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Anasoft Helena

Anasoft Helena is a productivity enhancing tool pack including Anasoft Autowork and Anasoft Scheduler. Autowork is a system level instruction engine, or you can call it an extended macro tool. You can use it to perform streams of user actions and system operations automatically and ...

May 12th 2008 1,855k Shareware  Anasoft Studio

Brian E. Dick

The chgpw utility changes account passwords on machines across a peer-to-peer LAN. Shows how VB.NET can make interop calls to some of the Net API functions.

July 30th 2012 36k Freeware

Brian Swan

php Class to construct database connectivity with error checking, error logging, error notification, table grooming, test mode (echo queries with/without execution), devel mode to automatically switch to devel servers, returns information pertinent to the

April 10th 2012 7k Freeware
Bee Icons

Bee Icons

Since picture is worth a thousand words, visit before reading this description. Bee Icons 4.0.2 offers more than 200 pizzazz artistic images to replace your boring Windows system icons. You can spice up Desktop, Start menu, Drives, Folders, Files and other icon types. It ... download , file , shell , tool , program ...

May 12th 2008 1,751k Shareware  ArcticLine Software
RCL Music Ministry

RCL Music Ministry

The RCL Music Ministry program was inspired by First Baptist Church of Oneida, Oneida, Tennessee. This program was designed with the guidance of Pastor Brian Elliott, Minister of Music, at First Baptist of Oneida and Pastor Neal Johnson, Minister of Music, Nansemond River Baptist Church. ... music , songs , song , music search , music ministry ...

May 12th 2008 7,749k Shareware  RCL Software


No More Moles, Warts or Skin Tags ! Look Better, Feel Better, and Raise Your Self-Esteem 150% by Watching Your Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Literally Drop to the Floor In as Little as 3 Days ! A six-year mole and wart sufferer myself, I ... mole , genital warts , wart , skin tag , moles ...

April 8th 2009 170k Shareware  Advanced Systems


Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook or Microsoft Exchange. Pain-free export of your mail, calendar, tasks and contacts. Export encrypted messages and attachments while keeping your folder and subfolder structure in place. Export your personal or multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes to Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. NSF to ... lotus notes to outlook , convert lotus notes to outlook , lotus notes to outlook conversion , notes to pst , notes to outlook ...

September 27th 2009 3,494k Demo  Kim Beros Consulting Pty Ltd

Bounce Metronome

Beginners find the bounce visuals wonderfully easy to use. Professional musicians are amazed by its advanced rhythm capabilities. Accessible for deaf, colour blind & visually impaired musicians, and especially designed to help musicians with metronome technique. RHYTHM FEATURES: * Steady metronome tick * All time signatures ... music , metronome , swing , jazz , tempo ...

January 10th 2013 10,141k Shareware  Robert Inventor

Cellular Automata Viewer

CAV is a cellular automata manager. User-friendly it will allow you to explore Conway?s universe (the famous Life Game) than more complex (Brian?s Brain) or sophisticated ones (Swirl). CAV also implements Vote automata like Fredkin. Version 2.0 implements

May 28th 2012 772k Freeware

LAF Forensics Tool

The LAF forensics tool (Referred to simply as LAF) was created for use in Information Security Capture the Flag competitions. The tool is written in two parts - a Windows and Linux version. They are both written in Python with the Linux version making use ...

September 2nd 2012 5k Freeware

Wuffs MovieDB

Wuff's MovieDB is a MySQL-Database with a nice PHP frontend to catalogue DivX/VCD/SVCD/...-Rips or DVDs or Movies or anything else you might want to catalogue with Cover-Arts. It's based on MovieDB v0.6 by Brian Rhodes.

August 23rd 2012 81k Freeware


This application will make a full backup af all databases on a MS SQL server.I Wrote it because of the crippling of SQL express by disabling "SQL server Agent" and hence the automated backup rutines.Brian Simonsen ( Easy scheduling of full backups of SQL Express ...

June 30th 2012 446k Freeware

Revealer Toolkit

the Revealer Toolkit is a framework and simple scripts for computer forensics. It uses Brian Carrier's The Sleuth Kit as the backbone, as well as other free tools.Additional information:

June 28th 2012 513,262k Freeware
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Software Downloads 1-13 of 13
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