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The Bat Tbb File Viewer - Run An Exe Or Bat File On Click Html - Syntax - Syntax Colouring - Syntax Editor
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You Can Automate File Management Suite

Enjoy relief from repeated, tedious File copying, renaming, deleting, zipping and opening in Windows Explorer: Reopen bookmarked folder(s). Reopen 2 bookmarked folders in dual, side by side windows. Dual "Panes" for Folder Compare.File Launcher to quickly open apps, documents, scripts and files. Record and Replay ... vbscript , file management , windows explorer , wsh , windows script host ...

April 25th 2012 32,348k Freeware  Ortron, Inc
AI File Splitter and Joiner

AI File Splitter and Joiner

AI File Splitter and Joiner can split and merge Ascii, Utf8, Unicode16, Unicode32 and any other binary files.Though you can easily split and merge files using AI File Splitter And Joiner.AI File Splitter And Joiner allows you to easily split apart of binary or text ... puzzle , board , automatic , sudoku , computerized ...

April 8th 2009 650k Freeware  BYAI Soft

JR Split File

The JR Split File allows you to split a large File into smaller files and create a standard .Bat File that can be used to reconstruct a copy of the original File. This function is useful for breaking large text files into more usable segments ...

September 12th 2012   Freeware  Spadix Software


Try to open a File with exclusive access. This can be very useful in a Bat-File if you want to process a specific File that may be opened in another program (word for example). WaitForFile will block until it is able to open the specified ... command , bat , cmd , open file exclusive ...

April 8th 2009 301k Freeware  GdP Software

AdvaSaR Pro

The program is made for creating and processing 50 types text and RTF-documents.Main abilities and characteristics of the program: - Syntax of regular expressions corresponds to the syntaxof Perl regular expressions (PERL Regular Expressions). - Possibility of visual debugging of regular expressions while working them ...

May 12th 2008 1,882k Shareware  AdvaSaR
Isinteg Exchange 2010

Isinteg Exchange 2010

Whereas Isinteg Exchange 2010 utility helps resolving issues related to database integrity, it gets failed in case the database is damaged. Issues like checksum error, dirty shut down, virus attack, application failure, etc. often result in the damage of Exchange database File. Damage to the ... isinteg exchange 2007 , isinteg exchange 2010 , isinteg exchange 2003 , isinteg fix , isinteg syntax ...

July 26th 2012 3,901k Shareware  www isinteg net

Split Files

Fast and easy File splitter and joiner.Split files by parts size or parts number.Create .Bat File to merge parts without program. file splitter , split files , join files , combine files ...

June 1st 2012   Freeware


That's right! WebRun is a software for Windows that allows you to run any program installed on your PC, simply by clicking a link inside an HTML page. WebRun also opens documents, launches command line commands and .Bat files! The browser is the main application ... run exe from html , open an exe file through a link , hyperlink to local executable , run an exe or bat file on click html , run exe files on intranet ...

October 28th 2015 640k Shareware  WebRunApps


This program is for splitting large files for easier distribution. (Or if you are a spy, you can divide a File up and even semi-encrypt it for security reasons...) Using either a normal window or a wizard interface, files can be split by either the ...

May 12th 2008 37k Shareware  Sinner Computing


WatchDirectory automatically starts tasks when the directory contents that this program is monitoring changes (a File or directory is added, deleted or changed). You can choose from the following predefined tasks: Automatically Copy Files. Automatically Sort Files based on rules. Automatically Email when files are ... automation , directory , folder , content , directory change ...

May 12th 2008 1,504k Shareware  GdP Software
Flash Console Wrapper

Flash Console Wrapper

Convert Video to Flash in Console. Batch converting using Adobe Flash Video Encoder in console mode. By defaut you can convert files using Adobe Flash Video Encoder, but only in a GUI mode. And if you need to automate conversion process from another application or ... flash conversion , convert flash , flash console , swf console ...

February 19th 2009 6,339k Shareware  VidFilters


Perl and PHP Development Environment with multi-File Syntax-highlighting editor, web utilities such as one-click FTP upload, one-click execute on server, one-click testing to in-line text pane or web browser, inbuilt form-filling / environment variable emulation, accepts keyboard input for console apps, integrated no-configuration Web Server ... perl , utility , development , backups , versioning ...

April 8th 2009 1,782k Shareware  Arctan Computer Ventures Ltd


Picture a scenario...You've spent a substantial part of the day down-loading the latest, fastest, bestest shoot-em-up game demo. And of course, you're not stupid, so you did this at work using the fast company internet connection. But you wouldn't dare actually play the thing at ... tool , utility , size , slice , splice ...

April 8th 2009 537k Shareware  SadMan Software


With GREX is it possible to split large files and easily put them back together again in the program or with a Bat File that is created during the split process.It's also possible to rename files in a directory, it's possible to change the case, ...

May 16th 2012   Freeware  PJF Data

Multi Client Chatting or Chatting Room

This is my third year project. This is a Java networking software with client and serverHow to Use this ..1-First Start Server program by double clicking on server.Bat File.2-Now Start Client.jar File and log in to chatting room This is easy to useEasy to understand

May 8th 2012 1,280k Freeware


You start this command-line app by double-clicking on the start.Bat File. Specify the full path to your pdf File and the output directory.This is a short, simple program in alpha, more functionality to be added shortly. In version 0.11: You can now select how many ...

April 7th 2012 1,633k Freeware

Personal Data Security Engine

PDS3 is high speed cipher engine from CPG research project. The pds3 provide a flexible interface include command line, Bat File interface, GUI interface or customized interface to meet your requirement. PDS3 can encrypt over 20 MB data per second.

June 6th 2012 22k Freeware


WordJumble! is a simple Windows command-line game in which the player is given a jumbled word and must unjumble it. You are given hints if asked for, but it lowers the points you receive in the end.A .Bat File is included and required to run ...

June 23rd 2012 137k Freeware

SiteScan and WebCTRL automated backup

An automated DOS Bat File that automatically shuts down, backs up user files and restarts the SiteScan Web or WebCTRL system service. 2.3 only contains SiteScan Web service names, send me WebCTRL service names and I will add them.

March 26th 2012 266k Freeware
Oracle Database Recovery Software

Oracle Database Recovery Software

Recover Data for Oracle database is an absolute recovery tool that brilliantly extracts the data from corrupt, damaged or unusable oracle database created by Oracle 9i/10g/11g. The powerful database recovery tool supports the .DBF File format and extracts the data from the.DBF files that becomes ... oracle repair , oracle database recovery software , oracle recovery , oracle database repair , oracle database recovery ...

May 18th 2013 2,253k Shareware  Oracle Restore Database
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