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Ufasoft Common Lisp

Ufasoft Common Lisp

Common Lisp development system. Includes console and IDE Lisp interpreter and compiler. Possibility of creating EXE-files. Supports CLOS. It is smallest implementation of standard Lisp, just 1MB of binary code. functional , lisp , commonlisp , clos , cl ...

August 4th 2012 3,493k Freeware  Ufasoft
Color Style Studio (paint color schemes)

Color Style Studio (paint color schemes)

If you're a professional involved with painting, decorating or color design, you need Color Style Studio! Color Style Studio enables you to select color Schemes using photo of real objects such as house interior or exterior and more! Choose colors from Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, ... software , virtual , colors , pick , select ...

January 22nd 2015 1,598k Shareware  XVel Software
Common Goldfish Wallpaper

Common Goldfish Wallpaper

Common Goldfish Wallpaper is an interactive and smoothly desktop background which let you click of your mouse to guide Common Goldfish fish in any given direction. Common Goldfish is a very gracious and beautiful aquarium fish of the goldfish species. The Common goldfish is the ... wallpaper , common goldfish ...

January 25th 2015 3,389k Freeware  digiaquascr
Common Controls

Common Controls

The Common-Controls form a Java Presentation Framework based on Java Servlets, Java Serverpages (JSP) and Struts. The Presentation Framework contains the most Common control elements like lists, trees, tabfolders, menus and forms, which are required for the development of J2EE applications with HTML frontends.

January 19th 2009 8k Shareware  common controls com

Microsoft Common Controller Xinput Driver

Microsoft Common Controller Driver is a new game input standard that is used for both the Xbox360 console and for Windows XP SP1 and above. The Xbox360 controller or any controllers that utilizes this standard will enable the device to be used on Windows

April 8th 2012 713k Freeware

Lowest Common Denominator Bible

Simple Bible freeware for non-techies (including missionaries/children/seniors) Small 1.2 meg download with OT+NT. < 1 sec launch and searches even on obsolete Lowest Common Denominator 486's (1 gb hd, 640*480 res, 16 mb mem, no CD, 28.8 modem, Win95)

August 20th 2012 6,611k Freeware

Onemind common java library

onemind-commons contains several java libraries: Common-java: java datastructure/util library; relational-bean: an extension to java bean library for relational object model representation; invocation: an optimzable reflection wrapper framework

May 14th 2012 7k Freeware

URLexam - URL Encoding/decodin g utility

URLexam is a web development tool which encode a text to the url-encoded string and decode a url-encoded string to the plain text. URL encodingURL decoding

July 27th 2012 67k Freeware


Net::FTP::Common is a Perl module that makes Common Net::FTP usagea one-line, no-argument affair. It handles thecommon pre-phase of login, cd, and file type setting.It provides detailed and simple directory listings.It provides filtering and conn

April 22nd 2012 15k Freeware

C++ Common Classes Collection

Cfour is a collection of reusable classes to simply Common programming tasks and lower development time. The collection includes classes for file i/o, class persistence, character menus, cgi, cookies, and translation between xml tags and data pairs.

August 16th 2012 27k Freeware

C++ Common Persistent Objects Library

The C++ Common Persistent Objects library is a template based toolkit library for use in creating flat file streaming of objects, streaming of objects over the internet using a variety of protocols, and oodbms solutions.

March 27th 2012 876k Freeware

Common Model Exchange

CMX (Common Model eXchange) is a model exchange format which captures all of the information necessary to represent an electrical or mixed-signal/technology device model, independent of a specific language or simulator, using XML and XSLT transformations.

September 13th 2012 83k Freeware

Common Music

Common Music (CM) is a real-time music composition system implemented in C++ and Scheme. It generates musical output via MIDI, OSC, CLM, FOMUS and CSOUND. Its user application is called GRACE (Graphical Real-time Algorithmic Composition Environment)

June 27th 2012 4,788k Freeware

Common Role Management

Common role (ComoRo) lets you manage all roles for your applications in a centralized way, being the natural extension to single-sign-on (sso).Comoro recommends the use of a SSO system, like CAS.

September 5th 2012 1,903k Freeware

Common UNIX Programming Library

CUPL (Common UNIX Programming Library) is a library which includes some Common functions developers need.Config parser, pre-forked daemon library, BSD socket interface and so.This library provides Common interface to UNIX programmers and saves your time.

September 20th 2012 27k Freeware

CLOCC - Common Lisp Open Code Collection

Our aim is to create a collection of useful and free Common Lisp - Applications that are easily portableamong the various CL - Implementations.

May 13th 2012 23k Freeware

Common Lisp Graph Tools

A Common Lisp library for representing and manipulating graphs. Algorithms implemented: subgraph isomorphism (Ullman), automorphism, canonicalization (Nauty), connected-components/union-find.

April 1st 2012 40k Freeware

Common Lisp SNMP

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for Common Lisp, UDP Networking for LispWorks, ...

September 15th 2012 4,225k Freeware

Common Lisp Utilities

Common Lisp Utilities is a repository for Common Lisp packages thatrun on any compliant implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.

July 14th 2012 197k Freeware

Common Lisp bindings to GTK+

clg is an interface to the GTK+ graphical toolkit for the CMUCL, SBCL and CLISP implementations of Common Lisp.

July 20th 2012 258k Freeware
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