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Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate Lawyers and attorneys, free e-book for Windows. The real estate lawyer helps in creating an iron clad real estate agreement which is why you need to get in touch with real estate lawyer in order to fool proof the agreement. The real estate ... real estate lawyers , real estate lawyer ...

April 8th 2009 437k Freeware  Real Estate Lawyers
Lawyers Service

Lawyers Service

Lawyers Service combines powerful case management tools for organizing clients, case details, exhibits, documents, discovery, mail, e-mail, phone calls and much more. Lawyers Service is designed to help you effectively keep track of not only your schedule for a particular matter, but all the other ... organize , attorney , law , helpers , worksheets ...

April 5th 2015 16,378k Shareware  Binary House Software
Lawyers Software for MAC

Lawyers Software for MAC

Being a lawyer is a very serious and responsible profession that requires very powerful case management, possible only through managing every little task very carefully and efficiently. Scheduling all tasks and assigning them the proper time and resource is a prerequisite for success in any ... organize , attorney , law , helpers , worksheets ...

June 4th 2015 2k Shareware  Binary House Software

ACE - a collaborative editor

ACE is a platform-independent, Collaborative text editor. It is a real-time cooperative editing system that allows multiple dispersed users to view and edit a shared text document at the same time. Operational Transformation

May 8th 2012 10,962k Freeware

Collaborative Agenda Coordina2

Coordina2 agenda is a Collaborative website interface software which allows companies personal (or any group of people) to coordinate using forums, quotes, events, files... creating a virtual working environment that help to obtain the best performance.

September 9th 2012 10,470k Freeware

Collaborative Chemistry Database Tool

Collaborative Chemistry Database Tool (CCDBT) is a suit of applications that can perform datafile backup, metadata extraction, database management, metadata visualization and manipulation for cross-group collaboratory in computational chem.

June 10th 2012 3,541k Freeware

Collaborative Chew - Warichu Extension

Warichu is a framework used to enrich web pages with user specified content. The framework can be extended with "Chews". Collaborative Chew is an extension allowing notes to be attached to web pages and exchanged between Warichu users.

April 23rd 2012 3k Freeware

Collaborative Classification

Collaborative Classification of Large, Growing Collections with Evolving Facets. Demo:

August 23rd 2012 214k Freeware
Collaborative Programming

Collaborative Programming

Collaborative Programming Project concern to implementation of a tool as an Eclipse plugin. It aim is to support the work in a distributed environment and running the project according to Scrum methodology.Proposed tool aims to support the following aspects of running a project according to ...

July 4th 2012 15,918k Freeware

Collaborative Visualization Environment

This project is a Collaborative visualization environment. It is being written for a course at UAA, CS 401 Software Engineering. It uses a client/server model and allows users to simultaneously view visualizations over a network.

April 6th 2012 53,763k Freeware

Collaborative Whiteboard

Java RMI based Collaborative adaptive Whiteboard, Users can be arranged into p2p or superpeer2peer or in fully centralized mode during runtime. Contains everything you expect from a white board like locking, simultaneous access, image sharing etc..

April 18th 2012 102k Freeware
Project Track 2007 - Collaborative (muti-user) Edition

Project Track 2007 - Collaborative (muti-user) Edition

ProjectTrack was built by those people who know that any plan is 33% wrong the second it is created. Not knowing which 33% is why a plan is often late and cost overruns are common. All plans requires action items, risks, issues, changes, milestones, resources, ... to do , milestones , project track ...

April 8th 2009 7,107k Shareware  iLore Inc

ProjectTrack 2007 Collaborative Edition

All plans require action items, risks, issues, changes, milestones, resources, meetings, and mounds of documents. Attempting to manage these with an MS Project-like tool is not the answer. ProjectTrack was created to provide a single tool to execute your project by coordinating all of these ...

August 28th 2012 7,107k Shareware  iLore

P2P WIKI - collaborative edition

WOOKI is a peer-to-peer wiki. It based on unstructured p2P network with data replication. WOOT framework synchronizes data. SWOOKI is a semantic extenion of WOOKI. It is implemented as a plugin of WOOKI. SWOOKI is peer-to-peer semantic wiki.

April 11th 2012 3,011k Freeware

Collaborative Data Objects

The CDO(TM) project implements XEP-0204 developed under the MITRE Technology Program. This software has been approved for public release with unlimited distribution under MITRE case number 07-0251 and is 2007 The MITRE Corporation; all rights reserved.

August 7th 2012 69,868k Freeware

Java Collaborative Computing

This is a simple framework that let java applications can work together across computers. It is made up by Message, Remote Procedure Call and Shared Object services

June 19th 2012 100k Freeware
Smart Extranet

Smart Extranet

Smart Exranet is going to facilitate your life! It allows you to share documents with your stakeholders, in a secure extranet work zone, 24/7, all over the world. All types of files, and sizes are accepted. You can customize each work zone depending on the ... files , sharing , management , documents , secure ...

June 28th 2008 1,260k Freeware  Smart Extranet
CyberMatrix Pro Schedule Web

CyberMatrix Pro Schedule Web

CyberMatrix Pro Schedule Web is an easy to use multi-user web-based appointment scheduling system. Appointment schedules can be accessed throughout your intranet or even the Internet. Pro Schedule is ideal for doctors, dentists, nurses, Lawyers, veterinarians, driving instructors or any other professionals who are often ... book , booking , lawyers , dentists , professionals ...

April 8th 2009 3,678k Commercial  CyberMatrix Corporation Inc
Araxis Merge

Araxis Merge

Merge is the two and three-way visual file comparison/merging and folder synchronization application from Araxis. Use it to compare, understand and combine different versions of source code, web pages and other text files, or even text copied and pasted from another application (e.g. Microsoft Word). ... folder synchronization , file comparison , lawyers , software developers , file merging ...

May 24th 2010 31,713k Demo  Araxis Ltd

UNA for Windows

UNA is a real-time Collaborative development environment for software engineers, developed by N-BRAIN, Inc. UNA features a real-time Collaborative editor, whiteboard, notes, and chat system, along with all the standard features of programmer editors, including external tool integration, search and replace, incremental search, source snippets, ... editor , programmer , code , source , development ...

August 13th 2012 70,830k Demo  N-BRAIN, Inc.
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