technologies
Network Configuration Management

Network Configuration Management

Network Configuration Management is a set of utilities that manage network config, diagnose and monitor network, it includes: IP Manager: create different TCP/IP settings profiles, and switch between them instantly without reboot. All you need is just to configure ONCE any of your possible profiles. ... manager , monitor , password , management , network ...

May 12th 2008 2,511k Shareware  Missilesoft
SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is a full-featured traffic Management tool for Windows that offers cost-effective Bandwidth control and quality of service based on built-in prioritised rules. These rules can specify a Bandwidth limit for each Internet user. This kind of software is often called Bandwidth shaper, ... manager , internet , control , connection , bandwidth ...

June 20th 2015 8,178k Shareware  SoftPerfect Research

The Protector: Unified Threat Management

Hacker attacks and malware infections can strike at any time in any business, although the risk increases with the number of users and computers on the network. Having constantly updated antimalware solutions is often not enough by itself. When a business falls victim to malicious ... utm , unified threat management , utm appliance ...

August 11th 2012 88,084k Demo  SecPoint ApS
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