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"Ho Ho Ho! Somewhere around the North Pole, trouble is hanging in the air.. This year Rudolph and the other reindeer are ill, so our beloved hero Santa Claus has to get out of the North Pole to deliver gifts to the children of the ...

May 19th 2012 2,048k Freeware  Crocodile Software

DIN Setup for Bindings

Freeware program to calculate the proper DIN value setup for your alpine slalom ski Bindings.

April 15th 2012 348k Freeware  hem.bredband.net

Ruby-GNOME Language Bindings

This project is a set of Ruby language Bindings for the various application development libraries included with the GNOME environment, most importantly the GTK+ widget toolkit.This project has been obsolete. See Ruby-GNOME2 project instead.

August 3rd 2012 276k Freeware  ruby-gnome.sourceforge.net

Gtk Mozilla Embed Python Bindings

Note: this project is no longer maintained. Please use gnome-python-extras (http://www.pygtk.org) instead. I apologize for any trouble this might cause, but this is better in the long run. Python Bindings for GtkEmbedMozilla.

July 29th 2012 5k Freeware  pygtkmoz.sourceforge.net

Jack bindings in Ruby

RJack provides object-oriented Bindings for the JACK Audio Connection Kit in the Ruby language.

June 4th 2012 15k Freeware  rjack.sourceforge.net

Python Ogle Bindings

These are some python Bindings for the ogle client library. They allow you to write a python application (or script) to control the ogle dvd player.

June 21st 2012 11k Freeware  pyogle.sourceforge.net

Python enhanced metafile (.emf) bindings

Pure Python library for Enhanced Metafile (.emf) ECMA-234 compliant scalable graphics files. ECMA-234 is the published API for the Windows GDI, and .emf vector graphics files are natively supported by the OpenOffice suite of tools and in RTF files.

July 22nd 2012 190k Freeware  pyemf.sourceforge.net

Common Lisp bindings to GTK+

clg is an interface to the GTK+ graphical toolkit for the CMUCL, SBCL and CLISP implementations of Common Lisp.

July 20th 2012 258k Freeware  clg.sourceforge.net

FFMpeg Objects - C++ & JMF bindings

Fobs (Ffmpeg OBjectS) offers multiplatform object oriented APIs (C++, Java) to ease the developing effort of using ffmpeg in your application. A JMF (Java Media Framework) plugin is also included in the package.

April 8th 2012 6,440k Freeware  fobs.sourceforge.net

Java and REST bindings for KOS

JOnto delivers an open framework for utilize various well established knowledge organization systems, including DMoz, WordNet or DDC. The aim is to make access to that ontologies as painless as possible - by cloacking all RDF related issues in meaningful

March 30th 2012 167k Freeware  jonto.sourceforge.net


File Features: Transfer of images from digital or video cameras, scanners and card-readers to the PC Lossless rotation and mirroring of images. Send images as email attachments directly from FixFoto. Conversion of images to different file formats. Fast integrated file viewer. Configurable batch processing. Macro ... shareware , software , digital , imaging , exif ...

May 12th 2008 5,032k Shareware  Joachim Koopmann Software
EZTwain Pro Toolkit

EZTwain Pro Toolkit

EZTwain is designed to provide robust scanning and image-input through TWAIN, with a minimum effort by the programmer. Adding basic TWAIN support can be done with one function call, but even the most complex TWAIN project will be simplified and shortened by using EZTwain Pro. ... perl , dll , delphi , vb , twain ...

May 12th 2008 3,403k Shareware  Dosadi
AudioLab VCL

AudioLab VCL

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) components library for fast audio processing. Allows audio capture, processing, playback, and broadcastiong with zero lines of program code. AudioLab supports Wave Win32 API, Audio ACM, and the latest DirectX Media Objects (DMO), DirectShow, ASIO, VST, FFMpeg and even ... delphi , library , directx , component , libraries ...

July 9th 2014 1,073,883k Shareware  Mitov Software
VideoLab VCL

VideoLab VCL

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL and FireMonkey/FMX components for fast video processing. Allows fast complex video manipulations with zero lines of program code. The library supports many different technologies and allows any mixture of them. Also includes visual graphical editor for codeless development and Visual Live Bindings. ... delphi , rotate , avi , wmv , warp ...

June 3rd 2014 1,265,638k Shareware  Mitov Software
SignalLab VCL

SignalLab VCL

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) components library for fast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and data visualization. Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code. The library is fully multithreaded, utilizes very well modern multi-core systems, and runs at full native performance. ... delphi , library , fft , component , components ...

July 12th 2014 882,833k Shareware  Mitov Software
PlotLab VCL

PlotLab VCL

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) components library for very easy and fast Data Visualization. Also includes Visual Graphical Editor for Codeless Development and Visual Live Bindings. Contains: - Scope Component - a scientific chart component for plotting multi-channel data. - Waterfall Component - a ... delphi , library , component , libraries , plot ...

July 12th 2014 795,909k Shareware  Mitov Software
VisionLab VCL

VisionLab VCL

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) components library for advanced computer vision. The components allow rapid development of fully featured advanced computer vision applications with zero lines of program code. Also includes Visual Graphical Editor for Codeless Development and Visual Live Bindings. Contains: - Video ... delphi , library , component , libraries , components ...

July 12th 2014 1,056,901k Shareware  Mitov Software
Pinguin versus Yeti - Gold Edition

Pinguin versus Yeti - Gold Edition

In diesem rasanten Snowboard-Rennspiel plündern Sie Fischvorräte in den Yeti-Höhlen und retten Pinguine vor dem Kochtopf. Aber Vorsicht vor Zoltan, dem wachsamen Schneegeier. Wenn er Alarm schlägt, wird der Höhlen-Ausgang vom dunklen Yeti verschlossen und Sie sind gefangen. Auf Ihrem Weg zum Ausgang müssen Sie ...

May 12th 2008 8,030k Shareware  Jochen Karcher Softwareentwicklung
StockFusion Studio

StockFusion Studio

Powerful market scan and portfolio optimization software tailored to batch forecasting of big collections of market instruments.Extensive databse connectivity with Equis MetaStock«, Yahoo Finance, CSV text worksheets, TC2000« and QuotesPlus« data warehouses as well as own native SQL drivers to Microsoft Access« and Microsoft SQL ... trading , prediction , stock market , financial forecasting ...

April 8th 2009 12,498k Shareware  Econom Expert Ltd

Active Directory Password Management

Active Directory Password Management, In this the end-users can securely reset their own Active Directory passwords without having to involve highly technical helpdesk professionals. Gartner stated if a 10,000-employee company automated password-resetting alone, help desk calls could drop by one-third and the firm could save ... active directory password management ...

April 21st 2012 22,118k Shareware  JiJiTechnologies
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