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Eyes Dropper

Eyes Dropper

Does your work join with computer immediately? Your Eyes are in a strained state for a long time. Scientific research has found no evidence that computer screens can cause disease or permanent damage to Eyes. However, long spells of work at the computer screen can ... desktop tools , eyes dropper ...

July 13th 2008 2,863k Shareware  DuoDimension
Shultc wide eyes table for speed reading

Shultc wide eyes table for speed reading

Wide Eyes develop speed reading span , wide , eyes ...

April 8th 2009 10k Freeware  Speed reading is not magic

Vista Eyes

xeyes is a graphical computer program showing two Eyes which follow the cursor movements on the screen as if they were watching it. According to the X Window System manual page, it was initially written by Jeremy Huxtable for the NeWS system and presented at ... vista , eyes , xeyes , geyes ...

April 8th 2009 1,659k Freeware  Zamaan s Software

Care for Eyes

Care for Eyes can lock screen on time, relax your Eyes by force.Disable some windows hotkey when lock screen,like WIN,CTRL+ALT+DEL,CTRL+ESC,CTRL+SHIFT+ESC,WIN+F,WIN+M,WIN+E,WIN+R etcDisable taskbar, can't switch to another task.

May 12th 2008 652k Shareware  XuWei
Through the Eyes of Hubble: Screensaver

Through the Eyes of Hubble: Screensaver

NEW! Through the Eyes of Hubble Screensaver! A stunning screensaver voyage into infinity, presenting 70 beautiful photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope and over 20 minutes of rich stereo music. 55mb disk space.

May 12th 2008 53,711k Shareware  Sestus Data
Eyes Relax

Eyes Relax

A little free Windows utility that reminds you taking breaks when working with computers. This software allows you to customize the duration of your work time and length of breaks. During the break you may exercise your Eyes, look away or look at distant objects ...

January 19th 2009 897k Freeware  themech net

Let's protect our eyes!

According to the CBS news report, "if you use a computer more than two hours a day, you could be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)". The project's main objective is making a software that will help us protect our Eyes from CVS. Every 20 ...

June 10th 2012 9k Freeware

Local Lyric Displayer

This is a Local Lyric Displayer for winamp's minibrowser... it is writen by php and uses mysql database to get lyrics and uses disq's winamp plugin...

May 8th 2012 240k Freeware

Jawa Open Eyes by Haris Hasanudin

Jawa Open Eyes is a project to build network monitoring tool by SNMP with the power of Java. The features support data collection of MIB-II, graphical view, multi layer network topology, email alert, trap receiver, JDBC, logging, http and port checking.

July 19th 2012 2,645k Freeware

Stalker Eyes

A fun little toy where Eyes just fallow your mouse around you desktop and applications and look at where your mouse is.

August 8th 2012 45k Freeware

Lyric Ferret

This is the desktop version for search engine. It allows you to access lyrics from your desktop. It's dead easy to use. You just type keyword or keyword phrase and type enter, then you will find the lyrics what you want.

June 9th 2012 451k Freeware

Lyric Euy!

Lyrics Displayer plug-in for Winamp

April 28th 2012   Freeware  Surawung

Lyric Ferret Gadget

This gadget is made for Google Desktop users. It allows you to access lyrics from your desktop. It?s dead easy to use. You just type keyword or keyword phrase and type enter, then you will find the lyrics what you want.

August 20th 2012 305k Freeware

Lyric C++ library

A cross platform C++ library with templated "static" and dynamic containers, date and time classes, I/O handlers, integers with features, randomizers, system info, process management, and some more. For C++ newcommers to experts.

June 4th 2012 836k Freeware

Supi Dupi Lyric Crawler

SDLC extracts lyrics for iTunes Libraries from the webpage

September 16th 2012 2,375k Freeware


We all know that we should take breaks during prolonged periods of monitor use, but what is really happening when we overexert our Eyes? Staring at your monitor can lead to a variety of ailments, including headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, dry and irritated Eyes, slow ... tool , utility , employee , productivity , health ...

May 12th 2008 1,050k Shareware  Nimble Software
Microsing karaoke recorder

Microsing karaoke recorder

A recording karaoke software : You can select a popular song (MIDI, WAV,MP3,KAR) and sing along with the song. Microsing records your voice while singing, process your voice with real time voice can edit your voice and change effects ,balance and mix it . ... sound recorder , mp3 recorder , wav recorder , midi to wav , lyric search ...

May 12th 2008 3,875k Shareware  MP3TOWAV ORG
Flaredance Firework Screensaver

Flaredance Firework Screensaver

BOOMMM... Pschchchch. Mpahhhhh... BOOM. BOOM... Mpah-Mpah. BOOM-Mpahhh... Yeah! It is really nice and real! Do you hear the sounds of fireworks? Just install this great work of art and you will see true fireworks with your own Eyes. Do you have a huge subwoofer? You ... screensaver , simulation , firework , dual display ...

May 12th 2008 2,422k Shareware  Xander Zerge
27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser

Wichio is a tabbed browser with 27 built-in utilities. It's easy to use: to set options for any utility, just right-click its button. If you install the MS speech engine, Wichio will notify you (for the features that give notifications) by saying anything you want. ... download , capture , history , flash , e-mail ...

May 12th 2008 4,966k Shareware  Revopoint Co Ltd
Photo Stamper

Photo Stamper

Photo Stamper is a powerful tool that allows you to browse, download, view (full screen slide show), manage, edit and master photos. It is designed to work with .JPG and .JPEG files. Photo Stamper has the unique ability to preserve the quality of the pictures ... time , text , download , resize , rotate ...

May 12th 2008 3,764k Shareware  Arman Laleyan
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