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Session Server for Windows

Session server for Windows has built-in fail-over protection and load balancing which allows use of up to 1000 Session servers with an unlimited number of web servers. A Session "sticks" to a Session server not by IP as in the case of a local director, ... vb , server , script , database , asp ...

May 12th 2008 990k Freeware  Interapple Inc
FireDaemon Session Viewer

FireDaemon Session Viewer

FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer is an application for Microsoft Windows that allows you to easily switch back and forth between your logged in Windows desktop Session and Session 0. Since the release of Windows Vista and Windows 2008 interactive Windows services (ie. those with a console ... viewer , windows , interactive , desktop , service ...

June 1st 2017 17,545k Shareware  FireDaemon Technologies Limited

PHP Session Manager

PHP Session Manager is a simple set of PHP scripts which developers can use to examine the state of Session variables. Sessions variables can be created, edited, and viewed with PHP Session Manager.

April 14th 2012 3k Freeware

VNC Session Manager

VNC Session Manager adds the nessary glue code between VNC's two execution modes that enables xdm based login to disconnected sessions. i.e. it provides a 'Terminal Services' like login for *nix based vnc servers.

May 1st 2012 13k Freeware

AG Session Control for AOLserver

Session management for AOLserver using cookies and postgresql database to allow for control of a users Session. Also intended to allow for user logins to secured areas, restriction of features of a site based on levels of users account.

April 26th 2012 2k Freeware

pyshot, windows session recorder/auditor

pySHOT is a Session recorder for windows. (soon linux Session recorder also) It's a client/server python app using gearman. To use pyshot you must install pyshot-client from on monitored server Windows sessions recorderSearch informations on network/system informationsActive directory authentification (using DSML)Text search on video ...

June 3rd 2012 2,775k Freeware

FPGA Session Control [FSC]

Current trends in Reconfigurable Computing point to an ever-increasing need for logic resources. This has led to the development and deployment of systems consisting of multiple FPGAs. These systems are advancing from scores of FPGAs to hundreds of FPGAs. Programming and administeringthese kind of systems ...

July 30th 2012 470k Freeware

PuTTY Session Manager

PuTTY Session Manager is a tool that allows system administrators to organise their PuTTY sessions into folders and assign hotkeys to favourite sessions. Multiple sessions can be launched with one click. Requires MS Windows and the .NET 2.0 Runtime. Multiple Session managementHotkeys for launchingMultiple Session ...

April 22nd 2012 194k Freeware
Session Fixation Test

Session Fixation Test

Security Session Fixation Test is a system for verifying the theft of Session by injection cookies, allowing you to conrol and improve the security of their websites.

May 11th 2012 480k Freeware

Stop Checkpoint Secure Remote Services

Tool to stop your secure remote services on your windows system, this is the tool to stop, start and check their status. Until now it works with all versions of Checkpoint VPN Client for Windows. Tested on Windows XP and Vista, written in VB.NET 2005

April 6th 2012 178k Freeware

Dr. Regener Private Session 4 IE

Most surf traces are useful ! They facilitate navigation and accelerate page build-up considerably. But many trace destroyers delete radically.

January 19th 2009 1,457k Shareware  drregener com

PuTTY SL (Session List)

A Java application to easy access the stored sessions within PuTTY via a cantact-list like style.

June 6th 2012 68k Freeware

Sessionara - session mgmt with MySQL

Sessionara is a handy php class to manage sessions and realize member areas. In a developer's life, the job to make admin areas is a common task, all this has to be realized fast. Sessionara is a framework for this, you can save/get variables in ...

March 31st 2012 9k Freeware
Simple Screencast Session (SSS)

Simple Screencast Session (SSS)

This application allows the end user to pick a directory to save their screencasts, and to start and stop screencasts with a single button, and an autogenerated filename, so that they are obligated only to perform three actions:1.) Select the directory where the output files ...

September 7th 2012 344k Freeware

Jambs (Java Message-Based Session)

Java middleware which allows a server to manage sessions that can involve several clients and take advantage of tcp/udp message-based communication. Sorry for the lack of documentation.

August 26th 2012 52k Freeware

Tomcat Session Logger

This project intends to provide a tool to gather information from TOMCAT contexts, specially that one regarding active sessions.We will persist this information with Log4j, that will create a file, that will store the information gathered.

May 29th 2012 8k Freeware
Work Log & Activity Timer

Work Log & Activity Timer

Find out how many hours you spend on projects. Also a way to keep an eye on the time you have worked in the current Session. Musical alarms and eye protection reminders. Saves databases with details of work times for each day. Pauses when mouse ... log , project , work , tune , session ...

May 12th 2008 406k Shareware  Robert Walker

StarBurn SDK

Rocket Division Software's StarBurn SDK (Software Development Kit) is world most advanced CD/DVD Burning, Grabbing and Mastering Toolkit. Features are: All MMC compatible CD/DVD recorders (CD-R/W, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W and DVD-RAM) are supported UDF file system mastering (UDF 1.02, 1.50 and 2.01) ISO9660 file system mastering ... cd burning , dvd burning , dvd-video , dvd9 movie , el torito ...

May 12th 2008 2,222k Shareware  RocketDivision Com
3D MP3 Sound Recorder

3D MP3 Sound Recorder

3D MP3 Sound Recorder is a sound recorder software. It enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card,microphone,line in and any other sound sources. You can use it to grab any sound, including music, dialogs from movies, game sounds etc. from your ... sound recorder , silence detection , mp3 sound recorder , voice activated , multi-session schedule ...

May 12th 2008 1,196k Shareware  MP3TOWAV ORG
ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit

ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit

Toolkit to enhance your applications or scripts with client/server network socket communication, automated telnet sessions, wake up on lan (Wake On Lan, WOL), RSH (remote shell script) capabilities and more. Use this component with ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C++, Visual C# .NET ... tools , asp , toolkit , automated telnet session , tcp/ip toolkit ...

April 8th 2009 1,100k Shareware  ActiveXperts Software
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