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MacClassic version of 7Contact has been discontinued

Customer relations management for small business. Easy to use, schedule follow up appointments, tasks, call reports, mail merge and letter writing, mailing labels. Upgradable. [Win/Mac]7Contact is a sub-set of 7Office, a comprehensive enterprise sales cycle solution -- customer price proposal writing, invoicing, inventory control, purchasing, ...

May 12th 2008 11,598k Shareware  7Office Inc

Trionic Cite CMS (discontinued)

Cite enables web developers to set up complete websites in very short timeframes. It has all the functionality needed to create arbitrary site structures and a friendly interface for content editors makes filling pages a productive and easy process. This

August 5th 2012 1,146k Freeware  cite.sourceforge.net


This product is Discontinued. multimedia , wav , realtime , directsound , mixing ...

May 12th 2008 1,711k Shareware  Codestone Ltd

Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery

Our standalone digital image recovery tool has been Discontinued. The freeware image recovery functions are now integrated into ZAR (version 7.8 and up). data recovery , digital image recovery , photo recovery ...

May 12th 2008 620k Freeware  Zero Assumption Recovery Software
Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk

Powerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (drive letters) to protect your confidential information. Private Disk hides and restricts access to your programs and data. Dekart Private Disk features an innovative Disk Firewall mechanism - a unique technology ... data protection , disk encryption , encrypted disk , virtual encrypted disk , aes encryption ...

May 12th 2008 1,260k Shareware  Dekart
Advanced Bill of Materials

Advanced Bill of Materials

Advanced Bill of Materials is designed to create and maintain bill of materials of products. For every product Bill of Material can contain purchased and in-house manufactured parts as well as sub-assemblies. Advanced Bill of Materials provides effective control over production costs. User interface makes ... parts , invoices , cost , orders , production ...

July 21st 2013 6,523k Shareware  Xpress Software Inc
Power Search

Power Search

Power Search is a unique tool for searching and scraping data from virtually any website. Power Search's easy to use point-and-click interface will have you scraping websites in no time. Save your captured data to Excel or XML files. Great for data mining and website ... data mining , website analyzer , website analysis , website data extractor , extract website data ...

April 23rd 2013 14,023k Shareware  Inspyder Software Inc

L4KA microkernel

The L4Ka microkernel is an L4 compatible microkernel running on multiple platforms (x86, ARM, MIPS, PPC, 68K). Its official name is now L4Ka::Hazelnut. This kernel has been Discontinued in favor of L4Ka::Pistachio. See http://l4ka.org/

June 30th 2012 450k Freeware  l4ka.org

LIfe Plan Design

For all those who endevour to apply the best leadership and management techniques to their lives before the public victory, I dedicate this project and ask for assistance and cooperation.The initial version in access is Discontinued due to legal purpo

September 8th 2012 65k Freeware  lifeplan-design.sourceforge.net
Mambo Old Versions

Mambo Old Versions

Greetings!Since all mambo websites are not working properly, I decided to host it here on sourceforge.net for educational use!ALL CREDITS GOES TO MAMBO DEVELOPER TEAM!!!Latest Version is MamboV4.6.5Added Old Mambo Forks(Discontinued version's)!Added old Plugins(Very hard to find,may not exist anymore)!Added New MamboV4.7 & MamboV5 Experimental ...

August 27th 2012 2,743k Freeware  SourceForge.net

Mojopanel Hosting Panel

It is a free web-hosting control panel written in PHP. It is good for supplying basic free hosting to anyone. It includes a nice WISSYWIG editor for making clean pages. New features like a built in forum and live chat for support are soon to ...

April 29th 2012 2,981k Freeware  mojohostpanel.sourceforge.net

Old Euphoria programs

These are old and Discontinued projects I made using Euphoria programming language. sierpins.zip is a demo program that displays the famous Sierpinski triangle. TH10sc.zip is a command line utility to display the contents of a file in hexadecimal form.

September 7th 2012 9k Freeware  oldeuph.sourceforge.net


OpsMessenger is a simple instant-messaging program designed to be used over LANs. It is a smaller component of a much larger project that I have since Discontinued.

May 14th 2012 100k Freeware  heavyopsmsgr.sourceforge.net

PTC: BitTorrent Client

[Discontinued]Cross-Platform BitTorrent GUI and core capable of handling multiple downloads in one program instance. Excessive configuration possibilities. Scriptable Telnet-Server. Can be run without GUI. Includes database.

September 17th 2012 4,719k Freeware  ptc.sourceforge.net


Rovio has been Discontinued by its manufacturer but they have released the source code for further development.This project aims to continue the advancement of this robot as an open source project available to everyone. Customize browser interfaceControl Rovio's LEDsDevelop Extended Roaming HardwareAdd Ancillary HardwareDevelop Spare ...

June 11th 2012 11,345k Freeware  artiz.com

Windows Port Knocking

This project has been Discontinued, please see KnockKnock: http://sourceforge.net/projects/knockknock/ for Windows Port Knocking

July 10th 2012 1,901k Freeware  winportknocking.sourceforge.net

XWT Services

XWT & XWT Services has since been superceeded by the Vexi project (http://vexi.sourceforge.net/) and is Discontinued. XWT Services was a suite of complimentry additions geared towards improving your XWT experience.

June 10th 2012 4k Freeware  vexi.org
openBVE Route Editor

openBVE Route Editor

Although it is sad that the official openBVE has been Discontinued, this route editor will continue to be developed to somehow convenient route developers. Syntax highlightingAutomatic code completionIn-program command reference (not completed)

July 11th 2012 497k Freeware  SourceForge.net

phIg - php-gtk Irc Client

This was more a failed experiment thn anything else. PHP does not support multi-threading, and as such...the client had some major flaws. The project has been Discontinued. Feel free to learn from the source though.

May 20th 2012 10k Freeware  phig.sourceforge.net

phprofession job board

phProfession is a job board script. There are two types of phPro - a standalone version and a PostNuke module. Support for standalone versions has been Discontinued. This project supports only the PostNuke module starting from version 3.0.

June 3rd 2012 392k Freeware  profession.sourceforge.net
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