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More WebAPP Mods, Plugins, and Add-Ons

Mods, Plugins, and other Add-Ons or modifications for WebAPP Web Automated Perl Portal system, v0.9.9 and up, and the entire WebAPP distribution in various stages of development. See in action at .

May 19th 2012 10k Freeware

addons4webgui - Add-ons for WebGUI

Includes some Add-Ons for the content management system WebGUI. Assets: WebDAV Macros: AssetProxyPlus, Browser, ExtFileList, Param, Perl, PHP, SQLPlus, Text2Image

March 30th 2012 6k Freeware

wxSmith Add-ons

Add-Ons for Code::Blocks' GUI editor, wxSmith, utilising code from wxCode and other sources.

July 17th 2012 113k Freeware

OpenSRS Hosting Add-Ons

The project aims to provide additional functionality to the OpenSRS manage.cgi enabling a Registration Service Provider (RSP) to offer value-added web hosting services such as domain forwarding to its domain registration clients.

March 31st 2012 10k Freeware
Deep Space Voices - MorphVOX Add-on

Deep Space Voices - MorphVOX Add-on

Be the first to be transformed into a fighting Cyborg, a scary Mutant, or stoic Android. This free voice Add-on gives MorphVOX voice-changing software, six new Science Fiction voices. From the makers of MorphVOX voice changer, Deep Space Voices lets gamers better slip into their ... games , chat , software , online , space ...

May 12th 2008 628k Freeware  Screaming Bee LLC

Expression Web Add-ins

The complete pack of Expression Web Add-ins from Ajatix. Expression Web Add-ins (Add-Ons) are plug-in modules designed to extend Expression Web with extra capabilities. All Add-ins in this collection are built around most popular web widgets: Lightbox, Pure CSS Drop Down Menu, Son of Suckerfish ... add-ins , expression web ...

July 16th 2012 8,264k Shareware  Ajatix

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer

This visual RAD tool provides a simple and quick way to customize Internet Explorer with your own browser extensions. Now you can create thread-safe, secure, isolated, deployable and context-sensitive Add-Ons for Internet Explorer IE 6, 7 and 8 (32- and 64-bit) with your menu items, ... internet explorer , add-on , vb net ...

July 23rd 2012 1,034k Shareware  Add-in Express Ltd.


MSN, Yahoo & ICQ multi IM with P2P search & download from Kazaa, edonkey & more . Many Add-Ons: fire transfer, sound effects, cool smilies, integration with IE (Internet Explorer) no spyware, fast downloads of mp3, movies. Get fresh news in Chat. Nice interface with ... chat , english , msn , yahoo , cast ...

April 8th 2009 4,501k Freeware  Axmo Inc
Venux Connect

Venux Connect

Venux Connect is a communication tool designed to provide secure communication for you and your contacts through video call, audio call, and Chat. The application simplifies the process of securely sharing files and screen sharing. You can easily manage your business or keep in touch with ... secure chat , communication , secure communication , screen sharing , video call ...

July 9th 2015 34,366k Freeware  Venux
Venux Connect for Windows

Venux Connect for Windows

Securely communicate with your Venux contacts with video call, audio call, and Chat. You can finally stop worrying about someone eavesdropping on your private conversations. Build connections with your Venux contacts by adding their unique PIN. Share your favorite photos, videos, bookmarks, links, and much ... secure chat , communication , secure communication , screen sharing , video call ...

December 9th 2015 32,429k Freeware  Venux

Wordware Personal Information Manager for Word

Wordware PIM: A complete solution for quick and easy access to contacts in Word. It's people management made simple! Finally, a Personal Information Manager (PIM) comes to Word for Windows! Have your own address book and telephone directory at your fingertips. Wordware PIM is the ... word , internet utility , information , utilities , management ...

May 12th 2008 644k Shareware  AMF


SurfSaver - The Filing Cabinet for your Web Pages Save and search Web pages instantly! SurfSaver lets you save, organize, and search the information you gather on the Internet. Never lose another Web page. We all know about the "here today, gone tomorrow" nature of ... browser add-on , browser add-ons , research software , surfsaver , surf saver ...

May 12th 2008 6,164k Shareware  askSam Systems
Avral URLchopper

Avral URLchopper

URLchopper is an ad free Add-on to Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. It saves time and reduces stress by allowing you to go very quickly up one level of the current URL or directly to the top level of a long URL. This is especially ... internet explorer , add-on , stress , add-ons , ad-free ...

April 8th 2009 197k Shareware  Avral Technologies Ltd

Pay day Cash Loan

Pay day Cash Loan toolbar for IE with useful gadgets including a quick launch To-do List, Daily Calorie Counter, Email Notifier, Weather and News Ticker with local and international news feeds as well as sport headlines to keep you up to date. Also includes a ... browser add-ons , ie toolbar , financial use toolbar , pay day cash loan , pay day cash loan toolbar ...

April 8th 2009 1,101k Freeware  Pay day Cash Loan

Payday Cash Loan

Payday Cash Loan toolbar for IE browser, get the cash you need fast, easily stay in contact with friends and loved ones and up to date with current news events. Also contains a radio with some really great music stations preloaded. Add all your favorite ... toolbars , ie toolbar , internet explorer toolbar , add ons , toorbar ...

April 8th 2009 1,101k Freeware  Payday Cash Loan
PG Job Site Pro

PG Job Site Pro

Job Site Pro - a web-based application built on PHP/MySQL for creating a multifunctional Job Board Site. It includes advanced management tools for both Job Seeker and Employer and can be used in setting up a Job Board Site for specific countries, regional Job Site ... job board software , job tracking software , job board script , job website script , job website software ...

July 3rd 2013 5,675k Shareware  Pilot Group LTD
Browser Addon Framework

Browser Addon Framework

Browser Add-on Framework is a framework that allows developers to create browser Add-Ons for: - Internet Explorer - Firefox - Chrome - Safari - Opera Use extensive set of tools to develop and build your own browser Add-on. Cross-browser API The same API requests are available for all browsers. Cross-domain requests Request from ... internet explorer , firefox , plugin , browser , add-on ...

August 14th 2012 7,041k Commercial  Toolbarstudio Inc

Excel Reverse and Transpose Order Of Cells Rows Columns

Reverse Order Of Cells is a powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Excel Add-In for reversing order of the selected cells, rows and columns on Excel sheets. The software supports the following operations: 1) Reverse Selected Cells from Left to Right. 2) Reverse Selected Cells from Top ... excel , excel add ons , excel add ins , excel reverse , excel reverse order ...

July 14th 2012 512k Shareware  ACCM Software

Altsync for Outlook

Use Altsync for Outlook to synchronize, share Outlook folders on multiple PCs in an easy way. No server is required. Synchronize, share all types of folders (calendars, contacts, emails, journals, notes and tasks). Automatically transfer all changes using only e-mail account. Just Add email addresses ... utilities , tools , outlook , add-ins , office ...

May 10th 2012 2,591k Freeware

SharePoint Item Permission Batch

Assign item-level permissions to users and user groups for all items in a SharePoint list;Manually configure custom permission settings on a per-list or per-item basis;Remove all custom permission settings within a specific list and restore defaults for specified users or user-groups in bulk;Determine the users ... permission , sharepoint software , sharepoint template , sharepoint add-ons , sharepoint permission ...

July 21st 2012 1,526k Shareware  SharePointBoost Co., Ltd
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