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Popup Killer

Popup Killer

Popup Killer is used for stopping all annoying pop-up ads windows when you surf the internet. It also blocks Windows Messenger in Windows XP/2000/NT which interfere with your program running. It is easy-use tool without any configuration. It runs automatically when Windows starts up each ... anti spam , popup killer , popup stopper , popup blocker , block ads ...

May 12th 2008 376k Shareware  DigitByte Studio

All Popup Killer

All Popup Killerr is a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that can Block Unsolicited popup ads automatically. Unlike common popup killers, withAll Popup Killer's SmartBlock Engine, it can Block 100% unwanted pop-up, popup-under and web page dialog ads but never interfere with your normal navigation. popup killer , pop up stopper , popup blocker , stop pop up , ad killer ...

May 12th 2008 1,070k Shareware  Ebook Creator Inc

Super Popup Killer

Super Popup Killer is a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that can Block Unsolicited popup ads automatically.Unlike common popup killers, with Super Popup Killer's SmartBlock Engine, it can Block 100% unwanted pop-up, popup-under and web page dialog ads but never interfere with your normal navigation.

May 12th 2008 1,070k Shareware  All Pop Up Killer


SurfOnGuard acts like a Dutch Uncle to your Internet Explorer or AOL. When it is there, your browser dare not misbehave. You will not be bothered by Unsolicited pop-overs or pop-unders. You will not be bothered by animated ads or narcissistic Flash intros if you ...

May 12th 2008 747k Shareware  Byteweaver LLC
Kill The Spams 3.2

Kill The Spams 3.2

Without the pain of building complex filters, Kill The Spams is able to filter Unsolicited e-mails. Unlike our competitors, KTS does not need to maintain a list of spammers, (people who send Unsolicited spam mail). Maintaining such a list is not efficient. True spammers change ... email , message , junk email , unsollicited email , spams ...

April 8th 2009 2,508k Shareware  Atypie Software

Total Security Premium

Omniquad Total Security Suite is a security suite which has the tools for your computer's security. AntiVirus to protect your computer from virus threats, AntiSpy to find and remove spyware, Anonymous Surfing to hide your IP address online, Firewall to Block Unsolicited network connections and ... wipe , security , internet privacy , net , cleanup ...

September 2nd 2012 10k Shareware  Omniquad Ltd


It converts 3D models into Block format custom blocks for building immersive 3D website environments in 3DML. The full version of Block-IT! features UV mapping for effective texture detail and Block optimisation for file size economy. It also includes a help file which shows the ... conversion , converter , 3d , building , mapping ...

May 12th 2008 1,558k Demo  Inside Track
Block Web Site Buddy

Block Web Site Buddy

Block Web Site Buddy is an essential software to Block web sites that have unwanted content. Stop downloading advertising banners and get rid of undesired web sites to keep your privacy and reduce internet traffic. Block Web Site Buddy is fully compatible with all popular ... block site , block web site , blocking web site , blocking site , block internet site ...

May 12th 2008 981k Shareware  Scorpio Software
Block Attribute Modifier

Block Attribute Modifier

With Block Attribute Modifier (BAM) you can easily automate the process of modifying Block attribute values in AutoCAD drawing files. Use BAM to delete attributes, clear attribute values, replace attribute values, and find and replace attribute values. BAM runs very quickly and can process thousands ... cad , cam , block , attribute , autocad ...

May 12th 2008 1,488k Shareware  SkySof Software
Block Manager for AutoCAD

Block Manager for AutoCAD

A powerful Block manager tool of AutoCAD. Easily organize and manage your AutoCAD Blocks. - Graphical display of your AutoCAD blocks. - Quick Find to easily search your blocks by name and/or description. - Descriptions are stored in the drawing. - Insertion points are displayed for drawings with images. - ... block manager , autocad block manager ...

August 20th 2011 758k Shareware  OverCAD

Device Block

Device Block is data leak prevention software that blocks unauthorized USB drives and CDs/DVDs. It prevents duplication of your data to such drives and also prevents spread of viruses caused by the unauthorized use of such devices. The program also blocks unauthorized network computers non-system ... block devices , data copy protection , device block , block device ...

March 30th 2012 3,922k Shareware  New Softwares, Inc.

Block Websites Buddy

Block Websites Buddy is award-winning website blocker for Windows XP/2003/Vista. The software is compatible with all popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE7,IE8), Safari and Opera. Block Websites Buddy lets you Block several websites at once, backup/restore blocked websites list, protect blocker/unblocker ... block internet , block website , block websites , blocking websites , how to block websites ...

September 4th 2012   Shareware  Scorpio Software
Sliding Block Puzzle

Sliding Block Puzzle

The Sliding Block Puzzle is a unique brain training PC game improving spatial thinking. Crack a catchy logical puzzle removing the unnecessary elements. Your task is to move the yellow bricks inside the frame in order to get rid of the alien red brick. Warning: ... game , puzzle , logic , free , freeware ...

December 3rd 2015 9,490k Freeware  ToomkyGames com
USB Block

USB Block

USB Block is a data leak prevention software that lets you restrict the unauthorized USB Ports, External Drives, Flash Disks and much more. This data security software lets you limit all such untrusted devices that you do not trust and enables you to use the ... device , data protection , protect data , usb block , block usb ...

May 27th 2018 4,717k Shareware  NewSoftwares net

Multi Block Storage

Multi Block Storage is an office utility which allows you to create, use, and manage fragments of frequently-used text. This is very useful in word processing documents, filling out forms, HTML formatting, programming, and more. The application's toolbar, which looks like the taskbar, can contain ...

May 12th 2008 325k Shareware  SeekWood Corp

Block That!

Beta Version 2.0.1 You need this release to receive Beta upgrades. This Public is FREE untill final release. Your FEEDBACK will Earn you a free Final Release.Block That! does more than blocking ads, deleting cookies and blocking popups. You can now specify Block That! to ...

May 12th 2008 2,156k Freeware  Darrell Russell
2+ Block Buster

2+ Block Buster

Highly addictive logical game. Click on group of similar blocks to bust them. Constantly new tiles are added. ++ Play up to 10 increasingly difficult levels. ++ special game pieces like like color bombs, and Cotton blocks. ++ Three game modes classic game, timed arcade ... group , click , tiles , blocks , balls ...

May 12th 2008 1,501k Shareware  Yoogi Games Free Downloadable Games


Block-it protects 32-bit-EXE-files with a password. So you can keep peaple away from yours personal datas. Or you can prevent your children from accessing to the web or to special games. With Block-it you can write a password into the application you want to protect. ... password , security , safety , blocking ...

May 12th 2008 216k Shareware  Harald Hocheder

Lifetime Block Backdoor RAT BHOs

Download Lifetime Block Backdoor RAT BHOs and protect against all existing threats. Featuring an award-winning bidirectional firewall, a fast and reliable antimalware module that incorporates antivirus and antispyware, a HIPS-based protection tool that proactively defends against inappropriate program behavior, a Web browsing tool to keep ...

May 12th 2008 5,652k Shareware  PoP Christmas

Unlimited Block BHOs Binder Virus

Unlimited Block BHOs Binder Virus includes a redesigned engine, improved code sequence identification, incremental definition updates, one-click Web-history cleanup, multiple browser support, and other new features. Protect your computer with free real-time detection of such as Web Bug, RAT, Tracking Cookie, Password Cracker, System Monitor, ...

May 12th 2008 808k Shareware  Unlimited MPEG to PDA Wii
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