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Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator helps you with Capital Budgeting by simultaneously evaluating the cash flow series of 14 projects against 5 different discount rates per project. For each of 14 cash flow series, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator performs the following calculations: Initial Investment, ... term , financial , irr , nfv , discounted cash flow ...

May 12th 2008 2,615k Shareware  Wheatworks Software LLC

Transition High Definition Conversions

Transition HD is an innovative new software program that allows users the ability to extend their video projects into high Definition formats using patent pending pixel cloning high Definition conversion software.Transition HD is an easy-to-use, flexible and powerful tool for the conversion of video content ... video , conversion , high definition , hdtv , satellite tv ...

April 8th 2009 1,203k Shareware  South Beach Software

Home Budgeting

Save money by getting a complete picture of your private finances with this book of household accounts: fast and easy recording of every revenue and expenditure. Graphic reports to help you to find and close the holes inside your pocket!This program records not only one ... finance , money , household , budgeting , household accounts ...

May 30th 2012 4,547k Shareware
MAKE$.CENTS Envelope Budgeting Software

MAKE$.CENTS Envelope Budgeting Software

MAKE$.CENTS Envelope Budgeting Software also featuring combined registers for better credit card management. Reconcile Checking, Credit Cards, and Other Accounts. Proactive Budgeting. Systematically get out of credit card debt and save for retirement. Proactive personal finance software for Windows.

January 19th 2009 5,373k Shareware  empowers com

BudgeX Personal Budgeting Software

BudgeX is an easy-to-use Budgeting and money-management product designed for people who want to take control of their money, and ensure that they will still have enough in their bank accounts by the end of the year. With BudgeX, you can create a budget in ... finance , money , personal , spreadsheet , excel ...

April 8th 2009 643k Shareware  BudgeX
Capital Removal - Volume Calculator

Capital Removal - Volume Calculator

Calculate item quantities to cubic meters and cubic feet. Used to calculate load area required in removal truck pan or shipping container. Freeware Developed by Capital Removal. calculator , area , volume , cubic , volume calculator ...

April 8th 2009 295k Freeware  Capital Removal Pty Ltd
European Capital Cities Quiz

European Capital Cities Quiz

This quiz tests your knowlege of European Captial Cities. It is a multiple choice quiz with 4 possible answers for each question. Choose the correct answer each time. There are 3 types of quizes, 10 questions, 25 questions and 50 questions. At the end of ... quiz , europe , european capital cities quiz , captial cities ...

September 3rd 2012 1,491k Freeware  Goldstone Software

High definition Transformers Symbol

Transformers logo Screensaver, Heavy metal pieces coming from space and combining together to form Autobots symbol along with zipping Transformers Title giving clear indication that "We are here. We are waiting" for you to come back from break. screensaver , high definition , widescreen , optimus prime , transformers ...

April 11th 2012 10k Shareware  The Amazing Effects

High definition Batman Screensaver

Full 3 dimensional Batman logo coming out of the Bat cave towards you gives the feeling of coming out of the monitor and fading with the smoke. The screensaver is built on 1280x960 pixel resolution which gives you crystal clear display visuals ! screensaver , high definition , widescreen , batman ...

July 15th 2012 26,010k Freeware  The Amazing Effects

High definition Time out Screensaver

This time out screensaver with thrashing punch on the monitor with lightening sparks along with "Time out" stamp Confirming and giving an Aggressive message to all those who find your PC idle that... Its "TIME OUT" Time ! screensaver , break , high definition , widescreen , time out ...

May 10th 2012 6,574k Freeware  The Amazing Effects

Realtek High Definition Audio Codec Driver for Vista/7

Realtek High Definition audio codec driver for most sound cards. Works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.

June 11th 2012 49,869k Freeware

Realtek High Definition Audio Codec Driver for 2000/XP/2003

Realtek High Definition audio codec driver for most sound cards. Works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2000/XP.

July 8th 2012 32,041k Freeware

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio Stable

Download the latest version update for Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.

July 15th 2012 68,608k Freeware

D-Link DAP-1555 Xtreme N Duo High-Definition MediaBridge Firmware

Download the latest version update for D-Link DAP-1555 Xtreme N Duo High-Definition MediaBridge Firmware.

May 20th 2012 1,341k Freeware

OpenCms Page Definition Module

The Page Definition Module for OpenCms extends the core functionality of OpenCms by a page Definition layer. This permits to create, edit, delete and position heterogeneous content elements freely from within the page preview.

May 31st 2012 202k Freeware

PHP Definition Update Tool

It is intended to make updating php Definition file easier. For example in language Definition file in Mambo CMS. With this tool, you can easily managed your language translation over versions. It easily allow you to look for new Definition to translate.

March 31st 2012 1,639k Freeware

navup - NAV virus definition updater

Navup downloads virus Definition updates for Norton Anti Virus and applys them to machines on a network. This is done by using 'SARC Intelligent Updater' files.

June 2nd 2012 15k Freeware

Formal Definition Tool

A Java based, command-line analysis tool for checking the conformance of data streams to the formal Definition they are supposed to adhere. The formal Definition itself should comply to RFC 2234 Augmented BNF for Syntax Specifications: ABNF or ASN.1

June 6th 2012 60k Freeware
Medlin Budgeting

Medlin Budgeting

Simple, easy to use, award winning Budget program. $25.00 (requires MWGL $38.00). Author: Jerry Medlin - Shareware Hall of Fame - Recipient of the FIRST Shareware Industry Award for Best Business and Financial Software. budget , ledger , rial version ...

April 8th 2009 1,025k Shareware  Medlin Accounting Shareware

Norton Antivirus Definition Updates (64-bit OS) 03-13-

Supports the following versions of Symantec antivirus software:

May 3rd 2012 148,480k Freeware
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