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Hide Server Drives

This tool enables the Terminal Services (TSE) or Citrix administrator to hide the server disk Drives when users open a remote session. Hide Server Drives program does more than just hiding the TS server Drives! It also hides all of the root folders and the ... hide disk drives , hide server disks , terminal services administrator ...

July 5th 2012 430k Freeware  Terminal Service Plus
Hide & Protect any Drives

Hide & Protect any Drives

Hide or restrict access to any Drives such as Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash, and deny access to partitions of your hard Drives with "Hide & Protect Drives". Stop unauthorized software installations and data leak by removable media. free , download , cd , control , privacy ...

May 2nd 2015 931k Shareware  IM Soft
Credit Card Manager for Flash Drives

Credit Card Manager for Flash Drives

Credit Card Manager for Flash Drives has all the features of the desktop version of Credit Card Manager, but runs completely from your flash drive. You can run this portable version from any computer and keep your credit card purchases and payments with you at ... manager , finance , card , credit card , business ...

August 1st 2011 372k Shareware  Dataware
Checkbook for Flash Drives

Checkbook for Flash Drives

Checkbook for Flash Drives has all the features of the desktop version of Checkbook, but runs completely from your flash drive. You can run this portable version from any computer and keep your checkbook transactions with you at all times, whether you are at home ... finance , business , check , home , checkbook ...

November 5th 2011 410k Shareware  Dataware
Drives Meter

Drives Meter

Drives Meter is very useful gadget that monitoring all your HHD (hybrid hard drive), SSD (solid-state drive) and flash drive.It will show your drive (used space, free space, disk space, read speed, write speed and percentage activity). For flyout features it will show all your ... windows , desktop , space , hard , drive ...

July 4th 2012 80k Freeware  AddGadgets

Hide My Drives

Hide My Drives allows user to hide, and protect any of your Windows PC Drives. They all can be protected: USB, Network, Floppy, DVD, CD, local Drives. Access to this utility can be protected by password. There is an feature included that enable you to ...

April 11th 2012 543k Shareware  Soft Keeper

TimePanic for USB drives

TimePanic for USB Drives is a time tracking application for anyone who works on a computer. It tracks your hours on a per project basis, distinguishes between billable and non-billable tasks, lets you enter comments, manages your absences, calculates overtime and prints reports. TimePanic can ... time management , project , timesheet , time tracking , portable ...

May 5th 2012 7,700k Shareware  Lionel Spohr

BitLocker Drives Unlocker

BitLocker Drives Unlocker for Windows 7 can unlock multiple Bitlocker encrypted Drives in just one click. It is the first of its kind tool that makes it easier for users to unlock more than one locked Drives from a simple and easy to use interface.

August 24th 2012 208k Freeware

Real Time Drives Scouter

A simple program to monitor Drives changes. When a usb/lan/cd or any other device is connected to the PC, this program immediately monitors its status. It also has the feature to auto start an application from any device.

July 9th 2012 663k Freeware

Virtual Drives Manager

Virtual Drives Manager let you in a quick way, create a Symbolic link (AKA MS-DOS Device name) to a folder and present it as drive.

May 31st 2012 559k Freeware

Map Network Drives WScript Generator

This is a little program that makes WScipt (windows script) that maps network Drives on a windows computer. In Active Directory you can set this as a login script so that all your clients have the mapped network drive(s) that you have made. Can use ...

August 1st 2012 41k Freeware

TDK Build Environment Cross Compiler

Open source cross compiler toolchains used in Tdk development kit to build targeting Linux platforms on Windows.

May 3rd 2012 843,532k Freeware
VolID(Disk Drives Serial Modifier)

VolID(Disk Drives Serial Modifier)

With VolID you can modify your disk drive's serial number which is also called Volume ID (not hard disk's physical serial which you can find at back of your hard disk) , the format of volume ID is: XXXX-XXXX (X maybe 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F). Close all running ... disk , serial , system , drive , volume ...

May 12th 2008 1,322k Demo  SoftRM

NT File Recovery for U3 Flash drives

Did you know that Windows does not remove deleted files, they stays on the drive until it is overwritten by another file? NT File Recovery is a quick and effective solution to restore accidentally deleted files from NTFS file system. The software supports recovering all ...

March 26th 2012   Freeware  NTechnologies Inc

NT Registry Tweaker for U3 flash drives

The Windows registry is a directory which stores settings and options. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, users, preferences of the PC, etc. NT Registry Tweaker - free tool to manage your Windows registry. Speed ... free registry tweaker , tweak my registry , free registry tweak , free registry tool , u3 registry tweaker ...

June 29th 2012   Freeware  NTechnologies Inc

Application Starter for USB flash drives

Launch applications from your usb flash drive without having to change drive letters in shortcuts etc! Features drive letter replacing in files and -flags, easy adding, deleting and editing of applications to start. Soon platform independent with Java!

August 13th 2012 157k Freeware
Drives Monitor

Drives Monitor

Utilizes Performance Monitor data to visualize physical or logical disk activity. For each physical/logical disk, % active time and bytes read and written per second is displayed. It does not require any 3rd party applications. Resazible. Save settings to file. (File will be created - ... monitor , space , disk , system , hard ...

March 8th 2016 792k Freeware  Bushin SOFTWARE


Duplicator version 1.0 is a program, that is distributed on principle shareware and on base of Try&Buy licence. It means, that You can freely pass Duplicator to Your nodding acquaintances, good friends, publish it in Internet for public download and gratis use during one month ... file , files , copy , compare , directories ...

May 12th 2008 251k Shareware  SoftRAID
Bee Icons

Bee Icons

Since picture is worth a thousand words, visit before reading this description. Bee Icons 4.0.2 offers more than 200 pizzazz artistic images to replace your boring Windows system icons. You can spice up Desktop, Start menu, Drives, Folders, Files and other icon types. It ... download , file , shell , tool , program ...

May 12th 2008 1,751k Shareware  ArcticLine Software


Add Explorer drive selection combobox functionality to your application! This control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like drive-selection combobox to your application, showing all the Drives, folders and even files exactly as Windows Explorer does. It mimics all aspects of the combobox used by Windows ... folders , explorer , activex , drives , combobox ...

May 12th 2008 744k Shareware  R M de Boer Software
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