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Passwort Verwalter Dot Net

Passwort Verwalter Dot Net

Passwort Verwalter Dot Net ist ein komfortables Programm zur sicheren Organisation beliebiger Daten. Verwalten Sie Ihre Internet-Zugänge, Bankdaten, Passwörter etc. auf einfache und effiziente Weise. Dafür bietet dieses Programm vielfältige Funktionen sowie eine übersichtlichen Oberfläche: * Gruppierung der Einträge in frei konfigurierbare Kategorien * 256 ... aes , login , tan , verwaltung , passwort ...

May 12th 2008 1,563k Freeware  Passwort Verwalter Dot Net
Dot Matrix Pilot

Dot Matrix Pilot

Dot Matrix Pilot is form filler software designed for filling out preprinted forms (of any type) with a Dot-matrix (impact) printer. Dot Matrix Pilot also allows You to fill out paper forms with regular printers. The program memorizes edit fields so You will be able ...

January 19th 2009 4,803k Shareware  colorpilot com
Blue dot

Blue dot

Blue Dot is a free GPL licensed Perl CGI tracking and web site activity measurement script which generates Apache combined style access log files. These log files can be analyzed with most standard log analysis tools to track site's popularity, referrers, hosts, etc.The logging is ... log , statistics , logging , stats , log file ...

April 8th 2009 9k Freeware  ktmatu
Luxand Blink! Face Recognition

Luxand Blink! Face Recognition

Login to your PC without touching a thing! Luxand Blink! is a free tool to let You log in to your Windows account by simply looking into a webcam-no passwords to type and no fingers to scan.The innovative face recognition technology developed by Luxand recognizes ... password , security , login , access control , face ...

March 8th 2012 20,021k Shareware  Luxand Development

Luxand Blink! Pro

Luxand Blink! Pro is a complete solution for face recognition login. It is fast and reliable and works under varying conditions as well. All You have to do is look at your web camera for a second and the software will let You access your ... face recognition , face recognition login ...

July 16th 2012 17,019k Shareware  Luxand Development

Nebula Accounting for VB Dot Net Winforms

Complete accounting system with source code for Vb Dot Net 2.0 Winforms and SQL Server 2005 Express.

July 14th 2012 696k Shareware  Nebula Accounting

Free Dot Toolkit

The Free Dot Toolkit is a collection of tools for working with electronic pens that use Anoto technology.

August 11th 2012 87k Freeware

Ftp Dot Net

Ftp Dot Net is a Ftp Server written in C#. It runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Framework 1.1. It provide windows / Active Directory / NTFS authentication and permissions, Isolated ftp roots and Virtual Paths.

May 8th 2012 243k Freeware

Dot mobile

Phone/Messaging/SMS Communication software for Windows and mobile phones. The software lets You Manage your SIM/Outlook Contacts, Send/Receive SMS Messages through IrDA or BlueTooth, Make/Receive Calls and more just from your Notebook or PC.

January 19th 2009 3,840k Shareware  sygic com

Blink Comparator

Compare many images taken and align them and output to disk

August 14th 2012 1,198k Freeware  Trefach Astronomy Centre

3D dot Dungeon

Desing and Implementation of a Third Person VideoGame using OpenGL Technology. This is the project of three students: Mingo Enrico, Marco Console and Riccardo Frosini for the course of Computer Graphics in University of Rome "La Sapienza".

July 29th 2012 17,825k Freeware
10-Strike FTPrint

10-Strike FTPrint

10-Strike FTPrint allows faster text files printing under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. Usually, when printing text under Windows, your printer operates in a graphics mode. For Dot-matrix and ink-jet printers text mode printing is much faster and more economical than graphics mode. You are saving your time ... text , print , fast , printer , jet ...

May 12th 2008 633k Shareware  10 Strike Software


Full-featured batch image processing and conversion software. Over 140 image formats are supported, and the software provides an entire arsenal of image enhancement, editing, and processing operations. Multi-page image conversion and processing is fully supported. Formats include AFP, ANI, AWD, BMP, CAL, CGM, CLP, CMP, ... editor , image , images , edit , line ...

May 12th 2008 18,350k Shareware  Mystik Media


WordDecryptor by Thegrideon Software allows You to reset MS Word document and template (*.Dot, *.doc) passwords with guarantee. Document Write Protection passwords are recovered instantly. The unique feature of this tool is the ability to process any number of Word files simultaneously without any noticeable effect ... word password , word password recovery , doc recovery , guaranteed , thegrideon ...

February 15th 2015 826k Shareware  Thegrideon Software

FastReport Studio 4

FastReport® Studio for business contains powerful standalone visual report designer, scheduler of reports building, saving and distribution. Also it includes many demo samples of reports as well as work methods together with MS Access and MS Excell office applications. FastReport® Studio for developers includes powerful ... vb , report , visual c++ , c# , .net ...

May 12th 2008 6,885k Shareware  FastReport Software
Prescient Author

Prescient Author

Prescient Author is a rapid application development tool for building Dot NET applications. Prescient Author allows You to quickly create a new application and migrate your existing database applications to Dot NET. Prescient Author captures the database table design and automatically generates forms, menus, reports, dashboards and ... report generator , code generator , dot net , rapid application development , web application development ...

July 23rd 2009 4,624k Shareware  Prescient Technologies
TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software

TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software

Introducing TATEMS 20/20...Since 1998 TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software Program has been Making Life Easier For Fleet Managers because thay have FINALLY DISCOVERED a fleet maintenance software program that is SO SIMPLE and SO EASY TO USE ... You'll Discover as 1000's of mechanics, technicians, office ... cmms , work orders , fleet maintenance software , truck maintenance software , maintenance management ...

March 29th 2018 83,135k Shareware  TATEMS Fleet Management Software
i-Beamer Laser Pointer

i-Beamer Laser Pointer

i-Beamer is a laser pointer for iOS devices. Simply plug in i-Beamer into the device's audio jack, and use the free i-Beamer app (available at App) to control the laser pointer. No battery or charger is needed. i-Beamer's bright red Dot is perfect for grabbing your audience's ... dot , presentation , ipod , ios , iphone ...

November 9th 2015   Freeware  i Beamer
Paper Killer

Paper Killer

PaperKiller is the most productive professional software for creating a manual, hypertext, a guide, create and manage documentation, reference manuals, HTMLHelp CHM or WinHelp HLP online help for your software. Or even a personal CD / CDROM / DVD with your stuff, quickly. Manage electronic ... hlp , chm , manage documents , create a manual , create html help ...

June 4th 2016 3,877k Shareware  Visual Vision

AbszOrb 3D

AbszOrb 3.0 is a fully interactive real-time 3D game, screensaver, simulation in which users are able to texture, arrange and otherwise manipulate universes of spinning balls. AbszOrb is basically a fun and simple example of a particle system in physics. With the brand new free ...

May 12th 2008 3,496k Shareware  Dapyx
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