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Flowchart4j - Eclipse Plugin

Flowchart4j - Eclipse Plugin

Flowchart4j V1.1.0 - Automatic Flowchart Generator For Java - Eclipse PluginWhy flowchart? Reading code is a sequential activity and if the code it too complex it will be difficult to construct a mental picture of the complete control flow. If understandability decreases, maintainability sure does. ... java , eclipse , code to flowchart ...

April 8th 2009 15,930k Shareware  Kriyagram Informatiques Private Limted

WDK Eclipse Plugin

An Eclipse Plugin for developing Documentum Web Development Kit (WDK) - based applications.

August 5th 2012 4,072k Freeware

regex tester eclipse plugin

A simple Eclipse Plugin to test regular expressions. This Plugin is the real free version of the regexp tester which the author decided to convert to commercial product and left with no free download to Eclipse users.

July 22nd 2012 25k Freeware

wftp(a eclipse plugin for ftp client)

a ftp client soft base on Eclipse rcp/Plugin application a?€a?SlzsasZeclipsecZ’a»¶cs„ftpl®?c?·c«Z * get sources at [] connect to ftp server(czzcZAftpcsTlS?l?)download and upload files(aZcsTlS?l?a?SaL a?c??ccT)Eclipse Plugin ftp

May 11th 2012 18,462k Freeware

GEP - GUJ Eclipse Plugin

GEP is an Eclipse Plugin for rapid browsing of GUJ - Grupo de Usuarios Java, the brazilian Java User Group.

June 25th 2012 20k Freeware

GTalk eclipse plugin

gltalk Eclipse is an Eclipse Plugin that enables you to use the new google talk service inside Eclipse. The UI is very similar to that of gaim, providing a view that contains logged in users, and another view with tabs for conversations.

July 20th 2012 1,030k Freeware

Guava Eclipse Plugin

"Guava Eclipse Plugin" is an Eclipse Plugin which will generate following methods using Google guava utilty classes toString() equals(Object object) hashCode()

April 22nd 2012 30k Freeware

Hibernate Synchronizer Eclipse Plugin

HibernateSynchronizer is an Eclipse Plugin code generation tool which, by default, binds to *.hbm files and automatically generates business objects when your hibernate schema configuration file is modified.

August 3rd 2012 2,014k Freeware

Reflexion Model Eclipse Plugin

The Reflexion Model Eclipse Plugin helps a software developer understand and reason about the structure of Java systems. A Reflexion Model allows a developer to view the structure of a system through a chosen high-level (often architectural) view.

April 20th 2012 231k Freeware

PMD eclipse plugin

PMD Eclipse lite is an ecilpse Plugin that integrates PMD with Eclipse and provides quickfixes for common problems

April 19th 2012 1,927k Freeware

Fastmarks (Eclipse Plugin)

Fastmarks is a Plugin for Eclipse.If, like me, you need to constantly go back and forth between a few spots in code, place (toggle) bookmarks and navigate with shortcuts.I overuse it during Test Driven Developpement to come back to my unit test !

August 22nd 2012 13k Freeware

Hibernator - Eclipse Plugin

Hibernator is a pure java Eclipse ( Plugin that enables synchronisation of a java class and the related Hibernate ( mapping file. A user can edit their busisness class and not have to update the matching Hibernate

April 8th 2012 2,849k Freeware

WicketFun Eclipse Plugin

A useful Plugin for Apache Wicket developer.Open wicket page and panels in a multipage editor with stats, special outline and new class wizard

June 21st 2012 94k Freeware

GetterSetterGen Eclipse Plugin

This is an Eclipse plug-in that generates getter and setter methods for java classes resides in selected packages, if necessary.

June 19th 2012 5k Freeware

ProtectedRegionI mport Eclipse Plugin

When generating code via templates sometimes so called protected regions are used. These protected region sections will not be overwritten by the generator. A protected region contains the specific import statements. This Plugin adds quick fixes to place missing imports in this special protected region ...

September 10th 2012 9k Freeware


AT-Project is an Eclipse Plugin for project management. It handles bugs, tasks and changement according the product structure and issues of a software development project. It helps to tracking coding files changes related to project configuration items. AT-Project improves collaborative work with the client-server version. ... bug tracking , eclipse plugin ...

April 8th 2009 4,496k Freeware  Atreides Technologies

Mozilla Eclipse Integration Plugin

Integration of Mozilla Web-Browser into an Eclipse Plugin using webclient interface from Blackwood project

May 20th 2012 224k Freeware

Rexx plugin for Eclipse

This project is an Eclipse Plugin for the programming language Rexx. It offer syntax highlighting, content outlining and launching support.

April 11th 2012 87k Freeware

ThunderBlitz (Blitz plugin for eclipse)

ThunderBLitz is an almost complete IDE environnment (as Eclipse Plugin) to develop programs written with blitz basic syntax. The program is firstly developed for Blitz3D distribution.

September 18th 2012 438k Freeware

PEP - Pair Eclipse Programming

Eclipse Plugin to Distributed/Virtual Pair Programming, with code (re)synchronization, chat, NAT/firewall traversal, strict adderence to PP principles. NO SERVER needed.

May 5th 2012 2,581k Freeware
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