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Candy Crisis Puzzle Game!

Candy Crisis is an Exciting Combination of Pure Action and Puzzle Gaming! The Game features Twelve Unique Stages, complete with its own character and individual technique. Also, you can pair off against a friend, and even specify a handicap so that both players are evenly ... shareware , download , downloads , candy game , free video game download ...

April 8th 2009 8,064k Shareware  Ultra Software

Mouse for Candy

a puzzling game with agile click humoristic music lead you int exciting world for mouse taking Candy on the sly.

May 12th 2008 6k Shareware  MP3DO Inc

Bullet Candy

50 levels, 4 play modes, loads of enemies, even more bullets, power-ups, huge explosions, amazing graphical effects all combined with some seriously intense shooting action.Viewed from a top-down perspective, Bullet Candy allows for a true 360å¼ shoot-em-up experience. With all of your enemies in veiw ...

May 12th 2008 8,103k Shareware  Charlie s Games
Candy Cruncher

Candy Cruncher

Check out the fast and furious game play in Candy Cruncher! Don't be deceived by its simplicity - only a master Cruncher can eat Candy while avoiding the Dreaded Black Jellybeans!

January 19th 2009 2,385k Shareware  jollygoodgames com

digital candy

Digital Candy is a great new program to search for files on the bittorrent networks, giving you a better chance of finding what you require. It will search many sites at the same time, saving you time and it also has an updater, so the ... peer to peer , torrent , bittorrent ...

April 8th 2009 9,797k Shareware  digital candy

HTML Candy

Anetto HTML Candy is new-age software for final preparation of HTML pages. It is able to fix up a wide range of problems with HTML syntax. Moreover, it recommends you possible solution, so it will be useful for newcomers especially. Validate your document objects: images,links, ...

April 10th 2012   Shareware  anetto software

Candy for Appfuse

Candy for AppFuse is a set of plugins intended to make your daily work with AppFuse 2.0 more confortable. Its final objective is to allow a developer to forget all about maven2 commands, while giving support for Appfuse best practices.

April 10th 2012 12,614k Freeware

PhysX Candy Wrapper for C#

A customizable NVIDIA PhysX SDK wrapper library for C# and other .NET framework languages. Compatible with XNA, Mogre, Truevision3D, SlimDX, Tao framework, and your own math library.

March 29th 2012 445k Freeware
Autumn Icons - Small edition

Autumn Icons - Small edition

Basic icon set in Autumn style. A collection of ready stock icons most often required for program design.Autumn stock icons are perfect for shareware developers and web designers, who need to create a first-class interface for their software, web application or game, but value their ... shareware , professional , eye-candy , bee , readyicons ...

April 8th 2009 1,076k Freeware  ArcticLine Software
Ghouls Delight

Ghouls Delight

Watch over 20 different goings-on within the spooky haunted house as chilling creatures run amok, causing horrifying screams, and the wind whistles eerily in the background. The house is inhabited by witches, warewolves, bats, rats, ghosts, vampires, and much more. The haunted house scene alternates ... windows , screen , riss , saver , halloween ...

May 12th 2008 1,719k Shareware  Rhode Island Soft Systems


Blobber is a screensaver with colourfull goo blobbing over your screen. Blobber fills your screen with colourful droplets, clogging together as they move. You can set the number and size of the droplets and pick your own palette. New in v1.2 is an option to ... screensaver , eye-candy , blobber ...

May 12th 2008 180k Freeware  Remco de Korte
Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Enjoy the Halloween tradition of trick or treating on your desktop. Watch as costumed children (plus a few surprise celebrities) go door to door and get goodies. Smile as you see pirates, witches, Frankenstein, Ozzy, President Bush and more. The full version adds many more ... screen , riss , saver , halloween , pumpkin ...

May 12th 2008 1,449k Shareware  Rhode Island Soft Systems

Inplace Calculator

Inplace Calculator is more than just a simple computing utility. It automatically extracts/inserts digits or expressions from/to any documents, so you don't have to copy/paste data or type it manually in. Simply place a cursor over data you want to input or select an expression ...

May 12th 2008 1,698k Shareware  Grace Logic
Bee Icons

Bee Icons

Since picture is worth a thousand words, visit before reading this description. Bee Icons 4.0.2 offers more than 200 pizzazz artistic images to replace your boring Windows system icons. You can spice up Desktop, Start menu, Drives, Folders, Files and other icon types. It ... download , file , shell , tool , program ...

May 12th 2008 1,751k Shareware  ArcticLine Software
Fractopia Screen Saver

Fractopia Screen Saver

Fractopia Screen Saver lets you explore the colourful world of fractals and design your own screen savers using the images you find. Main features: Dive beneath the surface of fractal images and discover the treasures within Convert your discoveries into animated screen savers that play ... screensaver , saver , fractal , psychedelic , fractopia ...

May 12th 2008 2,425k Shareware  Software Cottage

Fractal Flurries

Snowflakes... no two are ever alike. Now you can enjoy the marvels of snowflakes without going out in the cold. The Fractal Flurries screen saver displays endless falling snow over whimsical winter backgrounds or your own desktop. Each snowflake pattern is mathematically generated from thousands ...

May 12th 2008 938k Shareware  Ten Foot Pole Software
GoldenSection Notes

GoldenSection Notes

What? You've not heard about GSNotes? Everybody on the Internet is talking about it. GSNotes is a user-friendly e-notebook that organizes your notes in a folder tree format for your convenience. The program has received dozens of awards and supports over 20 languages. In addition ... notes , organizer , database , pim , contacts ...

May 12th 2008 4,358k Shareware  TGS Labs

Kaleidoscope Dream Screensaver

The Kaleidoscope Dream screensaver brings hypnotic, ever changing, original works of art to your computer. Version 3.0 allows selection from twelve high-resolution backgrounds and three kaleidoscope sets. New features also allow user to change resolution and size of kaleidoscope. The registered version includes ambient space ... psychedelic , eye candy ...

May 12th 2008 1,918k Demo  Optical Sweets Software
Solitaire City for Windows

Solitaire City for Windows

This is one solitaire collection you can't afford to miss ! Find out why solitaire fans worldwide have become hooked on Solitaire City's competitive timed scoring system and online championships where you can see your name in lights next to your national flag if your ... solitaire , patience , yukon , freecell , card games ...

May 12th 2008 7,725k Shareware  Digital Smoke


Aston Shell is a flexible and powerful Desktop replacement application, which lets you save your computer's resources while giving your Desktop a unique look. Aston completely replaces your old Desktop with a new one, providing numerous additional features and saving computer resources for more necessary ... plugins , desktop , skins , themes , nice ...

May 12th 2008 3,259k Shareware  Gladiators Software
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