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DCC Search

the Dcc Search project is an attempt to provide a usable gui that combines searching XDCC servers and then downloading from them. XDCC servers are found on IRC channels, and this should allow users to download from them without knowledge of IRC commands

September 8th 2012 60k Freeware  getdcc.sourceforge.net


This project is a collection of software and embedded system designs that are developed for controling trains on a modular model railroad as used by FREMO.

April 21st 2012 5,787k Freeware  fremodcc.sourceforge.net
Hash Suite

Hash Suite

Hash Suite is a very efficient auditing tool for Windows password hashes (LM, NTLM, and Domain Cached Credentials also known as Dcc or MSCash).It is very fast, yet it has modest memory requirements even when attacking a million of hashes at once.The GUI is simple, ... windows , password , login , passwords , logon ...

July 9th 2012 15,141k Shareware  Hash Suite Software

IRCXpro Messenger

IRCXpro Messenger supports all common IRC client functionality from full color support to Dcc Send/Resume and Dcc Chat. IRCXpro Messenger comes complicate with its own Contacts list where you can add your buddy’s and see when they are online / offline and Channel Operators can ... irc , chat , talk , ircx , ircd ...

May 12th 2008 4,627k Freeware  Quality On Line Ltd
Music Wizard Professional

Music Wizard Professional

Music Wizard is the perfect solution for managing your music collection, including CD, MiniDisc, Vinyl records, Tapes, DAT, Dcc and MP3. You can locate titles or records with the powerful search function, and create complete lists of your records sorted by artist, titles or time. ... music , manager , player , cd , database ...

May 12th 2008 7,093k Shareware  Stefan Hollesch
Desktop Control Center 1000

Desktop Control Center 1000

SunsideConnection präsentiert ein großartiges Anwendungsprogramm zur Optimierung deiner persönlichen Organisation - eine Software die 100%ig beim täglichen Arbeiten, laufenden Projekten und raschen Memos viel bringt von der Post-It Funktion bis hin zur Strukturierung umfangreicher Projekte.Diese Software heißt Desktop Control Center 1000 (Dcc 1000). Sie listet ...

May 12th 2008 1,172k Freeware  B Florian
IceChat IRC Client

IceChat IRC Client

IceChat can connect to many IRC Servers, has full scripting support and customizable popup menus, and a unique, easy to use Interface. It has emoticon support, skins, Full Dcc Support, Easy to setup for Multi Servers. IceChat is in constant development, and is aimed at ... image , utility , jpg , mass , resizing ...

April 8th 2009 2,743k Freeware  IceChat Networks


Java based visual IRC client. Supports multiple chat windows, Dcc, andall the IRC commands for regular users and operators. chat , server , java , admin , operator ...

April 8th 2009 6,000k Shareware  PlexObject Solutions Inc

ClicksAndWhistle s

ClicksAndWhistles features multi-server connection support, multiple "identities", unicode (utf-8) support, floating, MDI or tabbed windows, text and paragraph formatting (including colored / bold / italic / underline fonts), background .PNG images and outline/shadow fonts, customizable colour schemes/themes, message logging, file transfer (Dcc), "connection scripts", favorite ...

June 14th 2012 1,597k Freeware  clicksandwhistles.com


HydraIRC is an open-source IRC client with an attractive and easy to use interface. It supports Dcc Chat and File transfers, Connecting to multiple servers, Dockable Floating Tabbed Windows, Autohiding Windows, DLL Plugins, Channel Monitoring, Message Logs, Event Viewer, Themes, Color schemes, Buddy groups, Audible ...

May 8th 2012 645k Freeware  HydraIRC

LIRCer ("lurker" ;)

IRC Client (eventually a plugin for Miranda), Supports most IRC options, Dcc send/receive, chat, FServer. Multiple profiles (concurrent servers), animation. Using Delphi 5, Delphi 7, Indy, TWebBrowser (or a TRichEdit if IE not installed)

September 9th 2012 596k Freeware  lircer.sourceforge.net

MV EPG plugin

MV is a free EPG plugin for the Dreambox digital satellite receiver, intended to replace both the built in channel list and Multi-EPG.

August 10th 2012 731k Freeware  mv-plugin.sourceforge.net

LO Games

LOGames is a project that aims e-learning game development based on Learning Object Technology. LOGames are built up an existents patterns , like SCORM (Shared Content Object Model) and Dcc (Digital Content Component), using InfraBig infrastructure.

July 29th 2012 1,509k Freeware  logames.sourceforge.net

Ogre Studio

Ogre Studio is a complete Dcc tool/editor for use with the OGRE engine. Ogre Studio is a moduler, plugin based Dcc tool that allows graphical scene editing, text/script editing with syntax highlighting and remote debugging support, and many more features

May 21st 2012 10,628k Freeware  visualogrecore.sourceforge.net

XCN -- X Chat Napsterizer

XCN is an XChat script (written in Perl, of course) that queries Dcc bots for their lists of served files and searches these lists based on user input. Effectively, making use of Dcc bots rather Napsterlike.

June 22nd 2012 6k Freeware  xcn.sourceforge.net


nwIRC is a small console IRC client for Unix systems. It works without third-party libraries and has been tested on Free/Net/OpenBSD, Darwin, Solaris, HP-UX, OSF1/Tru64, IRIX, AIX, Linux and Cygwin. Key features are multiserver/IPv6/Dcc/modules support

August 15th 2012 70k Freeware  nwirc.sourceforge.net


qdccFetch is an X-Chat plugin for Linux/Windows designed to give a better visual representation and a more robust interaction with Dcc file transfers. The plugin to X-Chat is written in C, whilst the GUI is coded in C++/QT4.

May 22nd 2012 38k Freeware  qdccfetch.berlios.de

savIRC Graphical IRC Client

savIRC is an advanced graphical IRC Client. It supports everything a modern client should support. i.e. Tabbed Windows, support for socks5, multiserver and passive Dcc; scripting is done in Tcl/Tk. For more information visit our homepage and have a look

April 25th 2012 9k Freeware  savirc.berlios.de


Objirc Chat is a Java based IRC client. This 5th generation product includes: * a cool Swing based GUI (designed for real people not just Java developers) * event-based support for the IRC protocol * Python and Java based plugin support * Dcc pr

August 4th 2012 552k Freeware  objircchat.sourceforge.net


BoxedIrc is a mIRC-like IRC client for microsoft windows with support for all the basic stuff like colors, CTCP and Dcc.

May 14th 2012 51k Freeware  boxedirc.sourceforge.net
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