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Discovery 3D Screensaver

Discovery 3D Screensaver

Welcome to the chamber of some unknown Medieval explorer and scholar. Old sturdy oak table stands in the middle of the chamber with several heavy dusty volumes on top. One of the manuscripts is open. A map of recently discovered lands lies on the table ... screensaver , 3d , fantasy , discovery ...

May 12th 2008 3,317k Shareware  3Planesoft
Slitheris Network Discovery

Slitheris Network Discovery

Slitheris Network Discovery is much more than a typical IP scanner, capable of scanning 100 network devices in about 5 minutes! Most network scanners detect the basics like the MAC Address, but leave the OS field empty and don't even bother identifying device types. Our ... ip scanner , network security , network scanner , network discovery , network inventory ...

November 7th 2018 5,696k Shareware  Komodo Laboratories LLC

Vizeon Discovery WebTop

Explore our amazing world with stunning videos, images and sounds. There are sections on Animals, Space, Earth, History and Dinosaurs. Far better than ordinary wallpaper, Vizeon Discovery WebTop is simple and easy to use - just point and click. Comes attractively packaged with many webcasts, ...

May 12th 2008 18,884k Shareware  Vizeon Technologies Ltd
Password Discovery

Password Discovery

Password Discovery is a tool to recover lost or forgotten passwords on almost every windows program and web site (Internet Explorer Only). On windows systems almost any program that demands a password insertion use an edit box that hides your password behind a row of ... software , email , password , security , aol ...

May 12th 2008 375k Shareware  46Soft com
Discovery 3D Photo Screensaver

Discovery 3D Photo Screensaver

Welcome to the chamber of some unknown Medieval explorer and scholar. Old sturdy oak table stands in the middle of the chamber with several heavy dusty volumes on top. One of the manuscripts is open. A map of recently discovered lands lies on the table ...

May 12th 2008 5,518k Shareware  Photo Screensavers
PacketTrap Network Discovery

PacketTrap Network Discovery

PacketTrap ( Network Discovery performs a lightning quick scan of the network to discover all devices. Leveraging SNMP, the tool provides a complete set of hardware, software, and processes attributes for each device. Results are piped into a cutting-edge iGoogle-like interface. Search for specific information ... ping , whois , network monitoring , network management , tftp server ...

May 12th 2008 6,922k Freeware  PacketTrap Networks Inc

Copy-Discovery 2000

Copy-Discovery 2000 is a Copy Protection Scanner. In the latest version (2.00) it detects 40 Copy Protections. The tool is, because of the interface, simple to use. Copy Protections can be detected on many various ways.

May 4th 2012 979k Freeware

Matrix Discovery

Initially built as a entry for a mathematics-computer contest, Matrix Discovery has provided many students with a great way to learn about matrices. Powered by Flash 8, Macromedia?s latest award-wining player, Matrix Discovery provides great, powerful pre

August 1st 2012 9,564k Freeware

DISCO - Passive IP discovery

Disco is a passive IP Discovery and fingerprinting utility designed to uniquely identify IPs and the host operating system running on a network.

July 12th 2012 121k Freeware

DNS Discovery Daemon

DNS Discovery Daemon (DDD) is a deamon that finds out if the IPv6 configuration on this host is "complete" and that IPv6 addresses for at least one DNS server are known. The purpose is to find out whether the host can operate in IPv6-only mode.

April 20th 2012 809k Freeware

Hybrid Operating System Discovery

HOSD is a tool combining both the active and passive approaches to OS Discovery into a single unified framework where the active module relies on the information passively gathered in order to figure out the OS of a target.

May 27th 2012 1,205k Freeware

CI Discovery Network Inventory

Comprehensive network inventory software for help desks and IT departments.No client installation required to audit targeted machines.Extensive hardware, software and system configuration data captured for both workstations and servers.Use to enforce software license compliance, IT troubleshooting and asset management.On-board reporting tools, search, HotFix dectection, Product ...

June 10th 2012 41k Demo  Kemma Software

Knowledge Discovery Toolbox

KDT provides domain experts with a simple interface to analyze very large graphs quickly and effectively without requiring knowledge of the underlying graph representation or algorithms. It provides a Python interface and can run on clusters. Python interfaceC++ backend that can run on clusters with ...

July 11th 2012 1,953k Freeware

802.11 Network Discovery Tools

802.11 network tools - allow for detection of networks and services initially using wireless extensions for linux (openbsd porting simple?) and raw 802.11 frames. initial support is for the wavelan/orinoco card and plan support for aironet cards (onc

March 31st 2012 34k Freeware

Wilderness Discovery and Planning System

Wilderness mapping system aimed to help automate trip planning in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This is part of an undergraduate senior design project sponsored by the University of Minnesota Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

April 13th 2012 27,398k Freeware

Gene-Disease Discovery

The tool helps biomedical researchers in interpreting complexexperiments by automatically discovering novel gene disease associations that usually are extracted manually using existingtools.

April 4th 2012 148k Freeware


Get a full graphical map of your network! NetworkView is a compact network Discovery and management tool for the Win32 platform : in a few minutes, it will discover all TCP/IP nodes and draw a full graphical map (including routes) using DNS, MAC addresses, SNMP ... monitor , port scanner , management , network , snmp ...

May 12th 2008 1,083k Shareware  NetworkView Software
Cisco CDP Monitor

Cisco CDP Monitor

Cisco CDP Monitor is a highly efficient network monitor and troubleshooting tool for network administrator and network engineer. First, Cisco CDP Monitor is a CDP Client for windows host. It is able to use the CDP(Cisco Discovery Protocol) to send host information to connecting Cisco ... cisco client , cdp client , cdp agent , cisco discovery protocol ...

May 12th 2008 950k Shareware  TallSoft


LANsurveyor is a powerful network management application that automates the Discovery, topology mapping, documentation and reporting of critical network systems and components on your network in real time. LANsurveyor automatically discovers your network, including desktops, servers, printers, switches and routers. LANsurveyor uses industry-standard identification and ... automatic , documentation , map , mapping , hardware ...

May 12th 2008 29,307k Demo  SOLARWINDS


LanTopolog is a freeware application that provides physical network topology Discovery, visualization and monitoring Key features: - Automatic physical network topology Discovery based on SNMP - Provide detailed and searchable physical network topology map so you can quickly isolate network connectivity failures - Topology views ... utility , automatic , monitoring , alarm , freeware ...

May 12th 2008 821k Freeware  Yuriy Volokitin
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