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Quill 3D

Quill3D a 3D modelling program, ideal for games development.Primitive Based Modelling- Manipulate your models easily using tools such a Lathe, Extrude, Array,Join and many more..Mesh Building - Build Custom models from scratch with helper tools such as Polyreduction, extrude..UV Mapper - Create a skins for ...

May 12th 2008 5,857k Demo  IDIGICON


ADKia is a smart anti-ad software product for MS IE. It can kill pop-up windows, gif & flash banner ads, or one of them. It works in two mode: automatic and manual. You can control it conveniently, by press shortcut you can, pause or restart ...

May 12th 2008 978k Shareware  jqml com
VNC Scan Enterprise Console

VNC Scan Enterprise Console

VNCScan allows you to remotely control and manage your workstations and servers. VNCScan is the legendary front end to VNC. With VNCScan, you can: * Take remote screen shots of networked Computers * Scan for and deploy VNC Remote Control on your network * Make ... security , network , scanner , screen shot , remote ...

May 12th 2008 4,784k Shareware  BozTeck
Call Accounting Mate

Call Accounting Mate

Call Accounting Mate is an industrial strength, fast and reliable call accounting software package that can be used in institutions such as offices, hospitals, universities, and organizations that need to allocate telecom costs to various individuals, departments or cost centers. It can also be used ... phone software , call accounting software , telephone billing , telemanagement , hotel billing ...

May 12th 2008 2,039k Shareware  Call Accounting and Telephone Billing

Famulus SEC

Features 1.It need just a little memory,the minimum memory request is 700K and the maximum is 1000K, so it can work in the mostly computer. 2.You can edit,save,and manage your information freely.SEC also is a perfect text editor, you can customize the font,font's color and ...

May 12th 2008   Shareware  SEC Developer Group
Actual Installer

Actual Installer

Actual Installer simplifiers the job of the software developer and makes distributing programs more cost effective and convenient even for those just getting into the industry. The program was created to help developers of any skill and experience level easily put together distributives that can ... installer , windows installer , software development , software developers , installation software ...

March 29th 2014 5,300k Shareware  Softeza Development

Smartcell Standard

One of the premium products from Indisoft, smartcell has two flavours; standard and professional. The features of these products are listed below: * Empowers you with the ability to send a normal text message to anyone or any group in the world using GSM mobiles ...

May 12th 2008 742k Shareware  Indisoft
Putt Mania

Putt Mania

Putt Mania is an arcade-style virtual golf game that builds upon classic game play with innovative ideas. It is the third game release by the 2005 IGF award winning indie developer. At the core of the game is a unique shot mechanic that favors strategy ... editor , game , shareware , fun , golf ...

May 12th 2008 7,615k Shareware  Evertt com
The Magic Blackboard

The Magic Blackboard

Using just a bat, keep the balls in play and destroy all the bricks to progress through hundreds of levels. The slowly descending bricks encourage strategic play, while the large number of power ups and ball types give endless combinations of game play. The Magic ...

January 19th 2009 6,489k Shareware  alpha72 com

AAM8 Data Capture

M8 Systems cut your data capture costs by anything from 20 to 50 percent. Traditionally, data is captured by operators copying information from text or spreadsheet cells and pasting it, either directly into your data base input screen, or into template files which your data ...

January 19th 2009 1,260k Freeware  m8software com
ASP Report Wizard

ASP Report Wizard

The ASP Report Wizard is a multi-level web reporting component that is used to generate professional drill-down reports with as much 1 Click from virtually any data source. This version supports many features including fast dynamic reports, simple charts & graphs, multi-level data reporting, multiple ... report writer , web reports , multiple column sorting , join tables , online reporting ...

April 8th 2009 600k Freeware  ASP Web Solution com
Webuzo for Vanilla

Webuzo for Vanilla

It is specially made to help small communities grow larger through SEO mojo, totally customizable social tools, and great user experience. Vanilla is also Built with integration at the forefront, so it can seamlessly integrate with your existing website, blog, or Custom-Built application. webuzo , vanilla ...

October 26th 2011 244,778k Shareware  Softaculous Ltd


HTB MyIP 2.0 is Custom Built software to find out your IP address. It is effective and accurate unlike other software which is incapable of determining a real world IP when you are behind a firewall or router. It also provides you with your host ... myip , computer ip , machine ip ...

July 31st 2012 420k Freeware  Host The Best

Pale Moon 3 Portable

Pale Moon is a Custom-Built and optimized Firefox-based browser. Pale Moon Portable allows you to take it with you anywhere.You?ve enjoyed Pale Moon at home, or at the office. You?ve wondered if you could use it elsewhere: in a library, on a public comput

May 23rd 2012 10,045k Freeware

Pale Moon Portable

Pale Moon is a Custom-Built and optimized Firefox-based browser. Pale Moon Portable allows you to take it with you anywhere.<p>You´ve enjoyed Pale Moon at home, or at the office. You´ve wondered if you could use it elsewhere: in a librar

May 28th 2012 14,592k Freeware


LDOM is aiming to provide a LDAP back-ended simple / easy to administer web based POSIX user & group account management system running atop a Custom Built FreeBSD OS booted from a compact flash card.

August 2nd 2012 24,969k Freeware

OpenCV DLLCapture Project

The OpenCV DLLCapture project goal is to provide an easy way for using the Intel OpenCV library face recognition feature within Custom Built applications.

August 3rd 2012 4,057k Freeware

Video Effect Plugin

This is as plug-in for the Winamp (2.x) Compatible. Using this plug-in we can view the all movies and songs in Winamp. What is the difference between the Existing one and this is, we can view the movie with the image effects, and supports the ...

May 28th 2012 563,458k Freeware

Human Perimetry System Software

The Human Perimetry System project is designed to run Custom-Built hardware for visual and auditory attention. It was developed at Boston University [2005] and under the GPL for public use and further research.

August 4th 2012 1,555k Freeware

The Yacht Instumentation Project

The Yacht Instrumentation Project is a flexible java desktop that allows for Custom Built virtual instruments to be created using any number of NMEA data streams via serial ports.

April 19th 2012 183k Freeware
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