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BSC E-Mailer v1.0 FREE Edition

BSC E-Mailer V1.0 FREE Edition is Freeware and you can use it free without any limitation (just don?t break any law, don?t try to resell it and don?t use it to send spam).

June 10th 2012 380k Freeware

ECS 915G-M(V1.0) RealTek Ethernet Driver

Download the latest version update for ECS 915G-M(V1.0) RealTek Ethernet Driver.

September 8th 2012 5,048k Freeware

ECS A785GM-M(V1.0) Bios 09/10/

Download the latest version update for ECS A785GM-M(V1.0) Bios.

August 22nd 2012 894k Freeware

ECS A790GXM-AD3(V1.0 /V1.0A) Bios 9/10/

Download the latest version update for ECS A790GXM-AD3(V1.0/V1.0A) Bios.

September 1st 2012 977k Freeware

ECS G31T-M9(V1.0) Bios 9/10/

Download the latest version update for ECS G31T-M9(V1.0) Bios.

August 14th 2012 702k Freeware

Vineyard Sprinklers for Bear Creek Winery and Lodging Scenery v1.0 (FS2004)

The program turns on/off the BCWL Vineyard Sprinklers effects for the spring/summer season in the BCWL Scenery V1.0.

March 25th 2012 155k Freeware

Lago Environment for Bear Creek Winery and Lodging Scenery v1.0 (FS2004)

Lago FSE effects include sound environment for the BCWL Scenery V1.0 (Registered Lago FSE required).

April 1st 2012 8,243k Freeware

Seasonal Changes for Bear Creek Winery and Lodging Scenery v1.0 (FS2004)

Scenery effects for winter, spring, summer, and fall in the BCWL Scenery V1.0.

June 29th 2012 489k Freeware
Q-SlideShow Std Eng v1.0

Q-SlideShow Std Eng v1.0

Q-SlideShow was built to meet the demands of both professional web developers and web amateurs looking for a fast simple utility to create flash slideshows. Q-SlideShow features plenty of customizable parameters to control layout graphics, motion presets, text effects and so on. Create a slideshow of your ... web developer , flash tools , create slide show , graphics tool ...

January 22nd 2009 16,403k Shareware  Quadroland

Dialgo Wave Modem ActiveXSDK v1.0

Dialgo Wave Modem ActiveX SDK Features Caller ID Extraction, Digit Monitor and Playback, Wave File Playback and Recording on Phone Line. You get to save your Wave File in 20+ Audio Formats. Inputs CCITT u-Law Compressed Wave Files for Playback. This compact telephony control reduces ...

August 19th 2012   Shareware  United Research Labs

Web Forum Reader Lite 2.0 Beta

A program for reading Internet forums. Add your favorite forums to Web Forum Reader, then see recent changes on these forums with just a few clicks. Read the most interesting topics without loading them into a browser that results in saving your traffic.

September 9th 2012 1,352k Freeware

RssReader v1.0.96.2 beta RC

RssReader collects news in the background at user configurable intervals and warns with a little popup in the system tray that a new message has arrived. You can click the news headline to see a short description of the news and click or open the ...

April 25th 2012 718k Freeware

Meetro v1.0.1570 Beta

Technically speaking, Meetro is radius and proximity based software. Untechnically speaking, it finds like-minded people around you instantly. Wherever you are. So whether you?re in-town or out of town, Meetro gets you on the town with old friends or new

June 16th 2012 3,789k Freeware

Registry Explorer V1.0 Beta

Registry Explorer can be used to replace window?s regedit. This software takes integration with windows to a new level. It is based on "shell extension" technology.

August 16th 2012 1,321k Freeware

Mousehook v1.0.0-

A small utility created as a replacement for Microsoft IntelliPoint software.

August 24th 2012 21k Freeware

QuillEdit v1.0 Beta

QuillEdit is an enhanced notepad (maybe wordpad also) replacement. It includes all the features in notepad plus Math equation editor, Symbolic calculator, graph plotter, FirEdit syntax highlighter, spelling checker, word counter, and MDI interfaces.

July 7th 2012 4,700k Freeware

ECS GF8100VM-M3 Bios (V1.0) 09/07/

Download the latest version update for ECS GF8100VM-M3 Bios.

August 21st 2012 781k Freeware

ECS GF8200A Bios (V1.0) 09/08/

Download the latest version update for ECS GF8200A Bios.

September 18th 2012 873k Freeware

Cave Chaos 3 (v1.0)

You must collect jewels and take them to whirlpools to progress in this grid-like puzzle game. You will need to work with around 90 different sprites with things like rocks, monsters, different types of locks, explosives, power-ups, and more. You may even

June 27th 2012 2,693k Freeware

Bear Creek Winery and Lodging Scenery v1.0 for Microsoft FS

This scenery was derived from an actual Winery in Homer, Alaska. The scenery features Winery Suites overlooking Glacier and Kachemak Bay Views. The main Bear Creek Lodge sits just up from the suites along side the Winery & Vineyard. Random deer wander abo

June 1st 2012 3,717k Freeware
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