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Sql Date Handling - Sql Date Compare - Sql Date Time Functions - Php 4 To Php 5 Conversion - Online Php Validator Php Form Validator
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[en] Functions SELECT_QUERY() INSERT_QUERY() UPDATE_QUERY() to display/process forms/query in one line.[fr] Fonctions SELECT_QUERY() INSERT_QUERY() UPDATE_QUERY() pour afficher/excuter des requtes/formulaires en une ligne

June 20th 2012 24k Freeware


The Weaverslave is a flexible editor. You can insert HTMLtags or other text snippets from menu or a tool window. The text snippets can be change with a dialog. Tool windows for colors, entites and a taginspector are avaliable. File an image browser are integrated, ... editor , html , php , xml , source ...

May 12th 2008 2,311k Freeware  Thomas Weinert

PHP Studio 2008

PHP Studio 2008 is an integrated development environment for Php, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for editing, debugging and deploying Php based web applications. This advanced Php editor enables web developers to code faster and more efficiently with many convenient features such as: Built-in HTTP ... editor , perl , html , php , coding ...

May 12th 2008 1,643k Shareware  Top Systems Ltd
PHP Studio 2009

PHP Studio 2009

PHP Studio 2009 is an integrated development environment for Php, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for editing, debugging and deploying Php based web applications. This advanced Php editor enables web developers to code faster and more efficiently with many convenient features such as: Built-in HTTP ... ftp client , script , http server , environment , code explorer ...

April 8th 2009 1,805k Shareware  Cayoren Software

PHP Object Relational Mapping

PHP Object Relational Mapping is a simple framework which bridges the gap between Php classes and database tables. This framework trivializes & automates CRUD tasks while still allowing you to unleash the full power of Php and Sql in your web app.

April 20th 2012 222k Freeware


With this script, we utilize Php and Sql to provide the best possible links page for you to advertise your message or allow individuals to leave their links on your page. This is the Free-For-All-Links page for Y2K and beyond.

August 23rd 2012 85k Freeware
dbQwikReport Pro

dbQwikReport Pro

Simple web reports, simply. With dbQwikReport you can easily design reports that run on your web site. The easy to use wizard will have you making reports in seconds complete with grouping and totals. It generates all your code for you in ASP or Php ... php , database , asp , sql , code generator ...

April 8th 2009 4,122k Demo  TheDevShop Ltd


SQLUtilities extends the T-Sql scripting environment by adding 64 new general-purpose functions for text, Date/time and numeric processing that can be used directly within queries and stored procedures at the database layer. Date and time functions include table-valued sequence generator functions that can generate 'on-the-fly' ... sql string functions , sql text processing , sql date time functions , sql date handling , sql sequence generator ...

May 27th 2011 522k Shareware  TotallySQL Ltd
Backup Watcher for MySQL

Backup Watcher for MySQL

Program Backup Watcher for MySQL is intended for making database backups of the MySQL server. Archiving can be done on the local computer as well as using the remote server in the Internet. The program has the built in and easily customized scheduler, thanks to ... database tool , mysql backup , sql-script creation , backup watcher for mysql ...

February 28th 2009 3,884k Shareware  Desktop Software


This template demonstrates how to use the CMS tools with Php and Sql.Features:a€? Online administrator panel (CMS Admin) to add/edit/copy and remove pages.a€? The administrator panel supports several popular editors like CKEditor.a€? You can hide pages from the menu structure which currently under construction.a€? CMS ...

June 29th 2012 2,370k Freeware

AFN WEB Editor

Create and manage your website with this easy to use editor. AFN WEB Editor is a new solution to web page coding. Its user-friendly interface makes it useful both for beginners and experts. Program has special features for HTML, CSS, SSI, Php, Sql, Python, Java, ...

January 19th 2009 996k Shareware  afnsoft com

MiShell Simple Editor

MiShell Simple Editor (console based, C, C++, Java, Perl, Php, Sql, Makefile syntax highlighting, code completion, etc.) bests when used with ctag and ctags (included in the zip).

August 1st 2012 206k Freeware


A Php/Sql-based link sharing system for small communities and friends or coworkers to submit links with titles and descriptions, then allow comments and tracking the popularity. It can also be used to organize and keep personal bookmarks.

July 8th 2012 256k Freeware

Tv.2 CMS

Tv.2 CMS is a Php+Sql based Content Management System oriented towards simplicity, effectiveness and extensibility. The system uses XML-like database to store content.

May 9th 2012 58k Freeware

VA Bannerator

A Php Ad Server tuned for millions of impressions per day across distributed servers. Allows GIF, JPEG, PNG, and rich media (HTML) ads. Requires Apache/Php and a Sql database. Sponsored by VA Linux Systems.

July 4th 2012 30k Freeware


2532|Gigs is an opensource Php/Sql gig lister developed for bands, venues, and music sites. The webbased control panel allows users to manage artists, shows, and users. Features include RSS feed, multiple users, flyer generator, mini calendar, and more.

May 8th 2012 303k Freeware


WT is a Php/Sql based web server application framework, designed for small companies or other groups to share information between the team members. WT comes with the ability to install certain modules, to make it as customizable as possible.

August 18th 2012 66k Freeware

XT-Commerce - Community made shopping

xt-Commerce is a powerfull Opensource e-Commerce Solution, written in Php/Sql, with a smarty Template engine, and lots of features for a successfull e-commerce site.

March 30th 2012 571k Freeware

YASC - Yet a simple CMS

YASC, is a modular flexible CMS.Based on Php and a Sql-Database (check page for supported databases) it allows you to administrate very simple pages or complex pages, allowing an easy integration of 3rd party modules.

August 6th 2012 3k Freeware


A set of tools which speed up www-development: oo.Admin: - Designed for administrating the site, but also for users to manage their user accounts etc. oo.Sql: - Build Php/Sql applications with Sql-language independency. oo.Ajax:- A simple JS ajax-library

June 20th 2012 156k Freeware
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