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AdWords Clever Wizard

AdWords Clever Wizard

AdWords Clever Wizard is an extremely easy to use keywords suggestion and research software. With it, you will quickly discover your target keywords with low competition and high demand. Such information is essential for everyone who use Google AdWords or Overture advertisement. Is it really ... keywords , advertising , download software archive , overture , campaigns ...

May 12th 2008 1,468k Shareware  CleverStat

Clever Internet ActiveX Suite

The Clever Internet ActiveX Suite v 3.4 allows you to download, upload and post the Internet-resources asynchronously and obtain all related information without interfering with main application processes. The set of e-mail components can connect to mail servers via SSL, send emails with MIME encoded ...

May 12th 2008 1,124k Demo  Clever Components
Clever Batch Image Converter

Clever Batch Image Converter

Clever Batch Image Converter allows users quickly convert thousands of files from one format into another: batch image resizing, batch Image converting, convert one type of file to another, multi-page TIF into single files, single files into one TIF. All documents can be selected and ...

January 19th 2009 4,356k Shareware  batch converter com

Clever BoxMan

Clever Box Man is a fun logic and strategy puzzle board game, it's a brain teaser featuring the Clever porter Box Man, it has beautiful sceneries, orphan background music and sound, more and more difficult levels with no solutions seemingly, but yes actually there are. ... boxman game puzzle , puzzle game online , logic puzzle game boxman , puzzle game boxman , education game of boxman ...

April 8th 2009 647k Shareware  8848soft inc
Clever Optimizer

Clever Optimizer

Clever Optimizer is the powerful registry software for cleaning the registry errors and optimizing windows system. It is not only repair common errors of the computer, but also can optimize the performance, improve processing speed of system, and eliminate various errors caused by software installation ... registry cleaner , reg cleaner , windows cleaner , registry optimizer , system cleaner ...

December 11th 2010 1,696k Shareware  CleverOptimizer Studio

Clever Ruler

Clever Ruler is a powerful measuring tool for Windows. It's simple and easy to use. Best of all, it can transparent and rotate any degrees! It is easyFeature:1.It can transparence 2.It can slant. It can rotate any degrees. Don't youwant to measure your screen catercorner's ...

June 26th 2012   Shareware  gzgsoft


Providing a real alternative to P2P software like Limewire and Bearshare, Clickster easily finds and downloads MP3 files from the Internet and NOT from other P2P users. Because tracks are downloaded from the Internet and NOT over a P2P network, with Click

August 27th 2012 5,970k Freeware
Clever Dictionary

Clever Dictionary

Clever Dictionary - Finding the Right Word Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter Clever Dictionary, is an offline dictionary, thesaurus and much more. The freely downloadable shareware tool saves time and makes writing easier by having a host of writing tools in the one place, a ... thesaurus , dictionary , wordnet , synonyms , antonyms ...

November 23rd 2014 70,013k Shareware  Cornerstone Software Pty Ltd
Clever Internet Suite

Clever Internet Suite

Internet components - Clever Internet Suite is the native Delphi VCL for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin, XE..XE8, .NET and ActiveX. The suite includes more than 50 components for Internet development and its code is constantly being refined and improved. Using the Clever Internet Suite you can add ... download , ftp , decoder , server , connection ...

January 19th 2017 4,108k Demo  CleverComponents
Clever Keyboard Indicator

Clever Keyboard Indicator

Features:* Display "Caps Lock", "Num Lock" and "Scroll Lock" indicators in the windows system tray (next to the Clock)* Allow the user to specify which indicators should be shown/hidden, set the indicators order and give ability to load custom icons for each indicator* Play a ...

May 12th 2008 635k Demo  Clever Components

TigerTom's 100 Clever Finance Tips

An ebook covering one hundred personal finance tips and tricks. No installation required. Contains its own browser. Very simple and easy to use.

May 12th 2008 344k Freeware  T O Donnell Inc
Clever Internet Suite 33

Clever Internet Suite 33

Download, upload and post the Internet-resources asynchronously and obtain all related information without interfering with main application processes. The set of e-mail components can connect to mail servers via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel, send emails with MIME encoded bodies and multiple file attachments.Features:- Multipart ... download , delphi , internet , component , post ...

April 8th 2009 1,259k Demo  Clever Components
Docker Sokoban

Docker Sokoban

Docker Sokoban is a newest remake of popular logic game. This time you'll be playing a Clever docker who doing his uneasy job in various places (like a seaport, railroad station or warehouse). Original innovations and high quality animated graphics will guarantee you and your ... puzzle , logic , sokoban , mindbenders , sokoman ...

May 12th 2008 4,595k Shareware  LogicKing Studios

Alonix of Pacman Island

Try the fresh standard of Pacman and NEW games in 5 missions and 85 levels! Feel your dexterity in each maze! Alonix lets you reconstruct power fields of the destroyed stations, collect precious amethysts, fly around dangerous tracks, seize enemy platforms and, admire super difficult ... game , shareware , games , children , software ...

May 12th 2008 2,778k Shareware  AxySoft


MyListMate is designed to save you time and money with your grocery shopping !!! MyListMate is a Clever and easy-to-use grocery shopping list manager which will help you prepare and budget for your grocery shopping.MyListMate allows you to maintain a database of products that you ...

May 12th 2008 6,292k Shareware  Castle Software Ltd

Absurd Atlantis Deluxe

The sharks are causing problems for all the peace-loving creatures in Atlantis. It is your job to help Neptune free the creatures from their shark captors. A wacky puzzle game that combines puzzles, action and strategy in an unforgettable game. Puzzle mode will captivate the ...

May 12th 2008 4,079k Shareware  Big Fish Games
Billionaire II

Billionaire II

Billionaire II is a thrilling and exciting strategic business game where the real dollars are made! The game takes place in Billionaire City where you can purchase real estate and build the foundation of your future fortune. Raise loans, invest your capital in bonds, at ...

May 12th 2008 8,618k Shareware  Game ON

Hungry Yogi

Not so long ago, in a park, there lived a bear called Yogi. Like other bears he ate the remnants that people left in the park on picnics.One day Yogi got a letter from his friend, who wrote him that people have got lots of ...

May 12th 2008 764k Freeware  SoftDarek

PopGun Ad Stopper

Popup Killer is second to none, download it now FREE, very FAST, very Clever. All popups are zapped immediately. No need for lists. It just knows what a popup is!!, and instantly anhialates them ALL. It even has a cute GUI too. PopGun is hungry ... killer , banner , popup , banners , no popups ...

May 12th 2008 300k Freeware  KL Products UK

Colorful Child

CHILD FRIENDLY - PARENT CONTROLLED - COMPUTER SAFE: Giving your child a head start! Colorful Child is a coloring book and sketchpad program for children ages 0-12 years. Whether children are just learning to smack the keyboard and mouse or are already budding artists, this ...

May 12th 2008 1,314k Shareware  All Ages Software Inc
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