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Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast

Balloons are attacking! Blast the groups of the same color. Collect rockets and megabombs - and save the day with them at the right moment. Three variations of the game: mind twisting Puzzle, steady Tactics and fast paced Arcade deliver fun gameplay for everybody. System ... game , puzzle , arcade , balloons , collapse ...

May 12th 2008 2,462k Shareware  Dekovir Entertainment
NCBI Blaster- NCBI BLAST automation tool

NCBI Blaster- NCBI BLAST automation tool

NCBI Blast is a bioinformatics software program used to find regions of similarity between two or more DNA sequences. It is used to find functional and evolutionary relationships between the sequences. A NCBI Blast search using multiple query sequences (e.g. gene predictions from a genome ... free , windows , automation , software , batch ...

October 4th 2012 2,268k Freeware  Heracle BioSoft SRL
Puzzle Blast

Puzzle Blast

Puzzle Blast is a brand new puzzler that can challenge your brain and perception reflexes! Clear gems pictured at the ancient stone with the help of magic rings. Donít let the rings fill the screen or you will lose. Beautiful graphics and relaxing music deliver ... game , puzzle , gems , rings , egypt theme game ...

May 12th 2008 3,386k Shareware  Dekovir Entertainment
Halloween Blast Animated Screensaver

Halloween Blast Animated Screensaver

Free Halloween Blast Animated Screensaver With Frightening Music by Watch the deadly haunted flowers bombard you with pumpkins, skulls and ghosts. Get this free halloween screensaver now! free , screensaver , screen , flash , saver ...

May 12th 2008 4,315k Freeware  Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpapers
Super Collapse 3

Super Collapse 3

There's more action and surprise than ever before! Adventure awaits as you explore 10 unique lands in the all-new Quest mode. Earn coins to purchase items in the Shop, or take a breather and try your luck at one of 10 mini-games in the Casino. ...

January 19th 2009 14,451k Shareware  YourGamesWorld com
Star Collapse

Star Collapse

Get a new look to a classical ball shooting game! Destroy a rotating star consisting of colored balls before the star explodes as supernova. Use mouse to control a starship. Shoot with annihilating balls of different color. Whenever a group of three or more balls ...

January 19th 2009 4,329k Shareware  invitinggames com

Button Blast

Button Blast v2.0 is a homespun collection of 300 beautifullytextured buttons that can be used royalty-free in a variety ofways. You'll use Button Blast buttons in your multimediaprojects, javascript rollovers, mouseovers, perl image scripts,flash and Java navigation menus and more...even breakout,tetris and arcade-style games!. Simply ...

July 22nd 2012 553k Shareware  Spriteworks Developments

Splash Blast

Splash in on the fun with Shamu and Seymour the sea lion! You get to play as Seymour as you use your nose to aim and shoot colorful balls into the air, trying to match three of a kind before they all fall down. With ...

June 6th 2012 5,151k Freeware  Blockdot, Inc.

File Blast

Shred your files using File Blast to ensure they are unrecoverable. File Blast erases the contents of the entire file, making it virtually impossible to reconstruct the file again, using a secure deletion algorithm, File Blast deletes file permanently, so to make sure files are ...

August 9th 2012 573k Shareware  Roundabout Software

Parallel Blast

Parallel Blast, parallelized version of Blast biological sequence analysis program, is based on NCBI's single node Blast package.Parallel Blast parallelize client's request and process the request by parallelizing the request on Blast execution cluster

April 29th 2012 805k Freeware
AsciiDoc Collapse Filter

AsciiDoc Collapse Filter

The Collapse filter allows AsciiDoc source files to define a block of text that is collapsible/expandable when rendered as XHTML.

September 11th 2012 27k Freeware

Automated Reverse BLAST

A ready-to-use Python application program run in Windows operating system to Blast query and re-Blast returned hits for protein sequence verification.

July 16th 2012 6,220k Freeware

BLAST Ring Image Generator

BRIG is a cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Unix) application that can display circular comparisons between a large number of genomes, with a focus on handling genome assembly data. Please cite the BRIG paper if BRIG is used to generate figures for publications: NF Alikhan, NK Petty, NL Ben ...

April 15th 2012 12,811k Freeware

BLAST-Extend-Rep raze

BLAST-Extend-Repraze (BER) is a package for identifying potential frameshifts or point mutations in a given open reading frame (ORF).

April 20th 2012 14k Freeware


FSA-Blast is a new version of the popular Blast (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) bioinformatics tool, used to search genomic databases containing either protein or nucleotide sequences. FSA-Blast is twice as fast as NCBI-Blast with no loss in accuracy.

March 28th 2012 268k Freeware
Space Blast

Space Blast

Classic space shooter with nice graphics. You have to score as many points surviving in outer space. Hide from meteors, destroy hundreds of space ships. All this awaits you in the new shooter - Space Blast! It's your turn to put a new record! Classic space ... freeware , freeware games , free game downloading ...

February 8th 2017 22,949k Freeware  Falco Software Company

Wiggilez Blast

Shoot the critters as they wiggle (hence the term wiggilez) towards you. The critters all have their own speed and motion. Some will shoot bombs at you and hide behind each other. If any reach the bottom, you will loose a life and restart the ...

January 19th 2009 4,756k Shareware  uppergroove ca

Bowling Blast

Cool 3D ten pin bowling game. Features different lane sizes and you can choose what type of ball to throw!Very exciting music included and you can always load your own favorite Mp3's in the game.This Game is Freeware, screened for maximum quality by Illusion Software ...

January 19th 2009 14,286k Freeware  illusion fileburst com

Fusion Blast 2D

FusionBlast 2D is a powerful two dimensional GDI based game engine. Unfortunately it is only in Turkish now. And maybe there will be no other languages. Because the project changed its name and whole engine re-coded again using the power of OpenGL.

June 21st 2012 28k Freeware
AMI PNG Transitions 2

AMI PNG Transitions 2

Add twenty breathtaking special effects to AMI PNG/MNG Construction Set, the animation software for presentation and screen saver graphics. Select from Airlock, Anonymous, Blast Doors, Blinds, Blocks, Cloudburst, Collapse, Crush, Diamonds, Dissolve, Dissolve and Blur, Expand, Fold, Implode, Iris, Matrix, Scan lines, Searchlight, Swirl, Time ... image , windows , plugin , software , animation ...

May 12th 2008 741k Shareware  Alchemy Mindworks
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Software Downloads 1-20 of 40   |  Pages 1 2 
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