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REALbasic Dns is a complete Dns resolver written entirely in RB supporting Mac OS (Classic and OS X) and Windows. Supports all types of Dns queries (IP, MX, Reverse Lookup etc.) and can be used as the basis of a Dns server.

September 5th 2012 851k Freeware  rbdns.sourceforge.net

Chord Alchemy

ChordAlchemy offers a rich and robust set of capabilities for looking up chords, determining what chords you are playing and hearing how they sound. Chord variations are easily handled by ChordAlchemy's powerful, Advanced Chord Theory and Chord Diagram Engines. Coupled with an easy-to-use interface, you ... find , scale , guitar , tab , chord ...

May 12th 2008 4,540k Demo  Tonal Alchemy


NetInfo is a collection of 15 different state-of-the-art network diagnostic tools on a single, easy-to-use interface. Designed from first-hand experience, NetInfo allows businesses to more effectively combat network downtime by allowing network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to more accurately isolate faults, simplify processing ... network tools , network diagnostic tools ...

May 20th 2013 5,199k Shareware  Tsarfin Computing Ltd


WebFtp 3.0 is an Ftp Client with many new and enhanced features.We have tried to keep it simple and at the same time provide accessto some of the more advanced features of FTP protocol.Features: Free upgrades for Life!Multi server connections, unlimited number.Drag and Drop interface. ... ftp , network , client , networking , communications ...

April 8th 2009 1,320k Shareware  Code Generation


SmartCallMonitor is the easy-to-use calling and monitoring software for TAPI capable hardware like a telephone system or an ISDN card. It automatically tries to match incoming phone calls with data stored in your MS-Outlook contacts to provide information about the caller (e.g. name, address etc.). ... outlook , call , office , isdn , tapi ...

November 16th 2016 17,776k Freeware  JAM Software GmbH

DioNiSio Scanner

DioNiSio is a Dns scanner written in ANSI C that only depends on sockets library and libc. It implements 3 scan methods (dictionary, massive Reverse Lookup and recursive zone transfers). Targeted to portability, rational resources usage, and easy use.

July 24th 2012 1,114k Freeware  dionisio.sourceforge.net

1st Ip Port Scanner

1st Ip Port Scanner ip finder,port finder,ip scanner,port scanner,ip tracer,ip tracker,ip camera all in one software.Find ip address,search ip address,trace ip address,scan ip address,find port,search port,scan port.Full Product Description1st Ip Port Scanner is a very useful Ip Scanner and Port Scanner. It builds ip finder ...

May 12th 2008 1,064k Shareware  SiskinSoft com

1st Net Scanner

1st Net Scanner is a very useful IP Finder and Port Finder. It builds IP finder, port finder, IP scanner, port scanner and IP tracer, IP tracker, IP camera in one software. It can find IP address, search IP address, trace IP address and scan ...

May 12th 2008 512k Shareware  Gonsoft
fonXL Call Display Screen Saver

fonXL Call Display Screen Saver

The fonXL Call Display Screen Saver turns your computer into a Call Display unit using your computer?s modem.This fully functional, easy-to-use software combines an elegant translucent design with powerful Call Display technology. The screen saver logs incoming calls while you?re away from your desk, and ... screensaver , modem , callerid , fonxl , calldisplay ...

April 8th 2009 308k Freeware  Pingram Marketing

MSN Contacts Manager

Import contacts from MSN messenger and manage them.Merge contacts with files, the currently listed contacts or with a Reverse Lookup.Add the contacts to MSN Messenger or synchronize completely with MSN Messenger.

June 13th 2012   Freeware  Rick Betting


A simple desktop program that lets you look up the expansion of a computer acronym, abbreviation or initialism using an offline database. It covers most of the computer-related fields including information technology, Internet, chat, programming, networking, graphics etc. AcronymGenie lets you search the database with ...

August 4th 2012   Freeware  Prem De


MailBee.NET SMTP enables .NET applications to compose, mail merge, and send mails to SMTP server or directly to recipients (via Dns MX Lookup). TLS/SSL, HTML mail with embedded images, ESMTP, proxy, send a web page, send with a single line of code, send to IIS ...

September 6th 2012   Shareware  AfterLogic Corporation


PhoneMondo is a cloud CTI and callerID notification solution that helps making telephony much more effective in your company. When the phone rings (either Voip, landline or on Android mobile), PhoneMondo looks up data in different data sources like online phone directories and CRM systems ... callerid , reverse lookup , call monitor , callerid notification , cloud cti ...

July 23rd 2015 1,671k Freeware  Scavix Software Ltd Co KG
Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

If you have in your possession a residential phone number but no idea that the number belongs to or what address it relates to you can use Reverse Phone Number Lookup to locate it accurately. Look up phone numbers, including public numbers and cell phone ... reverse phone lookups , reverse phone number look up , reverse phone number lookup , reverse phone number search , reverse telephone lookup ...

April 8th 2009 2,996k Freeware  Reverse Phone Lookup
Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Using Reverse Cell Phone Lookup you can do a Reverse cell phone number research and gain information about any US or Canada cell phone number. Information you can discover includes full name and current address of the cell phone number owner. reverse cell lookup , reverse cell phone look up , reverse cell phone lookup , reverse cell phone lookups , reverse cell phone number look up ...

April 8th 2009 2,996k Freeware  Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup

Written in python, Reverse Phone Lookup is a simple program that when given a phone number, will search the white pages and display the information returned (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip code). Note: This program no longer works.

September 3rd 2012 2,555k Freeware  reverselookup.sourceforge.net

Tiny Asynchronous DNS lookup library

TADNS is small, portable asynchronous Dns Lookup library written in ANSI C. Works on Windows and UNIX. Extremely simple and clean API. The source code resides in single .c file.

August 18th 2012 8k Freeware  adns.sourceforge.net
IP Country Lookup

IP Country Lookup

IP Country Lookup is a free Dns tool for Windows that lets you Lookup the country an IP address or hostname originates from. It uses a locally installed file containing a list of networks and associated countries to quickly determine the geographic source of an ... tool , utility , network , dns , ip ...

May 12th 2008 1,182k Freeware  SpamButcher
PacketTrap DNS Audit

PacketTrap DNS Audit

PacketTrap (http://www.PacketTrap.com) Dns Audit is a utility that matches one or more IP addresses to their corresponding Dns names. The tool does forward lookups on the Dns name so you can ensure that the forward and Reverse lookups match. The tool also displays NetBIOS, local ... ping , whois , network monitoring , network management , tftp server ...

May 12th 2008 6,922k Freeware  PacketTrap Networks Inc
IQ Reverse Proxy

IQ Reverse Proxy

IQ Reverse Proxy (IQRP) is a secure web Reverse proxy. Features: - Memory cache implemented for 2Gbps performance with single (core) 32-bit Pentium/Athlon/Duo Core 2 - 256-bit SSL/TLS accelerator with support for OpenSSL hardware cards and self-signed certificate creation - Load balancing in URL-aware fashion: point ... ftp server , file server , web server , http server , internet server ...

March 23rd 2009 4,134k Shareware  DEK Software International
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