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Midlet Dictionary

Midlet Dictionary is a Dictionary for Java-aware handsets. Will handle different languages and character sets.

August 23rd 2012 142k Freeware  midletdict.sourceforge.net

Simple UI Toolkit (suit) for MIDP

A Java Midp-based UI toolkit that provides a set of graphical components suitable for PDA devices or handheld devices with a good-sized resolution. The toolkit provides extra UI components that are not available with the standard Midp API.

June 16th 2012 45k Freeware  ascent-phase.org

PocketLearn Viewer for Windows

PocketLearn Viewers run on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, Pocket PCs, and Windows PCs. They are used to view HTML based PocketLearn content files that can be created using both free and commercial tools available from PocketLearn.com. Also at Pocketlearn.com is a categorized ... learning , education , educational , tests , ebook ...

May 12th 2008 1,263k Freeware  PocketLearn Inc

PocketLearn Viewer for Pocket PC

PocketLearn Viewers run on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, Pocket PCs, and Windows PCs. They are used to view HTML based PocketLearn content files that can be created using both free and commercial tools available from PocketLearn.com. Also at Pocketlearn.com is a categorized ... flashcard , flashcards , java , j2me , cldc ...

April 8th 2009 628k Freeware  PocketLearn Inc


emerdat is an emergency data store (medical and private) for every Java Midp 1.0 compatible cellphone. emerdat was made for those people who want to feel safer by having their vital data always at hand in their cellphone. When emerdat's medical data store is useful?: ...

May 12th 2008 24k Shareware  Lajos Kelemen


StringTuner is a smartphone application that plays the notes of a stringed instrument, such as a guitar, to aid in tuning the instrument. Intended for any device such as a smartphone or PDA that supports the Java Midp. Tunings for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Violin, CelloRuns ...

March 30th 2012 20k Freeware  stringtuner.sourceforge.net

Wireless Internet relay chat(IRC) client

WLIrc is a IRC Client for Java cell phones or any other device who support Java Midp 1.0 (j2ME).

September 12th 2012 84k Freeware  wirelessirc.sourceforge.net


EBookME is Java application (GUI, console and/or applet) which generates Java ME ebooks (JAD, JAR) from input text files. Generated books can be readed on mobile phones which support Java (Midp 1.0).

July 22nd 2012 18,409k Freeware  ebookme.sourceforge.net

Dictionary Port to Java

Project's main goal is to resemble Otto's Win32-based English-Bulgarian-English dual Dictionary (found at http://get.to/otto) on Java 2 platform.

May 15th 2012 3,353k Freeware  dictport.sourceforge.net

Java WordNet Dictionary

English-English Dictionary - It's just a jar, for using it ! It takes the definition directly from WordNet (API). Example of using: String definition = Dictionary.definition("perfume"); String[] definitions = Dictionary.definitions("perfume");

August 14th 2012 110k Freeware  dictionaryjava.sourceforge.net
Java Obfuscator DashO

Java Obfuscator DashO

DashO Java Obfuscator: * Enhances source code security--state-of-the-art technology protects Java applications, securing important intellectual property.* Decreases Java program size.* Improves run-time performance--removes unneeded program elements and renames identifiers to small names.Key Features:* Package/Class/Method/Field renaming using patented Overload-Induction(tm) * Advanced Control Flow Obfuscation * String ... code protection , watermarker , java obfuscator , compactor ...

April 8th 2009 16,666k Demo  PreEmptive Solutions
LIVE Dictionary

LIVE Dictionary

Dictionary for mobile phones with Java or Symbian. Large number of translations in many languages available: English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Afrikaans, Croatian, Esperanto, Indonesian, Irish, Latin, Swedish and Turkish.Very fast searching in up to 250.000 ... phone , cell , java , application , cellular ...

April 8th 2009 58k Shareware  UtiSoft com

RapidSpell Desktop Java

Add dialog and as-you-type spell checking to any GUI/nonGUI textual Java application (email, word processor etc) with a couple of lines of code. Can also be used on servers to provide spell checking functionality. A clean API and no native code mean a rapid and ... spell , desktop , java , checker ...

September 15th 2012 3,994k Demo  Keyoti - Java Spell Checker
1 Cool Button Tool - Java

1 Cool Button Tool - Java

Spice up your site with animated buttons, menus, navigation schemes and other Java applets using this easy-to-use tool - you can even add sound. Just arrange your buttons in a WYSIWYG window, press 'Build Java' and 1CBT creates all the Java and HTML. Features include: ... free , tool , web , buttons , button ...

May 12th 2008 3,739k Shareware  Juice Software
Apycom Java Menus and Buttons

Apycom Java Menus and Buttons

Apycom Java Menus and Buttons is a versatile, ready-made solution that allows professional and amateur web developers to create superior navigation systems for their websites and web applications. The collection contains 20 different types of controls that cover all possible web site navigation needs. Drop ... menu , button , website , source , javascript ...

May 12th 2008 2,133k Shareware  Apycom Software

Java editor

Java editor allows you to edit Java code, compile, view errors, run application or applet and much more. editor , java ...

May 12th 2008 313k Freeware  Michael Kochiashvili
IDAutomation Java Barcode Package

IDAutomation Java Barcode Package

Each package contains an applet, servlet, JavaBean and class library for barcode implementation in Java. Supports both Linear and 2D barcode types including GS1-128, Code-39, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPCa, UPCe, EAN, OneCode, Postnet, DataMatrix, Maxicode and PDF417. The Java Servlets may be used to ... code , java , barcode , ean , planet ...

May 12th 2008 715k Demo  IDAutomation com Inc
1 Cool Menu FX Tool - Java

1 Cool Menu FX Tool - Java

An incredibly powerful and easy to use Java menu-maker. Spice up your web-site with animated buttons, expandable menus, floating navigation and other interactive Java applets. You can even use any True-type font in your applet. 1 Cool Menu FX Tool features a step-by-step user interface. ... menu , buttons , button , flash , javascript ...

May 12th 2008 5,542k Shareware  Juice Software

Talking Dictionary

A speech enabled encyclopedic Dictionary and thesaurus. Uses built in speech or existing screen reader. Contains 250,000 word entries and is fully browsable. Database includes placenames, historical figures, slang and jargon. Updated with over 8500 new words. Can be used with other programs or as a ... thesaurus , dictionary , blind , blindness , talking dictionary ...

December 1st 2012 6,239k Shareware  RWF Talking Software
ADDA(Advanced Data Dictionary Architect)

ADDA(Advanced Data Dictionary Architect)

ADDA is a multipurpose toolkit for designing, creating and maintaining the database layer throughout the entire application lifecycle. *Database primary planning. *Keep track of most recent changes. *Automatically deploy changes. *Using pool of columns for common use to speed up development time. *CASE like database ... database , component , .net , sql , data dictionary ...

May 12th 2008 4,027k Commercial  Afiq and Bino Levi Ltd
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