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Large Education Icons

Large Education Icons

It is obvious, that Education had always been the best possible investment. And, so are the educational tools. Weather you are designing an application for schedule management, a school web-site, or just customizing your desktop to help you learn, a bright and stylish set of ... school , science , education , vista icons , icons ...

June 17th 2011 3,008k Demo  large icons com
Catholic Day

Catholic Day

Plug-in for Today Screen that shows: - Name of corresponding feast of the day or name of the saint of the day - Significance of current day - Rosary Mysteries for each day - Detailed comment (for feast) or life of saint. - Dates of ... screen , catholic , today ...

April 8th 2009 190k Shareware  Arimathea v - Education::Langu ages Software

GeniusTim Technologie Conceived for Education purpose. in Tower, Writing desk or suitcase: the GeniusTim from 7 to 91 USB keys + a Software to copy, collect, transfer, synchronize and update any types of audio, video files, dated, homework, courses or schoolbooks, and this, simultaneously between ... clone usb , duplicate usb ...

April 19th 2012 10,578k Freeware

HSC - Education Tools

Higher Education Solution Collaborative Tools - Solutions for student/faculty data and accounts

August 24th 2012 2,801k Freeware

openSUSE Education

openSUSE Education is a community driven project with the aim to provide the best Linux experience for students, teachers, parents and educational institutions. Use client or download manager to download files.

July 23rd 2012 2,097,152k Freeware

SchoolBox Open Education

SchoolBox is a project made up of zope and python modules for building a complete on-line school.When fully developed it will include modules for: complete student information systems ,virtual classrooms, distance Education systems, accounting and purcha

September 10th 2012 49k Freeware

St. Louise Catholic School Web Site

A data-driven web site for Catholic schools. Based on ASP.Net, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server.

May 20th 2012 52k Freeware
Bookkeeper Brisbane Puzzle Game

Bookkeeper Brisbane Puzzle Game

Solve Bookkeeper Brisbane Puzzle Game And Win !! puzzle , games , jigsae ...

November 13th 2014 275k Freeware  Bookkeeper Brisbane

Focus Express for Education

Focus Express is designed specifically for the Tablet PC , Wacom tablets and projector to form a digital presentation system. It can give you power to: 1.Brainstorm on the fly With a few quick pen strokes, you can work alone, with colleagues or audiences to ...

May 12th 2008 915k Shareware  AdXsoft Co

OneBook Education Technology

OneBook is an information sharing tool for students and instructors. Professors are interested in distributing assignments, announcements, and grades. Students can turn in assignments using the OneBook system, and store their work digitally (and securely)

September 8th 2012 700k Freeware

Universal Education

This project is a mobile application that features an educational game. It is designed to be upgraded by users editing a database to add new questions. Developers can add categories by editing the code.

September 9th 2012 3,710k Freeware
Greek PCLinuxOS Education

Greek PCLinuxOS Education

I¤Iz PCLinuxOS ILIµ D€IzI»I»I¬ IµIsD€I±IaI?IµD…D„IaIsI¬ D€D?IzIlD?I¬ILILI±D„I± IlIaI± D€I±IaI?IaI¬.

March 25th 2012 713,712k Freeware

KEEP Education school

System of learning. Students of the Semester. r?Lr?°r?sr?sr?sr?Ar??r??r?Lra€r?Lr?µr??r?™r?‚r?­r?‡r?™r?±r??ra€r?Lr?µr??r?™

June 9th 2012 8k Freeware

The Spirit of Education

Open source alternative to WebCT Vista. It will be used by the Utah Board of Regents and the University of Utah initially. It will include a frameworks similar to jBossNukes that will add course creation/delivery/management feature sets to a portal. This

April 25th 2012 258,463k Freeware
SunRav TestOfficePro

SunRav TestOfficePro

SunRav TestOfficePro is a comprehensive solution for giving tests in educational institutions and in enterprises. It consists of the following programs: tMaker for creating tests (2 types of tests, 5 types of questions, an unlimited number of questions and answer variants, several topics in one ... quiz , test , teacher , exam , software ...

May 12th 2008 7,467k Demo  SunRav Software
Calendar Constructer

Calendar Constructer

Create and print calendars and keep organized with this intuitive program. Includes options to load from Windows tray, change fonts and colors, export to bitmap and insert clip art and images. Includes automatic holidays, daylight savings, lunar/moon phases, sun solstice/equinox, and religious dates (jewish,Catholic,christian). You ... download , software , print , program , create ...

May 12th 2008 1,231k Shareware  Aspire Software


What is the most important when reading the articles? It is management. Imagine that if you are reading a long artical, you may need to resume the reading after the break; you may have many articles to be read; you may want to review the ... language , text , free , download , web ...

May 12th 2008 5,583k Shareware  Theway soft
Allure Pipes

Allure Pipes

Build a pipe by connecting pipe pieces to each other before the water spills out. Quite easy yet attractive game that soon becomes your favorite way to spend spare time. Even most sceptical users soon find themselves playing Pipes over and over again. This exciting ... game , logic , board , games , children ...

May 12th 2008 467k Shareware  AbsoluteWord
eLMS Pro

eLMS Pro

Whether you are interested in launching complex for Remote educational business, for effective expansion of your college, institute or university, a wrongly chosen e-Learning Management System may cause wrong course material comprehension, lack of students desire to study or absence of interrelationship between a teacher ... elearning software , learning managment system , e-learning software , remote education , learning management software ...

March 27th 2011 197k Shareware  Pilot Group LTD
School Response - School Safety Software

School Response - School Safety Software

Health and safety software for schools to keep your students and teachers safe. School Response is a software program designed by experienced Education professionals to help you to manage your emergency response and school documentation needs. Manage your emergency phone numbers, incident reports and school ... teacher , school , education , administration ...

April 8th 2009 887k Shareware  Camp Standard Health and Safety Services
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