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BOS - Backup prOxy Server

BOS Business Continuity System was developed to allow computer users the benefit of immediate data availability without the need of the restoring-from-backup process. Bos system is a full corporate business continuity solution with a wide range of features that can also integrate as a complement ... backup , restore , outlook , data recovery , recovery ...

May 12th 2008 2,948k Freeware  Chief Applications Ltd
Star Wars Galaxy Screensaver

Star Wars Galaxy Screensaver

This Star Wars Galaxy Screensaver will take you on a fabulous journey around the Galaxy Far, Far Away. You will explore the life of different civilizations inhabiting the numerous worlds and take part in their battles like a real Jedi knight with your favorite characters ... space , free screensaver , free download , galaxy , star wars ...

May 12th 2008 2,560k Freeware  Space Screensavers
Castle Wars

Castle Wars

Castle Wars is a game of strategy which is easy to learn and fun to play.You are one of the six lords in the land.The dream of you is simple - Take over the entire land. Being a lord, you must hire peasants, swordmen, knights ... game , games , strategy , castle , war ...

May 19th 2012 2,556k Freeware  etiumsoft

Star Wars Posters

Fan made screensaver with a collection of 38 official hi-res Star Wars posters. star wars , star wars movies , fan made ...

April 8th 2009 4,900k Freeware  Fashion Games

Deep Wars

Some games have it and some games don't. They can hide behind impressive 3-D graphics, play off the reputation of their high profile publisher, or they can even copy last months big hit, but there is no substitute for excellent gameplay. In that respect, Deep ...

May 12th 2008 6,896k Shareware  pcgamesforyou com LLC

Star Wars Screensavers

Enjoy the featuring images from the latest Star Wars with spacecrafts cruising across your screen. Experience the star Wars without stepping away from your desk and spirit yourself up as hot music plays in the background.If you want to make your own screensavers with your ...

May 12th 2008 787k Freeware  Screensavers Studio
Brutal Wars

Brutal Wars

If what you crave for is a non-stop combat, then look no further than Brutal Wars. This is a turn-based strategy war game for all owners of Pocket PC and desktop PC as well. You step into the boots of a brave general, who is ... turn based strategy game , window mobile game ...

May 12th 2008 3,240k Shareware  Sytexis Software
Red Wars

Red Wars

Red Wars is a massively multiplayer strategy online game.Your empire collects resources and grows. Everything that you do is in real time. Red Wars does not have turns or ticks, the action happens as it would in the real world. You can have different creatures, ... adventure game , 3d online game , strategy war game ...

May 17th 2012 12,910k Freeware  Red Wars
Neon Wars

Neon Wars

Neon Wars is a new spin on the classic abstract shooter genre. Designed with multiple difficulties to appeal to both new and veteran players, it is fully mouse controlled, with automatic targeting and firing. Featuring a wide array of zones and special weapons, whose pyrotechnic ...

January 19th 2009 3,015k Shareware  blitwise com
Yokka Wars

Yokka Wars

Yokka Wars is a turn based strategy game. You start with a friend or two on an island that simply is not big enough for you and your enemies. So you grab neutral provinces and raise armies, plunder treasures, and engage in combat.The rules of ... strategy game , tactics , war , turn based ...

April 8th 2009 11,233k Shareware  TaipanGames

Risky Wars for PC

Risky Wars is a highly challenging world domination game experience of strategy, risk and conquest. Players control army units on a map where each of them tries to conquer the world by defeating their opponents and seizing territory from them. Round by round players reinforce, ... strategy , risico , werelddominatie , oorlog , taktiek ...

September 14th 2012 8,960k Shareware  Christian Gross

Line Space Wars

Line Space Wars is a space shooting game.You can ride over 20 unique spaceships / battleships.Explore the line universe and defeat the empire!

June 3rd 2012 9,421k Shareware  Bimboosoft

Pegasus Tank Wars

Tank Wars Aim, change power and fire using your tank to destroy others. The most advance Tank War Game ever. Tanks is packed with tons weapons to choose from like scatter bombs to air strikes, and realistic features like tank fuel, engine sizes and much ... mario games , mario game , mario brothers , super mario bros , mario super ...

August 16th 2012 5,253k Freeware  Mario Games

Star Wars 3 Screensaver

Free Star Wars 3 screensaver with more than 30 Star Wars pictures featuring Star Wars R2D2 and3 drone fighters flying on Star Wars galaxy. This Star Wars 3 screensaver is freeware.Eenjoy this spectacular Star Wars screensaver made from

May 22nd 2012 2,724k Freeware

Star Wars - Episode 1-The Phantom Menace Icons

Star Wars - Episode 1-The Phantom Menace Icons Vol. 1 is a collection of computer desktop icons depicting characters from the Star Wars - Episode 1-The Phantom Menace movie. Each icon was hand drawn and took anywhere from 20 minutes to hours to finish. Th

May 3rd 2012 34k Freeware

Soldner Secret Wars Community Edition

The S?ldner Secret Wars Community Edition is a revised version of S?ldner / Marine Corps that is available for free. In contrast to most Free2Play systems, there aren?t any charged services or items which provide players advantages for payment.

April 18th 2012 493,445k Freeware

Balloon Wars Racing Cart

Balloon Wars Racing Cart is a 3D racing game where you race against a computer opponent and shoot balloons. There are three worlds and a custom level maker.

May 26th 2012 1,280k Freeware

Music Wars 3

The ultimate band simulation, release records and go on world tours all the while getting the rest you need to survive. Can you top the charts, can you handle the music Wars.

August 8th 2012 2,355k Freeware

ET: Quake Wars Tweaker

ET: Quake Wars Tweaker allows you to increase the performance of the game without losing too much of the graphical quality. Before making any changes, it creates a back-up of your current configuration. ET: Quake Wars Tweaker will also allow you to modify

September 7th 2012 53k Freeware

Star Wars Name Creator

Star Wars Name Creator is a free and useful application which creates random Star Wars names.This is not just a random system. The application randomization is basedon the real Star Wars names, so it is possible that this applicationcan print you a name t

June 26th 2012 971k Freeware
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