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Wikipedia - Carbon - Carbon Emission Reduction Strategy
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Wikipedia Search Bar

Wikipedia Search Bar

Wikipedia Search Bar is a small toolbar integrated in Internet Explorer. Created to simplify the search in Wikipedia and in Google, this tools is a perfect add on for every Wikipedia's fan. Search in Wikipedia from anywhere, at any time. It's also possible to do ... internet explorer , toolbar , wikipedia ...

May 12th 2008 517k Freeware  Devolutions inc
Llama Carbon Copy

Llama Carbon Copy

Llama Carbon Copy watches one or more folders on your PC or network for changes and then copy any changed files to a folder on your USB drive, second hard drive, external hard drive or network drive. Llama Carbon Copy helps you save time and ... backup , copy , folder , folders , carbon ...

April 8th 2009 13,128k Demo  Volz Software
Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Learn where you can go green by calculating your Carbon footprint and then focusing on areas where you can make the most positive impact on the environment. The software gives you CO2 footprint details from each category. For transportation you can enter in up to ...

January 19th 2009 780k Freeware  enviroduck com

Carbon Emissions Calculator

Carbon Emissions Calculator to help you reduce you Carbon emissions. Simply enter the appliance wattage and how long it is used each day. The program will then tell you your Carbon emissions by day, quarter and year.

September 1st 2012 993k Freeware  Trevor Johnson

Wikipedia ToolBand

Wikipedia ToolBand is a toolband for search on with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and most navigators.

June 24th 2012 678k Freeware

Wikipedia for language research

This project tries to make Spanish Wikipedia a useful resource for the language research community.

June 29th 2012 173,897k Freeware

Conceptual Wikipedia Plugin

This is Firefox plugin that analyze content of page and links top rated keywords in page to articles in Wikipedia. It reduces overall number of clicks user makes in order to reach Wikipedia page.

May 6th 2012 251k Freeware

Carbon Auto Theft

A mini game about stealing the cars. You must be fast to steal the sport cars, watch out for the police try to avoid crushing if don't want to be discovered. mario 7 , mario mario , mario 2009 , mario 6 , mario bros game ...

April 6th 2012 4,137k Freeware  Mario Games

Carbon Notes

A Skinnable system tray based notepad. Supports basic saving, find, replace and other functions.

April 13th 2012 43k Freeware

Carbon Cap

A skinnable, configurable hotkey based screen capture utility. Supports dynamic file-naming, hotkey config and multiple image types.

September 8th 2012 125k Freeware

Vandalism Detector for de.wikipedia

This project is no longer active. But there will be a new Project soon, which will then be written in Java and is supposed to be highly configurable. Just search for Jvdetect, it should be availible soon, at least as some concept files.

September 18th 2012 5,219k Freeware


WikiReader makes loading and reading of Wikipedia articles easier. Just click and open Wikipedia articles from any Windows application! In the WikiReader window, articles from Wikipedia are displayed without menus, logos or other cluttered elements. Articles already viewed are cached, thus reducing loading time and ... desktop , browser , cache , popup , encyclopedia ...

May 12th 2008 1,593k Shareware  MunSoft


Translate.Net is free and open source client to many language services available online (translators, monolingual and bilingual dictionaries).20 sites, 31 services, 37 languages, 1352 translations directions. Services:- Google dictionary and Google translator- Wikipedia and wiktionary- Yahoo Babel Fish translator- SYSTRAN translator (used by Yahoo Babel ... dictionary , altavista , wikipedia , wikitictionary , download software archive ...

April 8th 2009 704k Freeware  Oleksii Prudkyi

InSight Desktop Search

With InSight Desktop Search,you can instantly search for files stored anywhere on your PC's harddrive. InSight performs search based on filenames, and also metadata if available. InSight supports metadata for following file types: JPEG,MP3,WMA, Microsoft Office Data, and also executable files(exe). InSight now also supports ... music , jukebox , quick launch , desktop search , insight ...

May 7th 2012 2,642k Freeware  Pranav Kapoor
JNIWrapper for Mac OS X

JNIWrapper for Mac OS X

JNIWrapper library allows to interface native code while retaining full control of the application on the Java side. With JNIWrapper, there is no need for you to create native code libraries to call a function of the operating system API or a function from any ... service , interface , java , call , mac ...

July 2nd 2015 11,064k Shareware  TeamDev Ltd


iReplace 1.0 is an application for advanced search and replace primarily for web documents. iReplace allows you to specify multiple items to find and replace or just to search for those items. iReplace allows you to select special characters (such as ) and will replace ...

May 12th 2008 477k Shareware  usa
Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook

Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook

Auto BCC / CC is an email add-in for Microsoft Outlook that creates a BCC and/or a CC copy automatically every time you send mail. All you need is to create simple rules for filling the BCC /CC fields, and Auto BCC / CC does ... outlook , plug-in ...

May 12th 2008 1,306k Shareware  Afalina Co Ltd
AimingClick Instant Search

AimingClick Instant Search

AimingClick Instant Search gives you a quick reference, translation, explanation for any word or phrase selected in any Windows program. AimingClick is a reference book, dictionary, encyclopedia, Web search service and many other information sources in one software tool. Besides, the information can be retrieved ... word , windows , find , search , web ...

May 12th 2008 676k Shareware  AimingTech Company
ANSMTP SMTP Component Build

ANSMTP SMTP Component Build

ANSMTP Object is a high performance, easy- to-use and full-featured SMTP COM Object (email component) which enables your ASP, VB, VC++, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VBS, Jscript, WScript, Delphi or other COM environment application to send rich text/HTML email using the SMTP/ESMTP protocol. ANSMTP supports all ... dll , tcp/ip , email , ssl , tls ...

May 12th 2008 830k Shareware  AdminSystem Software Limited
Country Codes

Country Codes

Country Codes is a small database of country codes and additional information for more than 250 countries. It displays their location (continent), ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2-3 codes and ISO number as well as IDDD code and flag, NDD Code, Country Dialing Code, FIPS PUB 10-4 ... code , freeware , codes , flag , world map ...

May 12th 2008 1,028k Freeware  iZOX ZONE
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