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Candy Crisis Puzzle Game!

Candy Crisis is an Exciting Combination of Pure Action and Puzzle Gaming! The Game features Twelve Unique Stages, complete with its own character and individual technique. Also, you can pair off against a friend, and even specify a handicap so that both players are evenly ... shareware , download , downloads , candy game , free video game download ...

April 8th 2009 8,064k Shareware  Ultra Software

NBS Plant Breeding System

NBS Data Management and Analysis System for Plant Breeding is special for Plant breeding experts. The two main functions of the system are data storage and data analysis. Data storage:Dynamic data structure is used in the system, you can define breeding characters to meet your ... data management , breeding , plant breeding ...

August 19th 2012 173,742k Freeware  Beijing China-agri BRAINS Co.,Ltd.
Plant Safety for Windows

Plant Safety for Windows

The Plant Safety recording, reporting management system has been developed in order to assist all types of industry, both public and private, to meet the requirements of Plant Safety legislation. Whilst it is the intent that this software will cater for national legislation requirements, the ... assessment , risk , workplace , program. ...

May 12th 2008 813k Shareware  StuRob Software

Plant and Grow your Money Tree

If you'd like to Plant and grow your very own Money Tree from home using your PC -- without having to sell your firstborn child to raise the capital -- this information may be critical to your online success. Why? Because thousands of people are ...

May 12th 2008 441k Freeware  NSF Enterprise

Mouse for Candy

a puzzling game with agile click humoristic music lead you int exciting world for mouse taking Candy on the sly.

May 12th 2008 6k Shareware  MP3DO Inc

Bullet Candy

50 levels, 4 play modes, loads of enemies, even more bullets, power-ups, huge explosions, amazing graphical effects all combined with some seriously intense shooting action.Viewed from a top-down perspective, Bullet Candy allows for a true 360å¼ shoot-em-up experience. With all of your enemies in veiw ...

May 12th 2008 8,103k Shareware  Charlie s Games
Candy Cruncher

Candy Cruncher

Check out the fast and furious game play in Candy Cruncher! Don't be deceived by its simplicity - only a master Cruncher can eat Candy while avoiding the Dreaded Black Jellybeans!

January 19th 2009 2,385k Shareware  jollygoodgames com

digital candy

Digital Candy is a great new program to search for files on the bittorrent networks, giving you a better chance of finding what you require. It will search many sites at the same time, saving you time and it also has an updater, so the ... peer to peer , torrent , bittorrent ...

April 8th 2009 9,797k Shareware  digital candy
What is the Hoodia Plant

What is the Hoodia Plant

What is the hoodia Plant, free ebook. Learn about the Hoodia Gordonii cactus, the Plant with the new wonder ingredient that curbs one's appetite and helps one to slim. The discovery of the active ingredient in the Hoodia gordonii Plant is proven with clinical research ... ebook , e-book , free ebook , free ebooks , what is hoodia ...

April 8th 2009 447k Freeware  What is the Hoodia Plant

HTML Candy

Anetto HTML Candy is new-age software for final preparation of HTML pages. It is able to fix up a wide range of problems with HTML syntax. Moreover, it recommends you possible solution, so it will be useful for newcomers especially. Validate your document objects: images,links, ...

April 10th 2012   Shareware  anetto software

Garden and Plant by the Moon Calendar

* Easy to use individual garden calendar pages. Perfect for off season garden planning! Create your own personalized calendar pages. Type in when you want to Plant, fertilize, etc., right on the calendar pages! Print out your own customized calendar and garden notes, or just ...

May 14th 2012 1,690k Shareware  PK Enterprises, LLC

Plant Roots Simulator

Tool for simulation of soil profiles with Plant roots providing the possibility to generate an image database for the analysis of segmentation algorithms. Besides, the software automatically generates the ground-truth with the ideal segmentations.

May 10th 2012 16,084k Freeware

Candy for Appfuse

Candy for AppFuse is a set of plugins intended to make your daily work with AppFuse 2.0 more confortable. Its final objective is to allow a developer to forget all about maven2 commands, while giving support for Appfuse best practices.

April 10th 2012 12,614k Freeware

Personal Power Plant (P3)

Middleware for distributed computing that makes effective use of existing PCs on intra- and internet. It enables participants not only to provide their computational resources and also to use other's resources. This project is also a challenge to develop

May 30th 2012 6,791k Freeware

PhysX Candy Wrapper for C#

A customizable NVIDIA PhysX SDK wrapper library for C# and other .NET framework languages. Compatible with XNA, Mogre, Truevision3D, SlimDX, Tao framework, and your own math library.

March 29th 2012 445k Freeware
Spider Plant

Spider Plant

The year is 2318, and a third world war has brought great destruction. Mankind was forced to descend into caves to escape the lingering radiation. Huge machines - robots designed by scientists, were sent to different planets to collect resources and search for a new ... freeware , freeware games , free game downloading ...

September 14th 2017 40,146k Freeware  Falco Software Company


This revolutionary program brings life to your desktop. A DesktopPlant grows directly on your desktop and needs your care just like a real Plant! The most amazing features are: extremely realistic growth based on a 3D model of a real Plant, photorealistic graphics and adjustable ... desktop , plant , virtual , tree , pet ...

November 10th 2013 653k Shareware  DeskSoft
PocketPlanter PalmOS

PocketPlanter PalmOS

PocketPlanter: over a thousand plants in your pocket! ...and on your desktop. Three Plant databases available: annual and perennial flowers, and shrubs. Includes free Windows companion version. Download the software here, free of charge. What you pay for are database registration code(s) to continue using ... plant , flower , annual , garden , gardening ...

May 12th 2008 1,779k Shareware  Arkansoft
PocketPlanter PocketPC

PocketPlanter PocketPC

PocketPlanter: over a thousand plants in your pocket! ...and on your desktop. Three Plant databases available: annual and perennial flowers, and shrubs. Includes free Windows companion version. Download the software here, free of charge. What you pay for are database registration code(s) to continue using ... plant , flower , annual , garden , gardening ...

May 12th 2008 1,307k Shareware  Arkansoft
Froggys Adventures

Froggys Adventures

Froggy is just like any other amphibian: He wants to bask in warm sunlight all day, sleep on a cool lily pad at night and eat his fill of insects. But an army of Plant-munching monsters has invaded his forest home and is threatening to ... game , games , entertainment , classic , arcade ...

May 12th 2008 16,590k Shareware  Alawar Entertainment
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