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PHP logger

A Php logging facility. Supports output to console, local file, syslog and e-mail. Supports message classes and syslog like thresholding. Requires Php 4.X. Works in either a shell or web environment.

June 20th 2012 8k Freeware
Web Invoice

Web Invoice

Software that has been designed from the ground up ** Web Invoice is a WEB BASED Applicaton written in Php, which means, it is 100% portable and can be installed onto any web server supporting Php 4 or 5 and MYSQL 4 or 5. ** No matter ... help desk , time tracking , invoice , invoicing , inventory software ...

July 24th 2011 19,411k Demo  M Tech Digital

Multi-Realm Launcher

Hello every Body, since i get my self involving 4.X.X patch, i though about writing new MRL, so i change lot of code's and goes through lot of error, to provide you new launcher, which you like it, and feel better within it... :)and your ...

September 14th 2012 935k Freeware


WP2PDF is a script that converts the content of one or more entries of the Blog-Software WordPress to PDF. It is based on FPDF, a free PDF library and written in Php. It requires a working WordPress installation and Php 4.x

August 20th 2012 268k Freeware

phpAV - AktienVerwaltung

is a program to handle your shares within a web interface and see how the value grows up (or not). You can administrate several depots and shares. Course updates can be done manual and automatic with information from "Yahoo!". All values, statistics are online calculated ...

May 20th 2012 443k Freeware

DigPHP - Web Based File Browser

DigPHP allows you to view the files and folders on a web server. It supports syntax highlighting of many different file types including: Php, XML, (X)HTML, CSS, ASP and JavaScript.

April 4th 2012 60k Freeware

Archimedes Grapher Professional

Archimedes Grapher is a kind of powerful and convenient tool software which supports functional graph plotting, numerical calculation, unit conversion, and slide show. It can plot all kinds of graphs (functional graphs, table graphs, polar equation, parameter equation, inequation and etc.), implement all kinds of ...

May 12th 2008 2,131k Shareware  NewXor Software Inc


This graphing calculator can plot y(X), X(y), polar, parametric and table-defined functions. All your graphs and coordinate space may be fully customized. You can comment your graphs using labels and legend. For a few seconds you can obtain derivatives, tangents, normals and calculate integrals. Regression ... gif , bmp , pcx , plot , graph ...

May 12th 2008 613k Shareware  Palam Software Inc
Math Center Level 1

Math Center Level 1

Math software for students studying precalculus. Can be enteresting for teachers teaching precalculus. Math Center Level 1 consists of Graphing calculator 2D, Advanced Calculator, and Simple Calculator called from the Control Panel. Simple calculator is a general purpose calculator which combines use simplicity and calculation power. ... math software , educational software , advanced calculator , graphing calculator ...

July 28th 2008 1,953k Shareware  Tvalx
Scientific Calculator Precision 54

Scientific Calculator Precision 54

A handy, fast, riliable, precise tool if you need to perform complex mathematical calculations Scientific Calculator Precision 54 is programmed in C#. All calculations are done in proprietory data type.The calculator handles mathematical formulas of any length and complexity. Calculation history can be stored into text ... educational software , scientific calculator , high precision , trigonometric functions , hyperbolic functions ...

September 2nd 2008 1,365k Shareware  Tvalx

ASP Calendar

Calendar V 2.X.X c) 1999-2000 provides an interactive interface in the form of a traditional calendar. Events can be entered by the client over the Internet or an intranet. These events are stored in a MS Access 2000 database file. The calendar can be ... online , appointment , application , intranet , allocation ...

April 8th 2009 56k Shareware  Educe Software


The extWARN Emergency Alert Software for Intranets is a browser-based solution that makes broadcasting alerts and warnings to office employees and/or campus personnel fast, easy, and accurate.extWARN enables you to rapidly broadcast Emergency Alerts and Warnings directly to network users via blazing-fast UDP technology.With extWARN ... internet , intranet , udp , broadcast , notice ...

April 8th 2009 1,145k Commercial  Extensions Software
SQLite Maestro

SQLite Maestro

SQLite Maestro is a powerful solution for the SQLite server administration and development. It allows you to create, edit, copy, extract and drop all the database objects such as tables, views, procedures, domains, generators, etc., build queries visually, execute queries and SQL scripts, view and ... ide , builder , script , sqlite , myadmin ...

April 8th 2009 13,859k Shareware  SQL Maestro Group
TempoPerfect Free Computer Metronome

TempoPerfect Free Computer Metronome

TempoPerfect is a Metronome that runs on your PC and can be controlled using your mouse or hotkeys. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down, TempoPerfect provides a clear and precise beat that can be acurately adjusted for the correct bpm. TempoPerfect is an essential tool ... metronome , tempo , beat , presto , digital metronome ...

May 20th 2012 232k Freeware  NCH Software
TempoPerfect Computer Metronome

TempoPerfect Computer Metronome

TempoPerfect is a Metronome that runs on your PC and can be controlled using your mouse or hotkeys. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down,TempoPerfect provides a clear and precise beat that can be acurately adjusted for the correct bpm.TempoPerfect is an essential tool for any ... metronome , tempo , beat , presto , digital metronome ...

May 20th 2012 232k Freeware  NCH Software


CuteClipboard is based on the Windows Clipboard, but support more functions in order to facilitate your use. You can organize a lot of clips, and Copy or Paste them by Simple ways, such as Drag&Drop, Mouse Clicking and Keyboard Shortcuts.**Drag&Drop:Copy/Paste by Mouse Drag & Drop.**Keyboard ...

September 5th 2012 512k Shareware  Haisi Studio

DCI Mail Processor

DCI Mail Processor for developers who work with mail programs contents - folders, mail messages, attaches, contacts and account information. DCI Mail Processor is a collection of solutions(SDK) for MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Livemail, MS Windows Mail, Thunderbird and Eudora. Using the DCI ... contents , programs , processor , mail , folders ...

July 29th 2012 1,597k Shareware  Design, Create & Implement LLC

MerlinCorey\' ;s C++ Klient2 SDK

Class based software developer\'s kit for writing DLL scripts for the IRC Client \"Klient\" versions 2.X.X ( ) . This SDK intends to provide useful objects for ease of scripting.

July 18th 2012 41k Freeware

Automatic Viewport Scroll

Avscroll makes the X (, XFree86) viewport scroll automatically as the cursor is being moved around on the screen.

July 19th 2012 2k Freeware

Codice Fiscale GPL

Programma libero (Free Software) per la generazione del codice fiscale di una persona fisica per il territorio italiano. La versione 2.X.X ha supporto grafico. E' richiesta una versione di Java 1.5 o superiore. Interfaccia grafica (versione 2.X)

May 21st 2012 2,710k Freeware
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