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Secure Hunter Error Code

Secure Hunter Error Code

Secure Hunter Error Code is a small windows GUI tool that can convert error numbers into a readable text message. The current version can convert error Code numbers from the following software. 1. Window Error Code. 2. HTTP/HTML Error Code. 3. Event Log Error Code. ... error code window , error code linux , error code mssql , error code mysql , error code ...

January 19th 2016 6,043k Shareware  Secure Hunter Anti Malware
HVRaster - Programmers Editor Font

HVRaster - Programmers Editor Font

HVRaster is a Windows monospaced raster screen font especially designed for use in Program IDEs and Editors like Visual Studio, Delphi, Codewright and Slickedit. It includes many different point sizes in Standard, Wide and Narrow widths. The fontface is based on ProCon's Hi-Visibility HVFont which ... delphi , bitmap , raster , visual studio , code editor ...

May 12th 2008 32k Shareware  Procon Systems
Snip2Code Plugin for Eclipse

Snip2Code Plugin for Eclipse

Web platform to manage your Code snippets directly from your preferred IDE: collect, organize and share with your friends and colleagues the few lines that actually solve your coding issue. Publish your solutions and scale-up the ranking! The more snippets you publish, the more reputation ... snippet , software management , snippets , code management , software development tool ...

December 28th 2014 4,672k Freeware  Snip2Code Inc
HVDOSBox - Windows Terminal Fonts

HVDOSBox - Windows Terminal Fonts

HVDOSBox is a Windows monospaced raster screen font. It is for anyone who uses Windows' Console mode or runs MS-DOS applications in a Windows Box. The HVDOSBox fonts provide greater text legibility and many more point sizes than the fonts supplied with Windows. The large ... raster , command line font , terminal font , ms-dos box font , console font ...

May 12th 2008 40k Shareware  Procon Systems

DC Dynamic Report

Dynamic Report is a breakthrough programming application that provides a front-end function for your application.It is the only program that lets you generate query reports in HTML from your database and Design your own report page. With Dynamic Report, you can easily build an interactive ... database reporting , html report , dynamic report , automated report ...

May 10th 2012 791k Shareware  EgyFirst Software Inc


Scheduler.NET is a component library providing sets of calendar and scheduling features similar to ones that can be found in Microsoft Outlook.Scheduler.NET includes sets of views for appointment management, such as day, month and week view, multi-column calendar, built-in appointment and reminder dialogs allowing you ... scheduler , calendar , outlook bar ...

April 30th 2012 8,049k Shareware  Quantum Whale

AfalinaSoft XL Report for Delphi 7

Get sick and tired of report coding? Excel reporting and data analyzing with a single line of Code:Free Design, all Excel features right in a template;Full IDE integration;Master-detail and multiple-sheet reports; user defined macros;Pivot tables - the best tool for interactive data analysis;Dataset type independence;Very ...

August 2nd 2012   Shareware  Afalina Co., Ltd.


CNewsLetter permits to create a news letter very easily for your site, it functions in PHP + Mysql.The Design of the window of validations and mistake is entirely modifiable. she/it doesn't also manage the activation promenade to avoid the abuses.

June 25th 2012 10k Freeware

CUML designer

convert a c Code to UML Design it is very useful for Reverse engineering the C Code to UML class Design.

May 15th 2012 51k Freeware


SudokuPyLib is a Sudoku puzzle solver and generator written in Python. It acts as a library, hasn't graphic user interface. Design document and unit test source Code is offered. Solve any Sudoku puzzle.Generate Sudoku puzzle of any difficulty.Easy to config strategy to solve puzzle.Unit test ...

August 13th 2012 17k Freeware
AppGini PHP Code Generator For MySQL

AppGini PHP Code Generator For MySQL

AppGini is a tool that accelerates web database applications development. Use AppGini to reduce your development cost and time, and rest assured that your Code will be fully functional and bug-free. AppGini converts your database into a powerful multi-user PHP application that connects to Mysql ... php , windows , code , web , internet ...

May 12th 2008 3,669k Shareware  BigProf Software

RISE MySQL code generator

RISE Mysql Code generatorThe RISE Mysql Code generator generates a native Mysql script. The script incrementally updates the tables, columns, indexes and constraints in the database to match the RISE model. Once the database model is updated, the views defined in the RISE model are ... mysql , model , rise , code generator , mysql code generator ...

June 29th 2012 451k Freeware  RISE to Bloome Software

RISE PHP for MySQL code generator

RISE PHP for Mysql Code generatorThe RISE PHP for Mysql Code generator renders PHP source Code for database access. The generated Code implements the classes and methods corresponding to the information interfaces specified in the RISE model. This includes classes for database access and, optionally, ... php , mysql , model , rise , code generator ...

April 2nd 2012 451k Freeware  RISE to Bloome Software
MySQL Code Factory

MySQL Code Factory

MySQL Code Factory is a premier SQL Server GUI tool aimed at the SQL queries and scripts development. Key features include: Visual Query Builder, handy SQL Editor with Code folding and syntax highlighting, simultaneous executing of several queries with multi-threading, such data management features as ... server , management , development , administration , administrator ...

April 8th 2009 6,709k Shareware  SQL Maestro Group

PHP MySQL Wizard ( php Code Generator for Mysql)

PHP Mysql Wizard is an easy-to-use wizard that can create a full set of PHP pages that manage your Mysql database, using generated PHP pages users can search, sort, edit, delete, and add data into your database. Using PHP-Mysql Wizard you can instantly create powerful ...

August 7th 2012 3,502k Shareware  softgalaxy
dbForge Fusion for MySQL

dbForge Fusion for MySQL

dbForge Fusion for Mysql is a powerful plugin designed to simplify Mysql database development and enhance data management capabilities. The tool provides an easy way to manage Mysql connections. When integrated with Visual Studio, the plugin provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing ... tool , management , database , query , development ...

September 29th 2015 49,931k Shareware  Devart
dotConnect for MySQL

dotConnect for MySQL

dotConnect for Mysql is an enhanced data provider built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. With state of the art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework and LinqConnect, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and boosts productivity ... mysql , data provider , asp net , ado net , mysql net ...

December 15th 2016 70,945k Shareware  Devart

Apeel PHP Code Generator Pro

The quick and easy way to put your Mysql Database on the Web or your Intranet. Generate BETTER quality PHP data-entry Web/Intranet Applications in minutes without writing a single line of Code! Tried-and-tested Code also means little debugging/testing - all of which goes to saving ... php , web , application , intranet , mysql ...

June 3rd 2012 778k Shareware  PHP Code Generator (CBL)

Circuit Design simulation Component

Build your own Multisim like circuit Design and simulation application!Diagrams are a natural and intuitive way of expressing relationships in your application data. E-XD++ Components make it easy to add expressive, interactive Circuit Design and Circuit Simulation Visualization to your application. UCanCode's E-XD++ Diagram Component ... code , layout , source , visualization , solution ...

April 20th 2012 492k Freeware  ucancode software

ModelRight for MySQL

Do you need to Design, visualize or document your database? ModelRight 3 for Mysql can reverse engineer your existing database to get a graphical view of it, generate all the SQL statements to create the database, or synchronize your database model with Mysql database to ... mysql database design , mysql data design , mysql data modeling ...

September 8th 2012 26,624k Shareware  ModelRight, Inc.
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