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Beta Program Bug

Beta Program Bug

The Beta Program Bug & Feature Database allows you to capture all customer feedback when you run a Beta Program. Data can then be prioritized and sorted by a variety of attributes. Both Excel and FileMaker versions of the database are included. Also includes a ...

January 19th 2009 116k Shareware  280group com
Comodo AntiVirus Beta

Comodo AntiVirus Beta

Comodo AntiVirus ? Eliminates all known viruses, worms and trojans from desktops and networks. Comodo AntiVirus - Eliminates all known viruses, worms and trojans from Windows computers. Features on-demand & on-access scanning, email scanning, process monitoring, worm blocker, scan scheduling and more. It?s easy to ... free antivirus , antivirus software , free anti virus , comodo anti virus , beta software ...

April 8th 2009 35,202k Freeware  Comodo Group

Sikkim CD Ripper Encoder Beta

Sikkim CD Ripper Encoder Beta is a freeware (souvenir) to all members. It is just like any other cd ripper in the world. It's easy & handy program for all kinds of user, just insert your fevorite cd and start ripping your fev CD ... cd ripper , ripper , free ripper , free cd ripper , free encoder ...

April 8th 2009 4,033k Freeware  sikkimonline info
Wondershare QuizCreator Beta

Wondershare QuizCreator Beta

Wondershare QuizCreator Beta is a robust Flash quiz maker that enables trainers and educators to easily create Flash-based quizzes with images, sounds, narrations and Flash animations to engage learners through the learning process and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting toolkit. Key features in ... quiz maker , online quiz , flash quiz , quiz software , quiz creator ...

August 11th 2009 9,431k Freeware  Wondershare Software
Windows 8 Beta

Windows 8 Beta

This is virtual Windows 8 simulator. You can run Windows 8 simulator as a Windows application and test and feel the Windows 8. You can feel the new features of Windows 8 using this freeware. Memory of this freeware is very low, and therefore, you ... windows 8 beta , windows 8 simulator ...

November 27th 2011 9,032k Freeware  Windows 8 Beta

Beta Program Bug and Feature Database

The Beta Program Bug & Feature Database allows you to capture all customer feedback when you run a Beta Program. Data can then be prioritized and sorted by a variety of attributes.Also includes a white paper on Beta Program Best Practices.

April 14th 2012   Shareware  280 Group LLC

Trend Micro RUBotted Beta

Trend Micro RUBotted (Beta) is a small program that runs on your computer, watching for bot related activities. RUBotted intelligently monitors your computer?s system behavior for activities that are potentially harmful to both your computer and other peo

July 16th 2012 5,878k Freeware

Comodo Memory Guardian 1.0 Beta

The Comodo Memory Guardian Beta will protect your computer against 90%+ of Buffer Overflow attacks. With this solution, users are protected from "drive by" download attacks whereby a website injects malware onto a user?s PC. It is expected that this solut

March 26th 2012 396k Freeware

SmallStock 1.8 Beta

SmallStock (Beta) is a FREE lightweight application that will help you to track the market and manage your portfolio and alerts, it runs as a background process on your computer and brings you real time quotes at the most convenient way, a small scrolling

August 27th 2012 2,345k Freeware

nysSaver 1.0 Beta

nysSaver is an automatic system of administration of energy savings. Is in its Beta version because we believe that with the suggestions of those who downloaded it can improve more.

July 8th 2012 726k Freeware

FileOps 0.33 Beta

FileOps is an application designed to be the all-in-one solution for file-related tasks. In this early Beta version, you can split, join, and checksum (hash check) files. As well as supporting existing hashing standards like MD5Sum and SFV files, FileOps

March 25th 2012 312k Freeware

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Beta Driver

This download is a Beta driver providing Microsoft? Windows? 7 and Windows Vista? support for Creative Sound Blaster? X-Fi? Titanium HD.

August 6th 2012 48,189k Freeware

ASRock 939Dual-VSTA Lan Driver / Beta for Vista

Download the latest version update for ASRock 939Dual-VSTA Lan Driver / Beta for Vista.

May 4th 2012 3,297k Freeware

Sub Wars Beta

This is a program we have had laying around, and we thought some people might enjoy it. It is in Beta, so you won?t find it on our website.

June 11th 2012 1,085k Freeware

XPrevail - .NET Prevalence Object Layer

XPrevail is a powerful .NET object Prevalence, aspects and inspection framework, it provide a transparent persistence mechanism over all business objects. XPrevail still include dynamic support to aspect oriented programming and remote object inspection!

June 6th 2012 914k Freeware

Apocalypto beta

Apocalypto is a free FPS 3d video game, so far Apocalypto is only in the Beta stage. Please post feedback Windows 7, Vista, and XP supportWindows 7 / Vista x64 Support

June 13th 2012 94,985k Freeware

Bamboo.Prevalenc e

Bamboo.Prevalence is a .NET implementation of the object Prevalence concept brought to life by Klaus Wuestefeld in Prevayler.Bamboo.Prevalence provides transparent object persistence to deterministic systems targeting the CLR.

March 26th 2012 855k Freeware

ForLogic.Prevale nce

This library is a layer that pretends to simplify access to Bamboo.Prevalence .NET Prevalence Engine, with methods like "save(object)" and "load()". To save an object, you just use the save(object) and it will be stored to you.

September 19th 2012 80k Freeware

Spydefense (Beta)

Simple for beginners. Complex for advanced users. Intuitive for everybody.SpyDefense protects your computer against annoying, and harmful software such as Spyware, Adware, Trojan horses, etc.SpyDefense is anti-spyware software that prides itself on a very user friendly environment. SpyDefense utilizes proprietary technologies to provide advanced spyware ...

May 12th 2008 4,683k Freeware  Everest Labs
X-Ray Mail Assistant Beta

X-Ray Mail Assistant Beta

X-Ray Mail Assistant is an email header filter and POP/SMTP server switching tool. It runs as a local POP/SMTP relay server and scans your incoming and/or outgoing mail for user specified mail headers. Once it finds a match it can change the header, remove it, ... utilities , internet , mail header , mail headers , smtp proxy ...

May 12th 2008 297k Freeware  Eugene Karankow
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