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TooHot Crossword Puzzle Java Applet

The Java Applet can be placed on your homepage. Visitors can play Crossword puzzles online. Your puzzle-data is retrieved from your Website. If you are a programmer, you can modify the source-code to adapt your wishes. Your puzzle can be created by yourself with a ...

August 24th 2012   Freeware  Tea Sign

JMR - Java MissionierungsRe chner

For the Browser-Game Uga-Agga ( I wrote this little Program to calculate the ratio between the recources you put in a free cave and the count of your caves.I named the Program "Java MissionierungsRechner"

April 4th 2012 27k Freeware

Java For Dummies

This is the Java For Dummies book that are people that want to learn how to Program in Java

September 7th 2012 874k Freeware

Java Fortune

This is a Java version of the famous fortune game from BSD. I am writing this Program in Java so that people can have a platform independent version of this great utility. I am also hoping to add some features and make jfortune fun to ...

August 4th 2012 16k Freeware
CustomChat Server

CustomChat Server

The CustomChat Server is for novices and advanced programmers. It requires only a browser for an Administrator to manage chat rooms. There is no hardware or software for the end user to download or install, and the system is intuitively set up for Administrators to ... chat software , java chat software , free chatware , multimedia enabled chat , video chat ...

May 12th 2008 9,102k Freeware  CustomChat Inc


ReallyEasyReader makes Speed Reading simple. You can change your reading speed in minutes. Simply load a document, click play, sit back and relax, and find yourself reading at twice your normal speed. ReallyEasyReader does the hard work for you. Similar to the way that the ... speed reading software , speed reading course , speed reading tutorial , easy reading , read easier ...

May 12th 2008 1,889k Shareware  Technical Magic Limited


I have developed a Key-Value package , it has higher performance than Hibernate, furthermore it supports distributed development.This framework can be used in the area with highly speed requirement, such as communication Program in Java.

April 18th 2012 2,848k Freeware

Minecraft World Backup Utility

A small Program written in Java that will backup and restore your minecraft worlds. My first Program in Java... Currently Windows only.

July 11th 2012 13k Freeware


Munchie is a fun little jar Program (so Java required) that can help you and your coworkers (or friends) make the important decisions in life. Where to eat for lunch.The Program organizes a self-populated list of your favorite restaurants. It features a rating system and ...

June 25th 2012 116k Freeware


This Program is a Java interface for Mednafen, a good emulator for GNU/LInux, like NES, GBA,GB,GBC, Lynx, etc.Since it is coded in Java, the Program works under GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Easy to use interface.Java powered.Per user settings.For GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.

June 30th 2012 284k Freeware

The Sprout Project

Sprout is a Java library of classes meant to be useful to anyone learning to Program in Java. It contains a variety of utility classes, and a variety of useful classes for testing and debugging Java programs.

May 19th 2012 21k Freeware

Verse GUI

This Program is a Java GUI that supplies a Bible verse(s) and an associated challenge as well as some features like journaling and customizable settings. This project is currently stored in SVN so download it there (

April 8th 2012 143k Freeware

Java Crossword Puzzle Generator

Give jcrossword a list of words and clues and get back a Crossword puzzle. Save word lists and puzzles, print puzzles for solving later.

June 10th 2012 53k Freeware
Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor

Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor

Create custom Crossword puzzles fully automatically using your own databases or built in clue-answer dictionaries. Puzzles can be exported as JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF and HTML or published as Online-Game with popular TooHot Open Source Java Applet. editor , puzzle , download , games , software ...

May 12th 2008 7,951k Demo  Tea Sign
Crossword Compiler

Crossword Compiler

Crossword Compiler will help you create puzzles, print out, export andpublish interactive crosswords on the web. Create vocabulary puzzles in seconds - just type insome words and the Program will build them into a puzzle. Automaticallyfill in standard American or British style blank grids. Search ... puzzle , maker , java , crossword , sudoku ...

April 8th 2009 1,555k Shareware  Antony Lewis
Crossword Power

Crossword Power

Create multiple Crossword puzzles from your vocabulary words and clues. Vocabulary words and matching clues are entered once, and saved for future use. The Program can automatically print out up to 30 unique puzzles from each list. Combine word lists for review. Includes many optional ... vocabulary , puzzles , word games , crossword , sudoku ...

May 12th 2008 2,312k Shareware  WISCO Computing
Crossword Construction Kit

Crossword Construction Kit

Crossword Construction Kit is a great tool for educators, students, publishers, corporate trainers and puzzle enthusiasts to quickly produce professional looking puzzles. Just enter the words and clues, select a puzzle shape and page layout, and press a button to generate the puzzle.Design your own ... express , generator , shapes , teachers , schools ...

April 8th 2009 4,824k Shareware  Insight Software Solutions
Java Obfuscator DashO

Java Obfuscator DashO

DashO Java Obfuscator: * Enhances source code security--state-of-the-art technology protects Java applications, securing important intellectual property.* Decreases Java Program size.* Improves run-time performance--removes unneeded Program elements and renames identifiers to small names.Key Features:* Package/Class/Method/Field renaming using patented Overload-Induction(tm) * Advanced Control Flow Obfuscation * String ... code protection , watermarker , java obfuscator , compactor ...

April 8th 2009 16,666k Demo  PreEmptive Solutions
Professional Crossword Generator preview

Professional Crossword Generator preview

Professional Crossword Generator preview version with English dictionary plug in. Download and compose crosswords in English. Download any language plug in and compose crosswords in other language.Please note that this is preview version.Preview version restrictions: * Maximum Crossword size is 10 x 10. * Maximum ... free , generator , crossword , dictionary ...

April 8th 2009 4,710k Demo  Professional Crossword Software
Jindent Code Formatter for Java/C/C++

Jindent Code Formatter for Java/C/C++

Jindent is a powerful source code formatter for Java, C and C++. A Program like Jindent is also referred to as a Java formatter, C++ formatter, pretty printer, code beautifier or indent tool. Jindent empowers you to transform any foreign Java/C/C++ source code to meet your ... code , format , printer , source , java ...

December 19th 2010 45,583k Shareware  Newforms Software Development
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