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Basketball Roster Organizer

Basketball Roster Organizer

Basketball Roster Assistant is a freeware program designed for the coaches of youth Basketball and city leagues. It allows for planning of line-ups prior to games as well as keeps a nice history of rosters used, who started what games, and player positions. Before a ... print , sports , team , planner , roster ...

August 13th 2011 963k Freeware  Ducksters
jonas brothers tickets

jonas brothers tickets

jonas brothers Tickets for concerts cut price reduced, best deals on jonas brothers Tickets plus premium seats, VIP seats, front row jonas brothers Tickets, floor jonas brothers Tickets, general admission jonas brothers Tickets concert jonas brothers Tickets on sale for upcoming concerts price cuts with ... concert jonas brothers tickets , cheap jonas brothers tickets , feed of jonas brothers tickets , jonas brothers tickets prices , jonas brothers tickets marketplace ...

April 8th 2009 1,164k Freeware  jonas brothers tickets

MasterStat Basketball Statistic Software

MasterStat is a powerful, easy, fun and productive way to collect and manage Basketball statistics live and evaluate your players' performances. MasterStat consists of two point-and-click applications for providing real-time and post-game numerical and visual information: the MasterStat program and sold separately the Excel 2000 ... capture , live , stats , basketball , stat ...

April 8th 2009 4,154k Shareware  Ryan Cain

Signed Basketball

Basketball screensaver by Basketballville. Pictures of basketballs to use as your screensaver Pictures for free use that you can download and start using today. Pictures include basketballs and Basketball action shots. signed basketball , bashetball screensaver , basketball screensavers , screensaver of basketballs ...

April 8th 2009 20,546k Freeware  Signed Basketball
TicketCreator - Print Your Tickets

TicketCreator - Print Your Tickets

TicketCreator is a unique ticketing software to print Tickets for your events. You can easily create even complex venues, design attractive Tickets and print in multiple ways. It furthermore manages reservations and season Tickets, prints seat labels, diverse reports and a detailed balance. TicketCreator makes ... events , your , for , tickets , ticket ...

April 8th 2009 4,446k Shareware  TicketCreator

BarcodeChecker - Check Tickets

With TicketCreator BarcodeChecker you can check Tickets with barcodes, which were printed with TicketCreator. Freeware! More info on homepage. free , download , freeware , check , barcodes ...

August 30th 2012 2,744k Freeware  TicketCreator
Basketball Machine

Basketball Machine

This Basketball game machine is one of the arcade game machines which were produced in the 70s and 80s, through to the beginning of Perestroika. The devices produced in non-specialist factories, mostly part of the military-industrial complex, so there were almost endless funds and advanced ... basketball , free basketball , basketball freeware , basketball free game ...

December 22nd 2016 8,754k Freeware  Falco Software Company
Crazy Basketball

Crazy Basketball

The game starts with the field half-filled with colorful basketballs. The goal is to remove all the balls from the board - they disappear if three ones of the same color come together, and get a high score in the process. You do this throwing ... game , shareware , board , web , arcade ...

May 12th 2008 2,554k Shareware  Absolutist com

Basketball-Manag er 2001

Beim Basketball Manager 2001 müssen Sie versuchen, in kürzester Zeit Rekordmeister zu werden. Sie suchen sich eine Mannschaft Ihrer Wahl aus und erreichen dieses Ziel, indem Sie Deutscher Meister, DBB-Pokalsieger und Europa-Pokalsieger werden. Gehen Sie zur richtigen Zeit ins Trainingslager, damit Ihre Mannschaft an Kraft ...

May 12th 2008 1,329k Shareware  Reinhard Auschill
Jump Shot Basketball

Jump Shot Basketball

Jump Shot Basketball allows you to accurately simulate professional Basketball. Complete customization allows you to create your own league, teams, and players. Play unlimited seasons with franchise mode. Rebuild through the draft, negotiate with free agents, control ticket prices, and more. If you think you've ...

January 19th 2009 7,751k Shareware  shotsports com
Jump Shot Basketball Version

Jump Shot Basketball Version

Jump Shot Basketball allows you to accurately simulate any Basketball season, past, present and future. Import an entire past season. Draft, create, import and edit your players and leagues. Import college players and see how they stack up with the pros. Even Import your own ... games , statistics , sports , simulations ...

April 8th 2009 7,751k Shareware  Shot Sports Software

Quick Shot Basketball

Get a ball and go out there to shoot some hoops. Sounds simple? Not if the entire hoop is moving left and right. Yes that is right. This is the craziest Basketball ever. After the first easy run when you think you've got it, you ...

May 22nd 2012 1,475k Freeware  Lucky Legend Games

Speeding Tickets Vendetta

You are a fast driver by nature ans of course you have some speeding Tickets to prove it. Now you have good chance to destroy some speeding ticket cameras. Take your gun, load it with ammo and shut down those dam cameras. Clean up those ...

April 7th 2012 1,516k Freeware  Free Shooting Games

StatTrak for Basketball

StatTrak for Basketball is a complete stats program with many options yet very easy to use. Our Basketball software tracks and calculates over 40+ stats for shots, assists, rebounds, fouls, and more. Ideal for keeping records for teams or leagues. You'll have great looking stat ...

April 9th 2012 7,711k Demo  All-Pro Software

PHP Support Tickets

PHP Support Tickets; will allow a webmaster the ability to offer its user base a means to contact its personel through request vouchers.

September 14th 2012 76k Freeware
A4400 tickets to Web (ED 5.1)

A4400 tickets to Web (ED 5.1)

Storage Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 Tickets data into database. Users can show theirs calls through web browser. Requirements: Linux, Apache 2.x, SQLite3, Python 2.7, Django 1.3.A4400 stores Tickets data into compressed TAXA files ( Application --> Accounting --> Files for External Accounting). They are downloaded by ...

May 27th 2012 144k Freeware

Cc Asset, Software, and Tickets (CoAST)

CoAST, The Concord Asset, Software, and Ticket system is a php/mysql portal that allows you to receive user problems via a web portal, manage them, and manage hardware and software. Software can be licensed to an asset, which is attached to a user. Computer Support ...

August 6th 2012 1,039k Freeware

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball

These are just some of the features available. - ability to control all decisions for your team or play strictly as coach or general manager and interact to share duties and team control with an AI counterpart that may or may not do things as ...

June 5th 2012 124,928k Shareware  Wolverine Studios

Hot Open Tickets

HOT is a user-friendly helpdesk/trouble-ticket system written using PHP and MySQL. It is very powerful, easy to administer, quick to configure and is designed using CSS and compliant code to allow for easy theme changes.

July 5th 2012 181k Freeware

IS Of Basketball

Ene tusluur sagsan bumgugiin temtseenii talaar medeelliig haruulj hereglegchid shaardlagiin daguu medeelliig haruuldag web handaltat programiig hiij guitsetgene. 2009.10.5-10.9 nd hereglechin shardlaga todorhoilood diagram gargana200.10.12.-19 nd diagram-a saijruulah

September 8th 2012 6,344k Freeware
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